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Spoilers for the Week of December 10, 2012

12/10/2012 12:00am

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Week of December 3:

Monday December 3:

Daniel gets confirmation that the treatment for his hand tremors was a failure and he has no other options for his condition.

Daniel rejects Jennifer.

Eric gives Nicole tough love.

Nicole tries to be a friend to Daniel but can't help but rail on Jennifer when he's unresponsive.

Eric has some of his own demons.

Brady confesses he overheard Kristen's confession.

Nick tells Will he wants to marry Gabi and be a daddy to her kid.

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Tuesday December 4:

Days recap: Talking a lot of smack.

Brady and Kristen wake up together after making love.

John and Marlena's arguing intensifies and she almost admits she broke in to Kristen's room.

Kristen calls John and asks to see him.

Kate confirms one of Marlena's worst fears.

Nicole and Eric grow closer on her first day at work.

Sami goes off on Eric for hiring Nicole.

Rafe's supportive of Gabi marrying Nick.

Rafe walks in on a close moment between Sami and EJ.

Wednesday December 5:

Days recap: Robot lobster.

Marlena walks in on Kristen and Brady having sex.

Kristen sees Marlena sneaking out of her room.

Brady thinks he misjudged Kristen.

Sami and EJ enjoy working together, but Sami is pulled towards Rafe.

Will agrees to let Nick and Gabi bring up the kid.

Sonny believes Nick and Gabi's marriage is the secret Will's been keeping from him.

Rafe asks Sami to be a mentor and friend to Gabi.

Thursday December 6:

Days recap: So beautiful I could cry.

Kristen tells EJ everything is working out for her.

EJ asks Kristen to 'distract' Rafe.

Marlena realizes Kristen didn't tell Brady she saw them together in bed.

Daniel takes time off and goes to the Horton cabin. Jenn follows.

Nicole hears Eric crying out from another nightmare.

Nicole makes amends to Maggie.

Nicole follows Daniel to the island.

EJ and Eric have a discussion about Sami and Nicole.

Abby tells Cameron she has moved on.

Friday December 7:

Days recap: Rent a billboard.

Marlena confesses to John in front of Kristen.

Brady and Kristen make love again.

Kristen realizes it may be to her benefit to keep John in the dark for now about her and Brady.

Jennifer collapses at the island. They need to get her to the hospital!

Sami apologizes to Eric and worries he's setting himself up for a fall.

Week of December 10:

Monday December 10:

Daniel's forced to do impromptu surgery on Jenn's appendix.

Nicole's amazed that Daniel did such a great job and his sutures were straight.

Jenn tells Daniel she loves him.

Sami corrals Rafe into wedding planning.

EJ makes sure Rafe knows he and Sami are getting closer.

Hope has reservations about the wedding while Caroline's supportive.

Will and Sonny share Christmas dreams.

Chad decides to tell Sonny about Gabi's misdeeds.

Nick has an important question for Will concerning his wedding.

Tuesday December 11:

Nicole hears Daniel profess his love for Jenn.

Daniel thinks his tremors really are gone for good.

Nicole confesses to Eric and Daniel that she knows she has no chance with the doctor.

Rafe asks Father Eric to counsel Gabi and Nick and preside over their wedding.

Chad's suspicious of why Will's so caught up in Gabi's drama.

Sami and Rafe's moment ends up bittersweet.

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Wednesday December 12:

Kristen reaches out to Chad, asking him to join the family for Christmas.

Justin's furious with Chad for breaching his contract.

Sonny warns Will to stay away from Gabi.

Brady has a gift for Kristen.

Victor warns Kristen away from his grandson.

John goes to Kristen's room just as she and Brady are dressing after sex.

Thursday December 13:

Kristen's affected by Brady's gift but it's clear she is still working her agenda.

Daniel gets confirmation his tremors are gone.

Sami's surprised EJ isn't bothered by her working closely with Rafe's sister.

Rafe tries hard not to judge Nick.

Gabi and Chad have it out.

Gabi lets it slip that she's further along in her pregnancy.

Friday December 14:

Nick covers for Rafe, Hope and Sami about how far along Gabi is.

Will's offended when Sonny has negative things to say about Gabi.

Sami and Rafe discuss their failed marriage.

Rafe thanks Will for being a good friend to Gabi.

Kate surprises Daniel with a photo of Parker and some compassion.

Jenn confides in her daughter.

SOD/Ken Corday fall sweeps:

Kate will be embroiled in a big story soon.


Nadia Bjorlin returns as Chloe in January 2013.

Patrika Darbo returns as Nancy Wesley, Chloe's mother.

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