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Spoilers for the Week of December 24, 2012

12/24/2012 12:00am

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Week of December 24:

Monday December 24:

Eric tells Nicole a harrowing story about his time in the Congo.

Eric starts to get closure.

Rafe and Sami take a walk down memory lane about what they once shared.

Sami tells Caroline she's torn between two men.

Chad and EJ visit Lexi's grave.

Kayla connects with Abe.

Chad and Cameron get to know each other.

Tuesday December 25:

Sonny brings Will to celebrate with his family.

Gabi approaches Sonny. He blows her off.

Gabi is touched by the Horton's special presentation.

Victor receives a thoughtful gift - the very first boat he ever owned and lost.

Sydney gets a special gift from Rafe - a penguin.

Julie and Doug are home for Christmas.

Eric receives a gift for his first Midnight Mass.

Nicole receives a sign...

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Wednesday December 26:

Christmas Day celebrations continue.

Everyone watches Sonny and Will share a kiss.

Lucas insists on going to the Horton's.

DiMera siblings visit and share gifts.

Eric counsels Sami about her love life.

Lonely Chad gets an invitation.

Jennifer is asked to read the Christmas Story at the hospital.

Victor dresses as Santa.

Thursday December 27:

Sami questions Rafe on his disappearance on Christmas.

Rafe refuses to play games anymore.

EJ's determined to get Sami to commit.

Chad warns EJ about being too optimistic.

Nicole has a proposition for Eric then reminds him she's not his pet project.

Daniel questions Maggie about Parker.

Jennifer and Daniel have miscommunication.

EJ tells his brother it's time to move on from Melanie.

Friday December 28:

Brady wants to spend New Year's Eve with Kristen.

Kristen taunts Marlena.

John gets an eyeful when he walks in on Brady with Kristen.

Will has a nightmare about his child.

Eric expresses concern that Gabi and Nick are keeping something from him.

Nick makes demands of Kate.

Daniel clears up a misunderstanding.

Daniel and Jenn share a kiss.

Week of December 31:

Monday December 31:

Marlena worries about sending John to Brady's office.

John asks Brady what's going on.

Kate hesitates about hiring Nick and wonders if Will trusts him.

Will changes his mind.

Nick stops Gabi from revealing the truth.

Sonny admits that someone in Will's life is making him crazy.

Adrienne has an apology for Kate.

Gabi admits to Eric that they've been lying to him.

Tuesday January 1:

There are plenty of fireworks to go around this New Year's Eve.

Kristen reveals to John that she's plotting for revenge against him.

Marlena tells Brady she'll never accept Kristen in his life.

Sami and Rafe can't stop thinking of each other.

There are a few surprising kisses this NYE.

Jenn and Daniel share a romantic moment.

Wednesday January 2:

John and Marlena attempt to rescue Brady from Kristen's clutches.

Brady defends Kristen's honor with his fists.

EJ surprises Sami with a romantic dinner.

Will won't have his child raised by a bigot.

Gabi wants a truce from Sonny.

Thursday January 3:

Both John and Brady are hospitalized and treated.

Sami and Eric are stunned to learn of Kristen and Brady's affair.

Sami bursts into tears when she finds Rafe.

Nicole is hurt when Eric refuses to confide in her about his family issues.

Rafe is confident things will turn out between him and Sami.

Friday January 4:

Kristen accuses John of being jealous and John accuses her of being in love with him.

John realizes Marlena knew about Brady and Kristen.

Kate warns EJ about Sami.

Abigail expresses reservations to Chad about dating him because of Melanie.

Daniel anticipates his date with Jennifer but instead finds his ex-wife at his door.


Nadia Bjorlin and returns as Chloe in January 2013.

Patrika Darbo returns as Chloe's mother Nancy. Take a look at Nancy Wesley's bio.

SOD/Ken Corday:

Kate will be embroiled in a big story soon.

Chloe returns with Parker and an agenda for Daniel and Jennifer.

Kristen's plot to stick it to John and Marlena continues.

Eric has taken vows but can he keep them?

EJ and Sami get a lot of story but not without a big surprise. The big question? Does Sami have feelings for Rafe or is EJ the one for her?

The baby daddy reveal comes at an unexpected time.

Someone causes issues for Sonny and Will.

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