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    Days of Our Lives News Room, Daily Updates & Cast

    A word from the Recap/News Writer of Days of Our Lives

    Days Of Our Lives first aired in 1965 on NBC. The storyline focuses on the trials and tribulations of the Horton, Brady, and DiMera families and other residents of the fictional town of Salem. Soap opera fans are invited to read in-depth daily recaps and updates, as well as the latest-breaking news about the actors, actresses, and the show. We provide the latest spoilers on the net and have the friendliest message boards around!

    Days of Our Lives Daily Updates

    Days Recap: The Cool Uncle.
    Wednesday, October 29 2014

    Jennifer ends things with Daniel for good, Rafe says goodbye to Sami, and Kristen pleads with Brady to believe that she's not lying about Theresa.
    With boxes surrounding her Sami greets Rafe at the door of the mansion. He heard about her move to L.A. He's happy for her. He asks who is going to portray him in the movie. She laughs. Maybe he can narrate it. They agree neither would trade the good times they've had for anything. He gives her EJ's wedding ring and lets her know the case is closed. She tears up. He... » read more

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    Days of Our Lives News Room

    Throwback Thursday Days Poll: Carrie Leaves Salem.
    Thursday, October 30 2014

    Out of town.

    In this week's Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1999 when "Days of our Lives'" Carrie Brady left town...

    Currently, Sami Brady DiMera is leaving Salem to go to Hollywood, but back then it was her sister, Carrie, who decided to relocate. Austin Reed and Carrie were married after Carrie found proof that Will was Lucas Roberts' son and not Austin's. That didn't stop Austin from worrying about the boy, however, since Lucas had a drinking problem. With Austin spending more time around Will and Sami, Carrie began working longer hours at the hospital, which meant more time around Dr. Mike Horton. Carrie and Mike's friendship grew to be... » read more

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    Star of the Week

    Mary Beth Evans (NBC)
    Name: Mary Beth Evans
    Character: Kayla Johnson
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