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    Days of Our Lives News Room, Daily Updates & Cast

    A word from the Recap/News Writer of Days of Our Lives

    Days Of Our Lives first aired in 1965 on NBC. The storyline focuses on the trials and tribulations of the Horton, Brady, and DiMera families and other residents of the fictional town of Salem. Soap opera fans are invited to read in-depth daily recaps and updates, as well as the latest-breaking news about the actors, actresses, and the show. We provide the latest spoilers on the net and have the friendliest message boards around!

    Days of Our Lives Daily Updates

    Days Recap: The Horton Balls.
    Friday, December 26 2014

    The Hortons hang their ornaments, Sonny is presented with his own ornament, Abby reads The Christmas Story at the hospital, and the Donovans all have a terrible Christmas.
    Hope arrives at the hospital with bags of presents for the kids. She runs into Kayla and asks her why she seemed so surprised that she was still seeing Aiden. Hope thinks she still believes Aiden isn’t being up front, but soon wonders if this is about Bo. Kayla says it isn’t, but Hope doesn’t believe her and storms off. » read more

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    Days of Our Lives News Room

    Deconstructing DOOL Weekly Blog.
    Friday, December 26 2014

    Salem Shenanigans from December 22 - 26:

    Dustin Cushman here filling in for Christine Fix while she’s on vacation. Tis the season in Salem for Horton balls and the reading of The Christmas Story. “DOOL” aired a new episode every day this week, though due to the holidays the storylines really didn’t advance at all. Let’s get to dishing the week that was.

    Big bad Clyde.
    Both Chad and Rafe are out to save the fair maiden Jordan from each other and from her hayseed father Clyde. I wish someone would save us from this story. That’s all I have to say about it.

    You’ll want to shoot your eyes out.
    JJ and Eve’s... » read more

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    Days Of Our Lives Spoiler Video: Eve's Fear. - 2014/12/25 » read more

    Star of the Week

    Bill Hayes (NBC)
    Name: Bill Hayes
    Character: Doug Williams
    » read more

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