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    Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Started by Str8tButEqual at 2012/03/14 04:51PM
    Latest post: 2015/07/31 12:56PM, Views: 1257794, Replies: 28521
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    #23761   2013/07/12 08:11PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Quote kayhan:
    Quote jaxann: I think when Will asked Sonny to have the clasp fixed on the watch he was wondering if it slipped off for sure and instead of just asking Sonny why the watch was off he asked about clasp. Then sonny said no it was fine. So Will looked sad. will just should ask him!!!!! How did it go? What did you do? And are you sure? Then get it all taken care of and settled

    I wondered about that too. Maybe Sonny took the watch off on purpose, and Will suspects that. When Will mentioned to Sonny about maybe getting a new clasp, Sonny said the clasp was fine, and he made a comment, "I will make sure that it's not going anywhere." And then Will had a strange look on his face. I hope Sonny will explain what he meant by that, but I'm not sure if he will - or maybe I am reading too much into it.

    Oh, Kay. I had not noticed that comment Sonny made before. When he said not to fix clasp and he said "I'll make sure it's not going anywhere ". That could mean something. Could it be Sonny is sort of thinking right now he won't take it off again or he decided he's more sure than ever now or well I don't know. But we may have our regular Sonny back. Maybe arguing with his mom made him realize he has made the right choice. Well I do not know at l just grasping at straws over possibly nothing. Thanks for noticing that tho cuz it interests me

    #23762   2013/07/12 08:18PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Tigress, I miss you like crazy. Almost as much as Will misses Sonny when he's gone!! Just want to say I thought of you all day. I know you'd understand me and It has meant so much to me to share with you! I had my feelings hurt the other day, also. (I'm a little like Will I guess.) I wish I could have made you feel better. You are awesome and if I have to remind you daily , I will. When you love someone you give them what they need. You do that.
    So I'm sending you my most positive thoughts and hugs and hoping you may see this sometime.

    #23763   2013/07/12 08:36PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Tigress and Lucky...I just wanted to say that I miss you and today's show wasn't the same without your posts and comments.

    Tigress, I miss your color commentary which fills in the blanks in between the tweets, and Lucky I miss your witty remarks which often gave me a much needed laugh.

    I once said I would hunt you down and drag you back Tigress if you ever left, so I may have to come up to Canada and get you. Sending you a big shout out and hugs!

    #23764   2013/07/13 05:08AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Morning WilSon Blvd. I did enjoy the show yesterday despite some of my criticisms about it. I love Will & Sonny equally and I can see both of their flaws because they’re not communicating with each other. Why doesn’t Will say anything about how he really feels, this is totally getting on my nerves. Why didn’t Sonny say anything to Will about going to the Rave, this is annoying me too. I don’t see one of them being better than the other.

    In the end this is a soap and there’s supposed to be angst involved although it could be done so much better than having major scenes being done off camera and it’s very confusing.

    DOOL (Days Of Our Lives) DAYS - Will Scenes - 7.12.13

    0:27-0:46 Adrienne “Hey. You look tired. Is the baby still up every two hours?”
    Sonny “No. We’re taking shifts. It’s just I went out last night and stayed out late. And then I had to open this morning, so…”------Gee it would have been nice to see this.
    Adrienne “So did you and Will do something fun?”-----Like you care.
    Sonny “No, Will didn’t come. He stayed home with Arianna.”
    Adrienne “You went out alone?”---------She makes that sound scandalous.

    0:48 I like this Will shot with him holding the baby and you see some great muscle tone.

    1:00-1:01 HOT Will

    1:10-1:18 Brent “He left this in my car last night. Yeah, it must have slipped off his wrist without him noticing.”------“Without him noticing” I think this phrase has meaning.
    Will “Yeah, well, it’s not the first time it’s happened, so--”------Get out.

    1:12 Will’s perplexed look

    1:40-2:17 Brent “Look, so I can just go to the coffee shop, grab a latte and give this to Sonny.”
    Will “No, no, don’t go out of your way. He’s gonna be home soon, so…”--------So basically stay away from him.
    Brent “Ok.”
    Will “Did you guys have fun last night?”
    Brent “Yeah. Yeah, we had a great time. Uh, I haven’t been to a party like that since--well, since probably the last time I went out with Sonny.” ---------I have a hard time buying that.
    Will “Hmm. Cool.”
    Brent “What about you? How was your night?”
    Will “Great. Ari slept, I slept. Sleep is pretty awesome these days.”-----------I like to sleep myself.
    Brent “I bet.”
    Will “Mm-Hmm. Anyway, thanks so much for bringing this by.”--------Enough chit chat it’s time for you to go.
    Brent “Yeah, yeah, sure. See you around.”
    Will “Yeah, all right, see ya.”

    2:12-2:14 Will tapped Brent with the watch.

    2:26-2:44 Lucas “Let me just get this straight for a second. You let Sonny go out with that guy last night while you stayed home, took a nap with the baby?”--------I don’t think Will “let” him go out. It was Sonny’s choice to go.
    Will “Um, well, um, yeah.”
    Lucas “And Sonny’s watch didn’t make it home? Come on, man. Is something wrong with this picture?”

    2:45-5:27 Adrienne “So let me get this straight. You went to a party with another guy without Will?”------Couldn’t they not duplicate that phase so soon.
    Sonny “It was just Brent. Do you remember him? He was the guy that had…”
    Adrienne “Oh, the cast.”
    Sonny “The cast for six months, yeah.”
    Adrienne “Oh, my God, yes. Now I remember. I thought he went to study in Europe.”
    Sonny “He did.”
    Adrienne “He did.”
    Sonny “Yeah but now he’s back.”
    Adrienne “Well, that’s great. Well, that’s important.”
    Sonny “What’s important?”
    Adrienne “Well, that you’re seeing people, that--that you’re having a social life again.”-------He sees people everyday.
    Sonny “I never stopped having a social life. What, you think when Will & I moved in together, I just told all my friends to go to hell? Is that what you think?”
    Adrienne “No, of course not. That’s not what I’m saying.”-----------Maybe you should quit talking all together.
    Sonny “Well, then what do you think? Can you--Can you just be direct with me for a change? Please?”
    Adrienne “Fine. All I’m saying is that I’m relieved to see that maybe you’re getting a little of your old life back. That’s all.”
    Sonny “My old life back?”
    Adrienne “Mm-Hmm. Sweetheart, you’re young, much too young to be trapped in an apartment night after night, cooking, cleaning and baby-sitting.”-------------I wonder if she knows that not everyone enjoys the party life.
    Sonny “All right, just stop, stop, stop, stop. First of all, I am not trapped anywhere. I am exactly where I wanna be. And second of all, Will, Gabi and I, we share the cooking and cleaning responsibilities. So for you to think that I’m doing all the housework is crazy, not to mention totally unfair to Will and Gabi.”-----------Go Sonny.
    Adrienne “All right, you know what, you just--”
    Sonny “No, no. And another thing, you know what? I’m not gonna calm down until you get this through your head--that we take turns doing what needs to be done. And I am in no way being taken advantage of. And every night is not a big, boring drag of cooking and cleaning and changing diapers. We all pitch in. And sometimes, guess what. Guess what we do.”----You tell her.
    Adrienne “What?”
    Sonny “We have fun. And we talk to one another. And we watch movies and play video games and tell jokes--”------I wish I could see these fun times.
    Adrienne “Ok, fine, fine, fine, shh, stop. I get it. You’re life is wonderful and fun and full of laughter. And a great time is had by all. Excellent, excellent. All I’m saying is, I think young people should go out and meet other young people, that they should have experiences, that they should have variety in their life. That’s all I’m saying.”----------Why just “young people”? I would think all ages would want various experiences in their life.
    Sonny “Please, please, please, please, please. Can you listen to me, mother?”---------I love his inflection of “mother”.
    Adrienne “I am.”------She’s not really or she wouldn’t be harping on this constantly.
    Sonny “I do not want or need to meet new people or have variety in my life because I know that’s code for “If you would just break up with Will, I would be happy.” But guess what. That is not your decision. And it is not happening, not now, not ever.”-----I love aggressive Sonny.
    Adrienne “Can you see into the future?”
    Sonny “I am not having this conversation with you right now.”
    Adrienne “Look, stop being so defensive and you know what? Another thing, stop putting words in my mouth. I never once in this conversation said you should break up with Will, never.”-----------You’re always thinking of it though and saying it to others.
    Sonny “No but I can read between the lines.”
    Adrienne “Oh, God. Am I a bad mother because I want my son to have some fun and excitement in his life? So that he’s not bogged down with this huge responsibility while he’s still trying to find his way? I think back just a little while ago to your life. It was simple. Sonny, you were happy.”-----------He started his business in town before he dated Will so I would think he already found his way.

    5:36-6:05 Adrienne “I want you to listen to me. I don’t want to upset you. I don’t wanna cause you any more stress, ok?”-----If that were true would you STFU & leave.
    Sonny “Mm-Hmm”
    Adrienne “I just feel that--I just feel that maybe you’ve settled into a situation--”
    Sonny “Settled into a situation.”
    Adrienne “Yes.”
    Sonny “I am living with the guy that I love. My life is great, everything about it. I should feel lucky and you should too because I--I’m in a good place right now.”---------Aww.

    6:10 Brent “Look, I just wanted to come by and say sorry I kept you out so late last night. I hope it was worth it.”-----WTH is Brent doing there when he already returned the watch.

    6:16 Good lord look how happy Adrienne is to see Sonny chatting with another guy. Apparently any stranger will do as long as it’s not Will.

    6:25-6:29 Brent “And you haven’t changed at all.”
    Adrienne “Flattery will get you a free latte, right, Sonny?”---------How does she know that’s a compliment because that could be taken another way.

    6:30 Sonny’s expression

    6:35-6:47 Brent “Oh, if you’re missing your watch, I left it with Will.”
    Sonny “Oh, oh, thank you. Thank you.”
    Brent “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I-I told him about the Rave too. You don’t mind, right?”
    Sonny “No, of course not. I was gonna tell him in the morning but he was sleeping when I left, so…”--------UGH he still should have told him by a note or something. I would want to be informed by some kind of message because if I woke up in the middle of the night I would be worried about where he was.

    7:26 Adrienne “Well, great. Hope to see more of you.”--------Blah.

    8:41-10:01 Lucas “Why? Why did you do that?”
    Will “Because it’s Sonny. He’s the guy who climbed K2, ok? I’m not gonna ask him to give up everything that he used to love.”----That’s nice and all but you should still discuss this with Sonny.
    Lucas “Sometimes, that’s what being a parent means. You know, you gotta do that for a while.”
    Will “He’s not a parent. Yes, he stepped up in a major way but he’s not a parent, dad.”-------Technically no he’s not a parent but he does what any father would do.
    Lucas “But what, what’s he doing now, complaining about it? Is that it?”
    Will “No, he loves Ari. And he is so amazing with her. All right? And when she’s older, then we can go off and we can travel and we can do everything that we love to do together. Ok, stop looking at me like I’m crazy.”-------That sound like fun to go on a trip together.
    Lucas “I’m not looking at you like you’re crazy. I’m just--you know, you’re--you’re mature, you’re--old soul. You’re very old for your age.”--------There’s still some things that he needs to learn like communication.
    Will “Aw. Well, having a kid can do that to you.”-------Not really.
    Lucas “Well, it didn’t do that to me. And your mother’s got, like, four kids and she still acts like she’s 12, so it didn’t work on her either. I think you’ve lapped us, to say the least.”-------That’s hilarious about Sami.
    Will “No, just wait till I call you in the middle of the night freaking out when she has a fever or something.”
    Lucas “I used to do that. Your great-grandma Alice used to help me out all the time. So I know exactly what to do and I know that she would be very proud of you. She would.”----------I love how they’re talking about Alice, I miss her.
    Will “Thanks.”
    Lucas “And I know I can’t take credit for that but I will anyway.”
    Will “Oh, God, I got my--”-----------Hmm, I wonder what he was going to say.
    Lucas “I love you, man.”
    Will “I love you too.”------Sweet exchange with his dad.

    9:50-9:55 Sonny should be doing that massage.

    9:57-9:59 A funny headlock

    10:11-11:32 Sonny “You don’t think I remember what you did with me and Brian? It’s the same exact thing. You were pushing us together when I clearly wanted to be with Will. Ok, I’m not gonna have you do that again.”---------The original BIS.
    Adrienne “I wasn’t. Honestly, I wouldn’t.”-------You would too.
    Sonny “No, no, you weren’t? “Bye-Bye. Hope to see more of you.” What was that?”
    Adrienne “He’s your friend. You want me to say, “I hope to see less of you?”-------Actually you could say “see you around”.
    Sonny “No, I don’t wanna do this again, please. This is my life and my business. You can’t tell me who I can spend more or less time with. Do you understand that?”--------He keeps saying “I don’t wanna do this again” but he needs to mean it.
    Adrienne “All right, fine. Do whatever you want. For your information, I’m very interested in architecture.”------I don’t believe her.
    Sonny “What kind of insane non sequitur is that?”
    Adrienne “Ever since I got married in Greece before you were born--because…”
    Sonny “But what in the world does this have to do with anything we’re talking about?”
    Adrienne “When I said, “I’d like to see more of you,” I’d like him to meet Uncle Victor.”-------Uh huh.
    Sonny “Uh.”
    Adrienne “He’s a very personable young man. He’s very intelligent. I mean, people would like to talk to him.”------I’m not all that impressed with him. I find him kind of bland.
    Sonny “Oh, ok. So he’s all those qualities that Will doesn’t have. I see.”
    Adrienne “Stop putting words in my mouth. I’m trying here. Can’t you see how hard I’m trying?”------You’re not really.
    Sonny “Why do you have to try so hard? It’s simple. I love Will. And he loves me. He’s a great guy. Is that not good enough for you?”----------I guess not.
    Adrienne “I want the very best for my son.”
    Sonny “I have the very best. I gotta go.”------Aww.
    Adrienne “Sonny, I didn’t--”
    Sonny “You know what mom? We might not have the most conventional family but it’s working for us. So you have a choice to make. You can accept us or forget about us.”------Good luck with that.

    11:19 HOT Sonny.

    11:38 I wonder what Sonny’s thinking about when looking at the watch.

    11:45-12:21 Sonny “Hey. Brent said that he stopped by. Uh, I’m sorry.”--------Are you really.
    Will “For what?”
    Sonny “Well, you were sleeping this morning. And I was gonna tell you that I went to that Rave and--”-------Leave a note.
    Will “No, thank you so much for not waking me up and telling me that. It’s fine.”-------It’s not fine and you know it.
    Sonny “Are you sure?”-----No.
    Will “Absolutely. It was my idea for you to go out and have a little fun.”
    Sonny “That’s true.”
    Will “Yeah, I’m glad that Brent brought this watch back, though.”
    Sonny “Me too.”
    Will “Maybe we should get a new clasp or something, so it stops falling off everywhere.”
    Sonny “No, it’s--it’s good. It’s ok.”
    Will “Ok.”
    Sonny “I will make sure that it’s not going anywhere.”--------Is there a hidden meaning behind this whole watch thing. Was it deliberate or was the clasp really loose?

    11:50-11:52 WilSon kiss

    11:52 Will licks his lips

    11:54-11:57 Will plays with Sonny’s hair

    11:55-11:56 There’s some kind of banging noise that Chandler laughed at.

    12:22-12:23 Another sweet kiss.

    12:34 Aww Will come on tell Sonny about your true feelings.

    12:36-13:07 Sonny “You know what I was thinking? Next time there’s a party, why don’t you go and I’ll stay?”
    Will “That’s ok. I was never really into that scene anyway.”--------Me either.
    Sonny “All right, well, I have a better idea. How about Gabi stays home with Ari and you and I can go on a nice, romantic date? Just the two of us?”--------That would be awesome if we actually saw it.
    Will “That sounds sexy.”-----------The way Will said that is sexy.
    Sonny “Yeah? Let’s make it happen.”
    Will “Ok.”
    Sonny “All right? I’m gonna go shower.”----------------It would hot if Will could join you.
    Will “Ok.”
    Sonny “Bye-Bye. I’m gonna shower.”

    12:50-12:53 Will’s face to Ari

    13:13 Will “Hi.”-------I love Will’s affection towards Ari.

    13:15 Will’s fixation with that watch. The watch ties in with the key return episode where he said that Sonny should have it. If the clasp was loose and it fell off without being noticed does he think that Sonny would find him just as forgettable as the watch.

    13:18 Little Ari’s so cute.

    #23765   2013/07/13 05:10AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Voting Reminders

    READER POLL: Soap of the Week (July 8-12, 2013)

    Vote Sonny & Will Wilson for favorite couple.

    Vote Chandler Massey for favorite actor.

    Vote Freddie Smith for favorite actor.

    Pulse Poll: July 8, 2013 Edition

    Vote Wilson for favorite couple.

    Vote Chandler Massey for favorite actor.

    Vote Freddie Smith for favorite actor.

    You are able to cast TWO ballots per day Friday – Monday. Remember you can make selections for EACH show if you choose.
    You may cast a vote for a couple already listed OR write in. You CANNOT do both for one show. Votes for couples already listed, not on the show or using couple names (ie Ejami, Broe) will not be counted.

    #23766   2013/07/13 06:09AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Bry has initiated contact with me and we’ve been communicating with one another. I did ask him about how Tom got a bleed in his head and here’s his response, “Tom's bleed was a blood vessel that burst, and he died from the pressure that built up in his head. I guess he always had this enlarged vessel and we just didn't know it, the doctor said it was just a matter of time before it would explode.”

    Bry’s coping and he’s doing the best he can to try to get through his day. I’ve made a point to tell him that everyone here is thinking about him and loves him and his response, “Please let all my friends know that I love them, but right now it is just too painful to be close to them, the memories are just too much for me.”

    #23767   2013/07/13 06:52AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Thanks Str8t. I used Sonny's words to his wench of a mother about being with the best and she can take a hike in the best line of the day. It was to me at least!!!

    #23768   2013/07/13 07:00AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Quote allmylovingdays: Thanks Str8t. I used Sonny's words to his wench of a mother about being with the best and she can take a hike in the best line of the day. It was to me at least!!!

    You're welcome I agree.

    #23769   2013/07/13 07:01AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Yesterday’s caps

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson Watch all the #DAYSCAPS already on Facebook ! Now uploading them on Tumblr! #DOOL #DAYS

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson All #DAYSCAPS now on Tumblr! #DAYS #DOOL

    #23770   2013/07/13 07:03AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Freddie Smith pic spam

    Chandler Massey pic spam

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