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Spoilers for the Week of August 14, 2017

08/14/2017 12:00am

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Week of August 14:

Days of our Lives Spoiler Video: Brady thinks he know who killed Deimos

Monday August 14:

Days recap: Marlena is caught and punished for calling John with the orderly's phone

Marlena finally connects with John and pleads for help.

Brady ransacks Eric’s room and makes a surprising discovery.

Eric is thrown when he interrupts Hattie and Bonnie’s party.

Sonny recalls a key memory from the night Deimos was killed.

Tuesday August 15:

Days recap: Eli is suspicious of Abe who suddenly came into some money

Steve talks to Roman about Joey’s need to atone for killing Ava.

Hope, Rafe, and Raines fret about their inability to ID Dario’s partner.

Abe confronts Theo about breaking the law for the DiMeras.

Tripp shocks Kayla by offering an apology for everything he’s done.

Wednesday August 16:

Days recap: Abe is arrested as Dario's silent partner

Claire sees an upsetting photo on her tablet.

Kayla urges Joey not to turn himself in for Ava's murder.

Lani tells JJ about her unexpected decision.

Rafe and Hope make a shocking arrest.

Thursday August 17:

Adrienne desperately tries to convince everyone at the prison she is not Bonnie.

Friday August 18:

Chad and Sonny's fate is decided.

When John learns what "Marlena" has been up to, he punches Roman.

Sonny takes a huge step with Paul.

Week of August 21:

Monday August 21:

Nicole has a stunning realization.

Tuesday August 22:

Joey says goodbye to his loved ones.

Wednesday August 23:

Andre confronts Kate with knowledge of her kissing another man.

Thursday August 24:

Lucas and Bonnie make love!

Friday August 25:

An unexpected death changes shakes things up.

Coming up in September:

A bachelor and bachelorette party airs in September. Some scenes are at the Brady's pub.

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