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Spoilers for the Week of July 29, 2013

07/29/2013 12:00am

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Week of July 22:

Monday July 22:

Days Spoilers on Soap Opera Fan Blog from July 22 - 26 differ from those below.

Days recap: John Is Acting Like A Bad Word.

Nicole gives EJ a piece of her mind for intimating to Father Eric that she's in love with him.

Kristen is stunned when Brady admits he still has feelings for her and hopes they can try to reconcile.

The reception for the new school is interrupted by a huge scandal.

Adrienne makes a major decision to protect her son.

Tuesday July 23:

Days recap: People Can Marry In Prison.

Justin and Sonny are stunned by what Adrienne does...

Kristen thinks Brady might be playing her.

Sami’s world comes crashing down when she realizes she’s in a lot more trouble than she thought.

Eric and Nicole have a massive argument about Sami.

Reminisce with in our newest Soap Opera History: The Doctors.

Huge surprise ending on tonight's Pretty Little Liars recap! Crash and Burn, Girl!

Wednesday July 24:

Days recap: Do You Feel Safe?

Will makes a confession to Justin.

Justin angrily rips into Adrienne.

Chad promises Abigail he will protect her.

Kristen lies to Brady once again.

Abigail questions JJ’s involvement with Theresa.

Thursday July 25:

Days recap: That Thing You Were Hanging Out With.

Daniel tells Father Eric his latest theory in who poisoned him.

Nicole is horrified when she learns Brady and Kristen are starting over.

Jennifer gives Theresa a stern warning about her job.

Theresa is intrigued by a handsome older doctor...

As Rafe’s memory slowly starts to return.

Kate worries Rafe won’t remember what they had.

Cameron offers Gabi some friendly advice.

Friday July 26:

Days recap: Cupid Couldn't Fix This.

Interview with DOOL's Jen Liley, AKA Theresa Donovan.

A taste: We think Teresa needs a girlfriend. Any prospects?

Lilley: Yes! I think Anne (Meredith Scott Lynn) is a prospect. Anne and Theresa are slowly developing a relationship which will become evident as of next week, so I’m not spilling any beans there. I always think that we are like an evil Lucy and Ethel. We have a marvelous time.

Rafe demands Kate tell him exactly what happened between Sami and Bernardi.

Kristen considers reaching into the past to solve her current problem.

Eric's not happy Brady's reuniting with Kristen.

Rafe is disturbed when he learns Sami killed his friend Joe Bernardi.

An interested Theresa subtly tests the waters with an oblivious Daniel.

Abigail urges Jennifer not to shut out Daniel for much longer.

Week of July 29:

Monday July 29:

Days of our Lives Spoilers on Soap Opera Fan Blog differ from those you see below.

EJ visits Sami in prison.

Sonny pleads with Justin to help Will’s mom.

Adrienne tries to make Sonny and Will understand why she came forward with the video. Will they forgive her?

A desperate Marge begs for Rafe’s help to convict Sami.

After making a confession to Justin and protecting Abigail at the same time, Chad suffers a headache...

Maggie doesn't think Nick's truly dealing with everything that has happened to him.

Tuesday July 30:

Abe and Kayla come up with surprising news that could help Sami's case.

Wednesday July 31:

Chad is thrown for a loop when Stefano gives him his word - he didn't send Bernardi in to kill Rafe.

Thursday August 1:

Theresa tries to get to know Daniel better.

Friday August 2:

JJ tries to pick up the coke he dropped without Nicole noticing, but she's already suspicious of him.

New character!

Chrishell Stause to DOOL.

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