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Spoilers for the Week of June 17, 2013

06/17/2013 12:00am

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Week of June 10:

Monday June 10:

Different Days Spoilers on Soap Opera Fan.

Days recap: Priest Wouldn’t Put Out For Ya?

Jennifer's stunned when she finds Daniel angrily tearing into JJ over his carelessness with Parker.

Sami attempts to save Rafe's life.

Kristen has tense encounters with Sami and Eric.

Kristen spies on Nicole and Brady and becomes jealous.

John’s confession stuns Marlena, leaving her hurt and angry.

Tuesday June 11:

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Days recap: Excellent Sense.

Marlena slaps John.

Marlena is done with John.

Nicole and Kristen get into a huge catfight over Brady.

Brady tells Kristen to take a hike.

Eric receives an important phone call.

Sami explains why she shot Bernardi.

The razor goes missing. Who took it?

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Wednesday June 12:

Days recap: Manicuring Rafe To Death.

Things are more complicated for Sami when her version of events cannot be verified concerning the shooting.

After a heated exchange with Marlena, Kristen privately vows to seek revenge against her rival.

Sonny makes an unexpected suggestion to Will regarding Gabi and Ari.

Thursday June 13:

Days recap: You Didn't Spill Wine On My Carpet!

Jennifer confronts JJ about vandalizing Daniel's car.

Sami is arrested!

Gabi agrees to move in with Will and Sonny.

Jennifer and Daniel have a terrible disagreement about JJ.

Friday June 14:

Days recap: Goddess Of Amusement.

Deconstructing Days Blog & Matt's Musings.

After Nicole and Eric argue about Sami, Nicole seeks comfort in Brady. Things heat up.

Stefano quietly slips out of town.

Kristen meets with a mysterious man to help with her newest plot against Marlena.

Anne makes things difficult for Jennifer again but Daniel comes to her aid.

JJ gets an idea when he overhears Cameron taking about drug samples he has at the hospital.

Cameron tells Abigail he is not going to allow Chad to come between them.

New characters!

Jen Lilley cast on DOOL.

Chrishell Stause heads to DOOL.

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