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    Days of Our Lives ACTOR - Susan Seaforth-Hayes

    Full detailed profile on Susan Seaforth-Hayes playing Julie Williams on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Susan Seaforth-Hayes (NBC)
    Susan Seaforth-Hayes

    Birthday: July 11 1943
    Birthplace: Oakland, California
    Marital Status: Married Bill Hayes ( October 12,1974 - present)
    Currently playing: Julie Williams
    Height: 5' 7"


    Susan Seaforth - Hayes, is a historian as well as an actress. She received a degree from Los Angeles City College is in history. She has interest in the American West and diverse Native American cultures. If her talent for acting was not so great, she would have been teaching or writing history books! Susan initially entered into theatre, playing dozens of parts in various Broadway plays and in television. She made her way into daytime TV, several soap operas! She graced the cover of 'Time' magazine, with her husband, award winning Bill Hayes. Susan is devoted to stage, TV and film but still lectures at Los Angeles Valley College and Boston University.


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    Daytime Emmys Nomination, Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series (1978)
    Daytime Emmys Nomination, Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series (1979)


    Days of Our Lives - Julie Olson Williams (1968 - 1987; 1990 - 1994; 1996; 1999 - Present)
    Sunset Beach - Patricia Steele (1999)
    The Young and the Restless - Joanna Manning (1985)
    General Hospital - Dorothy Bradley (1963)

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