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    Days of Our Lives ACTOR - Bren Foster

    Full detailed profile on Bren Foster playing Quinn Hudson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bren Foster (NBC)
    Bren Foster

    Birthplace: London England
    Currently playing: Quinn Hudson


    Bren was born in London England. His family moved him to Australia at the age of 3. He started acting in high school and afterward, studied Film and Video Production but moved toward the field of acting. He studied in New York with "The Barrow Group Theater" and upon his return to Australia, was accepted into "The University of Western Sydney" (Theater Nepean.)

    Bren has worked on many Australian television shows such as "Sea Patrol," "The Strip," "Home and Away," and was in the feature film, "Cedar Boys," where he portrayed a criminal behind bars desperate to ensure his brother didn't go down the same path.

    Bren is a Tae Kwon Do World Champion. He has over 25 years of training in martial arts. Bren has been undefeated in 12 full contact fights, has trained in Korea, Hong Kong and in Thialand. Bren owns and operates his own martial arts school in Australia and spends his time there and in Los Angeles.


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    Days of Our Lives Quinn (May 2011 - February 22, 2012)
    Femme Fatales
    Bad To The Bone Bone, Fight choreographer.
    War Flowers John Ellis
    Cedar Boys Jamal Ayoub
    Sea Patrol Lieutenant Cliff Bailey / Lt Cliff Bailey

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