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Spoilers for the Week of April 14, 2014

04/14/2014 12:00am

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Last Friday's rant! Deconstructing DOOL. A taste: "Liam spent the week eavesdropping on Jenny and getting ideas on how to be creepier like Ian McAllister from reading an old 'Days' 2012 recap from Jenn Jenn’s email where Ian spiked Brady’s protein shake in order to make him look bad in front of Madison."

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Week of April 14:

The truth about Aiden's father's role is revealed and more in last night's Revenge recap: Allegiance.

Days Spoilers from April 14 - 18 on Soap Opera Fan differ from those below!

Monday April 14:

Days Recap: Sprang From Your Loins.

Suspicious Nicole grills Liam about why he was at Daniel's building.

Liam tries to plant seeds of doubt about Daniel in Jennifer's mind.

Rafe is furious when he finds out just how close Gabi and Nick have gotten.

Tuesday April 15:

Days Recap: I'm Barking Up Your Tree.

Daniel wants to go after Theresa but Jennifer talks him down.

Rafe punches Nick, who gives Rafe a chilling warning.

Wednesday April 16:

Nicole tries to come clean with Daniel.

Marybeth stirs up trouble for JJ and Paige.

Aiden makes an admission to Marlena.

Thursday April 17:

Days Recap: Dominoes Convention.

Aiden and Hope work together as a team to plan the St. Luke's summer gala - but they run into a major snag.

Brady tells a disappointed Theresa he has to stop seeing her.

Friday April 18:

Days recap: A Crashing Bore.

Rafe investigates Nick.

Hope and Aiden hit yet another roadblock in planning the summer gala - and Hope is put in an awkward position involving Roman.

JJ confides in Paige, and they share their first kiss.

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Week of April 21:

Days of our Lives Spoilers for April 21 - 15 differ from those you see below!

Monday April 21:

Today is must see regarding EJabby and the photos!

Marlena and Jennifer share their concerns about the DiMera family.

Tuesday April 22:

Daniel’s career is on the line as he faces a disciplinary hearing at the hospital...

Wednesday April 23:

EJ angrily confronts Kate.

Nicole is stunned when she meets Liam’s ex-wife.

Thursday April 24:

May Sweeps begins: April 24 to May 21.

Theresa fears the Liam situation is getting out of control – will she get caught?

Friday April 25:

Nick threatens Sami.


Eileen Davidson returns to Days as Kristen.

Kassie DePaiva on DOOL as Eve Donovan.

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