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    Days of Our Lives ACTOR - Farah Lee Allen Fath

    Full detailed profile on Farah Lee Allen Fath playing Mimi Lockhart-Brady on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Farah Lee Allen Fath (NBC)
    Farah Lee Allen Fath

    Birthday: 1984-05-01
    Birthplace: Lexington, Kentucky
    Currently playing: Mimi Lockhart-Brady
    Height: 5 ' 4"


    When she was only five, Farah decided to pursue a career in show-business. In 1995, Farah was crowned "Miss Kentucky Preteen" and appeared in a Pringles commercial and several Duncan Hines print ads. In 1999, Farah went to Los Angeles for her first audition.

    She got her break only two weeks of being on the west coast. She ended up as Mimi Lockhart on her favorite soap opera, Days of Our Lives.

    Farah is a big fan of Lisa Kudrow, she has a younger sister named Victoria (Torie).


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    Days of Our Lives - Mimi Lockhart (1999- March 1 2007)

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