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Spoilers for the Week of February 18, 2013

02/18/2013 12:00am

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Week of February 11:

Monday February 11:

Guess who from "DOOL" is on TVs Hottest Doctors list?!

Sunday February 10 Revenge recap: Union.

Days recap: This Boring Unsexy Life.

Nicole's dream troubles her.

Eric tells Nicole if she leaves the convent to go out, she shouldn't return.

Sami finds a small box in EJ’s pocket with a ring in it.

Kristen gets drunk, hoping that by showing her more vulnerable side, she'll convince Brady to marry her.

Brady tries to explain he can't marry Kristen but not just because of John and Marlena.

Chloe tells Daniel Jennifer lied about where they were going.

Dan confronts Jenn.

Parker's fever drops.

Stefano calls Marlena.

Tuesday February 12:

Days recap: Dolls Hooked Up To Machines.

Last night's shocking Dallas recap: False Confessions.

Sami receives a surprise but not one she was hoping for.

Rafe goes out for a few drinks, blows off some steam over Sami and EJ and winds up in bed with Kate.

Nicole explains to Eric what it is she wants.

Wednesday February 13:

Days recap: John Black's Spawn.

Pretty Little Liars shocking recap: What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted.

Chloe and Jennifer have it out over Daniel.

Lucas opens a mysterious package.

Gabi almost catches Nick listening to a recorded conversation.

Kate wakes up in Rafe's bed. She and Rafe agree they made a mistake, but have sex again.

Thursday February 14:

Days recap: I Like Gifts.

Will gets a surprise gift from Sonny on Valentine’s Day. An mp3 player.

Sonny and Will bond until Brian picks Sonny up for their date.

Several couples are put to Cupid's test.

Sami finds a surprise on her desk.

Friday February 15:

Days recap: It's A Cubic Zirconia.

Nick once again shows his true colors.

Rafe and Kate confront Nick.

Will is letdown when he visits Sonny.

Abby's humiliated when Cameron almost discovers her secret.

Brian takes Sonny on a date.

Cameron learns what the golden circle is.

Big shocker at the end of Glee. Read about it in our Glee recap: I Do.

April/Matthew, Alex/Jo kept things interesting in last night's episode. Grey's recap: Hard Bargain.

Find out who was actually funny while being tormented in "VD" last night through our Vampire Diaries recap: Down The Rabbit Hole.

March 2013:

Patrika Darbo returns as Chloe's mother Nancy. Take a look at Nancy Wesley's bio.

SOD/Ken Corday:

Kate will be embroiled in a big story soon.

Kristen's plot to stick it to John and Marlena continues.

Eric has taken vows but can he keep them?

SOD and Corday February Sweeps!

John returns to Salem with a plan to save his son.

Nick becomes a loose cannon.

A former prison mate becomes part of Eric's prison reach program and he knows Nick! Nick's past starts to unravel.

Nicole can't fight her forbidden feelings for Eric. "She knows he is a man of the cloth. We're a long way from where the audience thinks we're going," Corday stated.

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