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Spoilers for the Week of April 17, 2017

04/17/2017 12:00am

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Week of April 17:

Days of our Lives Spoiler Video: Epic breakup and reunion

Monday April 17:

Days Recap: Abby's decision leaves Chad in tears

Abigail makes a life-changing decision.

Tension escalates between Kate, Jennifer and Andre.

Eric tries to persuade Chloe to make peace with Nicole.

Brady realizes Nicole may be in trouble.

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Tuesday April 18:

Days Recap: Jade suggests Claire do a sex tape with Theo

Chad explains to Gabi what happened at the vow renewal ceremony.

Tension escalates between Kate, Jennifer and Andre.

Eric tries to persuade Chloe to make peace with Nicole.

Brady realizes Nicole may be in trouble.

Dario comforts Abigail.

Nicole makes a confession to Brady.

Jade tells Claire she thinks Theo is jealous of Wyatt.

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Wednesday April 19:

Days recap: Marlena is overcome with love when John returns to Salem

Marlena is reunited with John!

Steve asks Tripp not to take money from the Vitali family.

Kayla exposes Jade's plot.

Paul gives Sonny new information about Deimos.

Thursday April 20:

Days Recap: Julie ends up in hospital after Eli thinks she's having a heart attack

While on a date with Eli, Gabi and Julie have a nasty confrontation... and one of them ends up in the hospital.

Kayla bails Tripp out of his situation, and the bond between stepmom and stepson grows.

Tripp offers Jade a place to stay.

Steve tells Adrienne about his newfound son.

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Friday April 21:

Days recap: Chad tells Kate that Gabi was never a threat to his marriage

Abigail starts to take steps to assert her independence.

Chad pulls out all the stops to win back Abigail.

Kate spies Dario and Abigail together.

Eli remains upset with Gabi over what happened between her and Julie.

Eric bolsters a still worried Jennifer, assuring her that her daughter is a lot stronger than she thinks.

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Week of April 24:

Monday April 24:

Gabi confronts Deimos and starts to attack him.

Wyatt's secret is revealed.

Tuesday April 25:

Paul asks Sonny to move in with him.

Wednesday April 26:

Jennifer confronts Anne after witnessing a moment between her and Lucas.

Thursday April 27:

Tripp helps Kayla out with a medical emergency.

Friday April 28:

Brady and Nicole's happiness comes to a screeching halt.

Ken Corday talks May's hottest stories with Soap Digest:

Just as Nicole and Brady commit to each other, Xander returns and jeopardizes their future.

Deimos won't get Nicole away and comes up with a scheme to rescue her - "but is he hiding something?"

Tripp is ready to avenge his mother's death and does some digging to find out what really happened. Jade helps...Steve and Kayla bond with Tripp as Joey tries to keep his secret from his new brother.

Erci's enlisted to take part in a secret mission along with Jennifer, in order to help a friend.

Ciara and Wyatt's relationship grows, which makes Theo jealous, and guilty, since it was he who put Wyatt in Ciara's orbit.

Sonny, Paul, Lani, JJ, Eli, Chad, Gabi and Hope travel to Greece in search of friends, family and fortune. There's a lot of adventure in this story.

Abigail decides to help Dario, who is in over his head.

Lani's more involved with an undercover case with 'Snake' and JJ wonders how far she'll need to go in order to bust the drug dealers.

Andre and Kate remain at odds concerning Abigail, Gabi and Chad's love triangle.

Eli and Gabi continue getting to know each other, but Lani and Eli bond. Val and Eli work at repairing their relationship.

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