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    Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Started by Str8tButEqual at 2012/03/14 04:51PM
    Latest post: 2015/07/31 12:56PM, Views: 1258950, Replies: 28521
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    #26791   2013/10/05 08:25AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    1984WinstonandJulia ‏@1984WinstonandJ Chicago Book Signing Barnes and Noble 9/27/13. @freddiemsmith #Daysofourlives #BetterLiving #FreddiemSmith

    1984WinstonandJulia ‏@1984WinstonandJ Chicago Book Signing Barnes and Noble 9/27/13. @freddiemsmith #Daysofourlives #BetterLiving #FreddiemSmith

    1984WinstonandJulia ‏@1984WinstonandJ Chicago Book Signing Barnes and Noble 9/27/13. @freddiemsmith #Daysofourlives #BetterLiving #FreddiemSmith

    #26792   2013/10/05 09:01AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Quote Str8tButEqual: Morning WilSon Blvd. I loved seeing Sonny being all cute with the baby and WilSon being so affectionate with sweet kisses. I feel though that Chandler & Freddie deserve so much more in their roles than what they’re getting. As a viewer I’m not fully satisfied with what I’m seeing and it’s a pity that TPTB can’t either find or allow the writers to give them quality material. I’m sure the writers from last year didn’t get fired and it’s amazing how different it is when you compare last year scenes to this year.

    DOOL (Days Of Our Lives) DAYS - Will Scenes - 10.4.13

    0:00-0:53 I skipped EJ & Sami dialogue.

    0:54-0:57 Sami “Oh, hey, Will.”
    Will “Have you people lost your minds?”----------Yes they have.

    1:01-1:19 Sami “Will, I know this is upsetting, but you have to trust me.”--------Trusting you would be a challenge.
    Will “What are you--what are you doing? Why are you still living here?”
    Sami “Well…”
    EJ “Because I asked her to, William. If you want to blame somebody, you can blame me.”
    Will “I don’t care whose fault it is, I just want one of you two to tell me why are you still living in this house with Stefano DiMera?”

    1:23-1:58 Sonny “Like this?”
    Gabi “Perfect.”
    Sonny “Ok, I think I got it.”
    Gabi “Yeah?”
    Sonny “I got it.”
    Gabi “Yeah, she needs her tummy time. She has to build those muscles. She’s on her back sleeping all the time. Right? Right?”
    Sonny “That’s right.”
    Gabi “You gonna be rolling around like crazy Ari? It’s gonna be fun, right?”
    Sonny “All right, let’s do this.”
    Gabi “All right, let’s do this.”
    Sonny “Let’s see what you got. Come here.”------------I wish Will was there instead of Gabi.
    Gabi “Oh…”
    Sonny “Is that Nick?”

    1:25-1:30 I love Sonny’s demo of the exercises for Ari.

    2:07-2:12 Sami “EJ, my son and I are gonna have a little chat.”
    Will “No.”
    Sami “Come on. Come on.”

    2:08 I like how Will throws his head back because he doesn’t want to have a chat with Sami.

    2:13 I also like how he kind of stalls at the door entrance.

    2:36-2:53 Sonny “Who’s the strongest, best girl in the whole wide world? Up! Up!”
    Gabi “Hey.”
    Sonny “Arianna Grace is!”----------Aw, too cute.
    Gabi “Hi.”

    2:37 Sonny’s really adorable here.

    2:44-2:47 Another cute moment with Sonny & Ari.

    2:51-2:53 Sonny’s sweet here too.

    2:55-3:44 Will “Ok first of all, the fact that we are even having this conversation in Stefano’s living room, when we all know that he sent Bernardi to kill Rafe, he tried to send you to prison for the rest of your life--”
    Sami “Stefano is a madman, ok? We all know that. And we will never understand why he does the things that he does.”
    Will “Exactly. Why are you living in his house then?”
    Sami “Because to me, it’s EJ’s house. And I am in love with EJ.”
    Will “Ok. Ok, then--then answer me this. When you wake up every morning, and you go down to breakfast, do you look across the table of croissants at Stefano and feel forgiveness in your soul for--after everything that he’s done for you, and the people…”
    Sami “Of course not.”
    Will “Ok, then did you forget that he tried to kill your ex-husband?”
    Sami “Will. You just have to understand--”
    Will “I’m just saying. Listen to me. Do you not think that holding a grudge here is completely appropriate?”-----I think it is.

    3:07 Will’s serious, he’s clenching his fist.

    3:49-5:34 Sami “No, it’s not ok what Stefano tried to do to Rafe. It’s really not ok that he was willing to have me go to prison for murder when he knew all I did was save Rafe’s life. But EJ made the ultimate sacrifice for me. And that’s why we’re having this conversation here and not some prison visiting room.”
    Will “What did he give up?”
    Sami “Everything. Will, he gave up everything that he had been working so hard for. And he made and has to fulfill a ton of promises. Otherwise, I would have spent the rest of my life in prison. So you do not get to sit in judgment of him or us!”
    Will “I’m not. I’m sorry. Um, one of those promises, was it that you have to live here? Ok, mom, that is--”
    Sami “Necessary. It’s not ideal, but it’s a tradeoff I made, and I would make it again. Now, please, you have to understand that no one can know about this, ok? Not a soul.”--------Uh oh, a secret.
    Will “Ok. Are you prepared to live like this?”
    Sami “Yeah. I can handle it. And I really believe your sisters and your brother will…be ok. Their innocence and their open hearts will protect them from Stefano’s impact. And the bottom line is if I were in prison, I wouldn’t have a say in it anyway.”
    Will “That’s right. I mean, do you hate it as much as I do, though?”
    Sami “More. No one hates this or that man as much as I do.”

    4:29-4:30 I like how Will’s rubbing at his temples.

    5:41-7:06 Gabi “It’s Nick. He keeps leaving me voice mails.”
    Sonny “I figured.”
    Gabi “I can’t avoid him forever. I should just tell him.”
    Sonny “What, that there’s no future?”
    Gabi “Yeah. I mean, I don’t want to hurt his feelings, just…I don’t want to be a jerk.”-------You are a jerk.
    Sonny “Well, I mean, what if he were to, like, see you on a date with Cameron at Oktoberfest or something, you know?”
    Gabi “Ok, ok, I know.”
    Sonny “I’m just saying that I think that you should tell him the truth now, ‘cause that’s gonna hurt his feelings if he sees it.”--------I don’t care about his feelings.
    Gabi “I know, I know. It’s just hard, you know? He wants to see me.”
    Sonny “Well, maybe you should go see him. I’m sure he’s gonna blame everything on me and Will no matter what you say. That’ll help.”
    Gabi “Well, I won’t let that happen.”
    Sonny “I know. You had a very complicated relationship.”
    Gabi “Yeah. And then I re-complicated everything by getting involved again after everything that happened.”
    Sonny “You gotta realize that relationships are not black and white…like, ever.”
    Gabi “But I do care about Nick. I just have to find a way to tell him that it’s over. Let him down easy.”

    6:13 Aw, Sonny holding Ari.

    7:08-8:16 Will “Ok…listen, I know that a deal had to be made, and believe me, I’m the happiest person alive that you’re out of prison. Um, but now that everything’s said and done, and that you’re cleared, does EJ really have to honor his promise to Stefano? I mean, can’t we kind of--”
    Sami “I can’t get into the specifics, ok? But you have to understand that we don’t have a choice. Listen, if Sonny had done something like this for you, would you walk away from him just because things didn’t turn out exactly as you’d pictured them?”
    Will “Hmm…no, no.”-----------You better say that.
    Sami “Right.”
    Will “Yeah.”
    Sami “Right answer. You understand? I have to do this. And you don’t have to like it, but you do have to--at least I hope you will accept it. I need to be here for EJ. I love him…for better or worse.”
    Will “Ok.”
    Sami “And I love you.”
    Will “I love you.”

    7:18-7:19 I like that shoulder bump between Sami & Will.

    7:27 What’s up with those neck marks on Will. I’ll pretend those are hickeys from Sonny.

    7:47 Will’s smile.

    8:13 Aw, a sweet bonding moment between Will & Sami.

    8:19-8:53 Sami “I’m glad you understand. We--”
    Will “Hello. Um, listen, I--I now know, you know, what sacrifices you made for mom. Because of you, she’s out of jail. So I just want to say just thank you very much.”
    EJ “Having your mother home with us is worth any cost.”
    Will “Thanks. And hopefully, maybe one day he will pay for all the people he’s hurt. Anyway, bye. Ok, see ya.”

    8:34-8:39 It’s funny how Will wanted to shake EJ’s hand but EJ went for a hug instead.

    8:51 Aw, a sweet kiss on the cheek from Will to his mom.

    8:54-9:17 I skipped EJ & Sami dialogue.

    9:19-9:56 Chad “You’re gonna need some I.D. before I can serve that little lady.”--------Funny.
    Sonny “Cute joke.”
    Chad “Yeah. No, seriously, Sonny, it’s not every guy who can get away with bringing his adopted daughter to a bar.”-------Aw, adopted daughter.
    Sonny “Yeah, well, I have daddy’s approval, and he’s gonna be meeting us after he, uh, handles something.”
    Chad “Yeah, I saw him at the house. He was really in Sami’s face about something.”
    Sonny “Well, you know Will and his mom, they’ll work it out.”
    Chad “Yeah.”
    Sonny “And today must be the day for people telling it like it is.”
    Chad “Really?”
    Sonny “Mm-Hmm.”
    Chad “Who else?”
    Sonny “Gabi. She’s meeting with Nick right now to give him a little dose of the truth.”

    9:58-10:46 Sonny “I would--I would let JJ stay on the couch. I just don’t want to rock the boat with me and Gabi and Will. You know? ‘Cause everything’s going pretty good at home.”
    Chad “Yeah, I hear ya. And I’d let JJ stay at the mansion, but I basically don’t think anyone should stay there unless they’re forced to.”
    Sonny “Are you kidding me?”
    Chad “No, not really. Better get back to work.”
    Sonny “All right.”
    Will “Hey.”
    Sonny “Hey. Chad was just telling me that you had a spirited discussion with your mom. You find out anything?”
    Will “Um, no, not really. Just that, that she loves EJ and will do anything for him. Which is kind of how I feel about you, I suppose.”------Hmm. “kind of” & “I suppose”. Gee, thanks a lot writers for these romantic words.

    10:17 Sonny’s smile.

    10:30 WilSon kiss.

    10:43 I like how Will looks here.

    10:48 That’s funny how Will’s puckering up for a kiss.

    10:50-10:52 More WilSon kisses.

    10:53 I love how WilSon looks at each other.

    Thanks Str8t for the recap and comments. I must say, my favorite parts of the episode was Sonny/Ari, and Will/Sonny. I noticed Will's neck right away and am thinking they are hickeys from Sonny (in my mind, anyway). Surprised the make-up people didn't try to cover those up better but maybe we are supposed to think that (ha ha - or Chandler does). Loved the way Will walked right up to Sonny and kissed him before sitting down. He looked so confident and happy to see him. Also loved the way he puckered up his lips and then laughed before he leaned in for a kiss (which turned into a double). I wish they would give them more than 40 seconds for a scene together - how ridiculous is that? Wasted so much time on Theresa and Anne's stupid schemes regarding Dannifer - ugh - so tired of that.

    I hope we get this "big story" for WilSon soon (but it involves Nick of course - why do we have to always share screentime with Nick or Gabi - ugh - I want to see the boys, not them. (except of AG of course - always want to see them bonding with her).

    #26793   2013/10/05 01:20PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    You’re welcome Kay. I’m certainly hoping that we get more WilSon scenes soon with Chandler before he’s gone from our screens.

    #26794   2013/10/05 01:21PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Days Fic : No Valid Reason

    #26795   2013/10/05 01:48PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Kevin Fonteyne ‏@KevinFonteyne Golf time with @scottsilver7 and @ChandlerMassey. Let's get it.

    #26796   2013/10/05 02:22PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    You Pierce My Soul

    #26797   2013/10/05 05:02PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Will and Sonny Be Mine

    #26798   2013/10/05 05:02PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Will & Sonny - part 44: same love.

    #26799   2013/10/06 02:32AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Sorry, off topic. I haven't been here much since Tom passed away. Can anyone tell me if Bryan has been back or how is he doing?

    #26800   2013/10/06 05:06AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Quote IheartWilSon: Sorry, off topic. I haven't been here much since Tom passed away. Can anyone tell me if Bryan has been back or how is he doing?

    Bry sold the house that he shared with Tom at a good price. It’s extremely hard for him to stay in their house one more day with the constant reminders of their past life together everywhere. He doesn’t want to forget Tom or what they had but if he stays he’ll never get out of the depression he’s in. Bry left to go on a very long trip near the end of July with a good friend who was at TomBry’s wedding and he’s also Bry’s physical therapist. This friend is going to help take care of Bry and do the driving. They’ll be traveling from one side of the country to the other so he can see both oceans. From there he doesn’t know what he’ll do but he plans on taking at least a year to do this by using the proceeds from the house. They’ll be in constant touch with family and friends so they will know how he is doing. They have all given their blessing for the trip. Once they get started they will be making stops at places that Bry wants to see and experience. Tom has been a large part of his life and this trip is for him to find himself somewhere in this world without him and he believes that this new journey is something that Tom would want for him to do.

    He had assured me that he’ll contact me periodically but it won’t be as constant as it was when Tom passed away. As of now I haven’t heard from Bry since he left.

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