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Spoilers for the Week of August 19, 2013

08/19/2013 12:00am

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Deconstructing DOOL & Matt's Final DOOL Musings.

Week of August 19:

Monday August 19:

Days August 19 recap: Just A Big Fat Meanie.

Rafe grows frustrated with his physical therapist, Jordan.

Kate warns EJ.

EJ has a fit about Sami.

Caroline pays Sami a visit.

Theresa meets Vargas.

Eric feels let down.

Tuesday August 20:

Days August 20 recap: My Head's Going To Explode.

Days sneak peek of today's episode.

Victor convinces Marlena to work with him to break up Brady and Kristen.

Marlena overhears Kristen talking on the phone and learns an incriminating bit of information.

Theresa makes a move on Daniel.

Chad surprises Abigail with a sweet gesture. After throwing Cameron under the bus, he then asks Abigail out on a date.

Wednesday August 21:

Days August 21 recap: Soaked In An Old Gym Sock.

Armed with damning information, Marlena conspires with Victor to destroy Kristen.

While Will and Sonny celebrate the grand opening of the newly renovated club, a lonely Gabi seeks solace from Nick.

The celebration at the club is interrupted when Theresa and Vargas’ date ends in violence.

Read’s Pretty Little Liars Recap: Bring The Hoe Down to find out Red Coat’s identity!

Two big surprises this week on Venice The Series Season Four Episode Three. There are a few ex-"DOOL" actors on "Venice."

Thursday August 22:

Days August 22 recap: A Big Pile Of Blow.

Nick and Gabi make love.

EJ makes a bold and highly illegal move to help Sami’s case.

Cameron is concerned for Chad when he gets injured during the brawl at the club.

Vargas is sent back to prison – due in large part to Theresa’s shenanigans.

Kate angrily confronts Stefano about what he really intended to do to Rafe.

Nick and Gabi make love!

Read about Sean Douglas leaving as Vargas.

Friday August 23:

Days August 23 recap: Well Move Over John Wayne.

Hope confronts Theresa about her involvement with Vargas.

The special prosecutor offers Sami a reduced sentence which comes at a very high personal cost.

While working together, Daniel and Jennifer grow close. Later, JJ walks in on an intimate moment between them.

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