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Spoilers for the Week of November 19, 2012

11/19/2012 12:00am

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Week of November 12:

Monday November 12:

Sunday night's Revenge recap: Exposure.

Nicole warns that if Jenn’s looking for an apology, it’s not going to happen.

Nicole asks Brady why she never gets to love.

Marlena finds John and Kristen sleeping next to each other on the sofa at the Horton Cabin on Smith Island.

John defends Kristen which leads to the two being on opposite sides of the fence.

Kristen runs into Brady and makes it obvious she was with his father.

Abigail and EJ bond over a talk of loss.

Abby confides in Gabi that she’s still a virgin.

Chad attempts to mess up Nick’s meeting with his parole officer.

Tuesday November 13:

Hope goes to Nicole with news about what the DA wants to do with her case.

Jenn wonders if Daniel still has feelings for Nicole but all he can think about is professing his love to Jenn.

Nicole’s relieved she’s not facing charges but is consumed with grief over losing her baby and Daniel.

Nicole spots Eric Brady jogging by in the square.

Gabi learns she's pregnant.

Jenn asks Daniel to be friends again.

Greg Vaughan cast as Eric Brady... the priest!

Will and Sonny are both filled with anticipation over meeting to try to talk out the tension between them.

Will lays into Lucas.

Will and Sonny head back to Sonny’s apartment after their talk goes well...

Wednesday November 14:

Kristen meets with EJ to discuss her plan to help advance his relationship with Sami, but she gets distracted when Marlena shows up and lets her have it.

EJ notices Kristen getting under Marlena’s skin.

Kristen offers to leave CW and allow EJ to take over and become Sami’s boss.

EJ makes a call to Stefano and asks him to return to the family fold, but maintains he’s still his own man.

Kristen lets John know she’s stepping down at CW, which she hopes will ease Marlena’s mind.

Marlena receives a mysterious text.

Nicole tracks down Eric Brady and finds him at the pub. She receives a huge shock. He's a priest.

Will and Sonny make love for the first time.

Gabi learns she's 12 weeks along in her pregnancy and knows who the father is!

Thursday November 15:

Marlena texts Roman to alert him that Eric’s back.

Nicole can’t believe Eric is a priest.

Brady goes off on Kristen after finding her with her hand on John’s. John defends Kristen which makes Brady call him a fool.

Brady finds Kristen at the board meeting at the church. He took over for his father.

Daniel’s worried about what she’ll say when Jennifer asks him to her office.

Friday November 16:

Brady tells a surprised Kristen there will be no meeting at the church – he cancelled it so they could talk. He’s determined that Kristen leave Salem.

Kristen and Brady argue but despite that, he comes to her rescue when she’s accosted by a mugger.

Kristen tries to slap Brady.

When Brady’s hit from behind, Kristen leaves a message for John about the attack.

Sami continues her reunion with Eric with John and Marlena.

Marlena erases Kristen’s message to John without listening to it.

EJ runs into Nicole and rips her to shreds.

Eric runs into Nicole who lets him know just how low she has sunk.

Sami’s surprised to find EJ as her boss.

Jennifer has found a clinical trial for Daniel that could help his tremors.

Abby and Chad spend time together.

SOD/Ken Corday fall sweeps:

Sami and EJ grow closer while working together. Corday says, "We're putting our lock, stock and barrel in those two."

Eric will be in a front-burner story with Nicole.

Gabi receives big news that'll affect Nick, Will, Sonny, Rafe and Sami.

Kate will be embroiled in a big story soon.


Nadia Bjorlin returns as Chloe in January 2013.

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