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Spoilers for the Week of February 04, 2013

02/04/2013 12:00am

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Week of January 28:

Monday January 28:

Nicole lets Kristen have it for causing a rift between Brady and his family - specifically Eric.

Brady has to break up a fight.

Marlena confronts Kristen once again.

Daniel can see right through Chloe's idea to move into his place.

Hope thinks Jenn should fight fire with fire.

Jenn's shocked to find Chloe in Daniel's shirt at his apartment.

Days recap: Scooby-Doo Imitation.

Be sure to read the first recaps of the season! Dallas recap: Battle Lines and episode two, Dallas recap: Venomous Creatures.

Tuesday January 29:

Days recap: Playing House.

Nicole attempts to frame Kristen by planting top secret files from Brady's computer to Kristen's.

Jennifer asks Daniel to leave town for a night of romance.

Chloe and Anne celebrate, confident that Chloe has gotten to Jenn.

Billie quits Mad World because of Kate's schemes.

Wednesday January 30:

New! Pretty Little Liars recap: Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Inferno.

Days recap: It's Time To Play Hardball, Will.

Kristen almost discovers Nicole when Brady finds the Titan documents on her computer.

Brady and Kristen realize they've been played.

Brady gets into it with Nicole.

Marlena confesses to Brady that she tried entrapping Kristen and Brady realizes Kristen lied about the torn note.

Brady confronts Kristen.

When Rafe asks, Gabi agrees to postpone her wedding.

Nick confirms the circumstances that Lucas went to jail for Will.

Billie and Kate share a heartfelt goodbye.

Rafe questions Hope about Bo's extended absence but Hope avoids answering.

Thursday January 31:

Days recap: We Belong Together.

Brady confronts Kristen about the note and she tries kicking him out. He apologizes and they have make-up sex.

Kristen's "feelings" for Brady continue to become more real.

Rafe admits to EJ that he and Sami were about to reunite before Gabi's wedding fiasco.

Sami accuses Gabi of trying to keep her kid from Will.

Gabi feels like she's choking when Sami's around.

Sami makes a heartfelt confession to EJ.

EJ and Sami's make-out session is interrupted.

Will almost catches Nick.

Chad tries to make amends with Abigail and then Will.

Abby opens up to Cameron a bit. She asks him out to talk.

Friday February 1:

Days recap: You Deserve Each Other.

Chloe learns that Daniel and Jenn are going away.

When Daniel and Jenn get close at the resort, Chloe calls with a mood-breaker.

Rafe warns Sami to stop attacking his sister.

Sami tells EJ how she now sees Rafe and EJ for who they are and her choice is crystal clear.

March 2013:

Patrika Darbo returns as Chloe's mother Nancy. Take a look at Nancy Wesley's bio.

SOD/Ken Corday:

Kate will be embroiled in a big story soon.

Kristen's plot to stick it to John and Marlena continues.

Eric has taken vows but can he keep them?

Someone causes issues for Sonny and Will.

SOD and Corday February Sweeps!

Kristen wants to marry Brady and dump him at the altar.

John returns to Salem with a plan to save his son.

Sami pushes Will to protect his parental rights but her actions make things worse.

Nick becomes a loose cannon.

A former prison mate becomes part of Eric's prison reach program and he knows Nick! Nick's past starts to unravel.

Sonny and Will have a heartbreaking Valentine's Day.

Nicole can't fight her forbidden feelings for Eric. "She knows he is a man of the cloth. We're a long way from where the audience thinks we're going," Corday stated.

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