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Spoilers for the Week of September 23, 2013

09/23/2013 12:00am

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Days poll: Will Abby get pregnant? Vote!

Deconstructing DOOL. Sneak peek: "I guess he didn't read Stefano’s "How to trick people and become an evil DiMera the right way" handbook." The poll this week is about DA Melinda Trask.

Week of September 23:

Monday September 23:

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Days Sept 23 recap: You're Turning Into Maggie.

Eric allows his mother to hypnotize him.

Kristen issues a veiled threat to Victor.

Brady and Nicole continue to clash over her feelings for Eric.

JJ breaks into Daniel’s apartment.

Theresa offers Jennifer a hard-to-resist deal in exchange for her job back.

Tuesday September 24:

Days recap: Somebody Walking On My Grave.

Theresa seeks help from Caroline, knowing she may be her last chance to stay out of jail.

Eric confesses to Father Matt about his nutty theory.

Brady is suspicious when catches Victor and Marlena conspiring.

JJ and his friends party in Daniel’s apartment.

Daniel and Parker pay a special visit to Chloe.

Wednesday September 25:

Days recap: Some Bratty Juvenile Delinquent.

EJ stumbles upon Chad's secret...

Stefano orders EJ to meet the rest of his demands.

EJ stumbles upon Chad’s secret.

Cameron struggles with accepting that Abigail is now with Chad.

Daniel returns home and realizes something is amiss.

A desperate Theresa turns to JJ for help.

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Find out what Brandon learns about Owen's case and what happens to Gina on Venice The Series Season 4 Epi 8 recap.

Thursday September 26:

Days recap: Afraid Of The Monkeys.

Theresa vows revenge on Jennifer for ruining her life – and later Anne makes it clear she’s willing to help.

Daniel confronts JJ and as he's trying to make a deal with him, Jenn shows up.

EJ uses Chad’s secret...

Will is stunned when he catches Gabi in a compromising position with Nick!

Rafe realizes he hasn’t made as much progress with Jordan as he thought.

Did Kurt say yes to Blaine's proposal? Find out in tonight's Glee recap: Love, Love, Love.

Find out who has a big blowout about a surgery on tonight's Grey's Anatomy recap: Act 1: Seal Our Fate.

Friday September 27:

Days Sept 27 recap: Hans Dry Get Drunken.

Deconstructing DOOL & Poll. Vote on the most meddlesome person in Salem.

Nicole gets a tantalizing job offer.

Brady and Kristen begin pre-cana.

Kristen grows nervous as she’s forced to be truthful with Brady... and Eric begins to have memory flashes...

Chad gives Abigail a special gift involving Jack.

Abigail has conflicted feelings when she sees Cameron with Gabi.

Sonny tries his hand at playing matchmaker for Gabi and Cameron.

Will unleashes his anger first on Gabi and Nick, then also on Sonny when he realizes his boyfriend has been keeping secrets.

Days poll: Sonny's playing matchmaker because... Vote!

Fall previews from SOD and Ken Corday:

Marlena reluctantly pairs up with Nicole to help take Kristen down.

Kristen worries the sex tape of her and the priest has fallen into the wrong hands.

Eric begins to piece together what happened to him that night he became ill.

Nicole's forbidden love for Eric leads to "devastating consequences."

Sami's trial comes to a stunning conclusion. There's a major twist when someone unlikely steps in to save Sami.

Nick's determined to win Gabi back, even with deception.

Sonny plays matchmaker with Gabi in order to lure her from Nick.

We'll see more of Nick, not the nice Nick, either.

"A high-profile engagement party ends in bloodshed," says Corday.

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