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    Days of Our Lives ACTOR - Judi Evans-Luciano

    Full detailed profile on Judi Evans-Luciano playing Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Judi Evans-Luciano (JPI)
    Judi Evans-Luciano

    Birthday: July 12 1966
    Birthplace: Montebello, California
    Marital Status: Married Married Michael Luciano ( November 20, 1993 - present) 1 child
    Currently playing: Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis


    Evans was born in Montebello, California and raised in Monterey Park, California. Because Evans parents were trapeze artists, she spent her childhood traveling with a circus as a baby clown. Judy has three older brothers who were jugglers and props handlers.

    Judy studied at Pasadena City College and acted in several television shows, including soap operas. She's married (Michael) a camera operator for CNBC. They're the proud parents of 7-year-old son.


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    Soap Opera Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress, 1998
    Daytime Emmy Awardfor best supporting actress, 1984
    Daytime Emmys Nomination, Outstanding Supporting Actress (2008)


    Days of Our Lives - Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis (1987 - 1993 and May 30 2007 - January 31. March 23 2010.)
    Days of Our Lives - Bonnie Lockhart (2003 - March 1 2007)
    Getting Away with Murder: The JonBenet Ramsey Mystery - Patsy Ramsey (2000)
    Another World - Paulina Cory McKinnon Carlino #2 (1991-1999)
    Guiding Light - Beth Raines (May 1983 - July 1986)

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