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Spoilers for the Week of October 31, 2011

10/31/2011 12:00am

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Abby reams Chad out. (

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Week of October 24:

Monday October 24:

"You wanna stay with us, after getting me fired? You've got to be kidding me," Rafe spits.

Rafe agrees to an unconventional house guest.

Sami asks Rafe to at least pretend to be happy about this.

While Austin's in a towel, Sami trips and falls on the sofa. He falls on top of her.

Abe asks Jenn to be the publicist for his campaign.

EJ asks Lexie for a truce.

Chad thinks EJ could be involved with suspicious activity on his website.

Tuesday October 25:

Marlena appeals to Brady to show John support as he battles the embezzlement charges.

Brady tells Madison he believes his father is innocent.

Madison receives a mysterious call.

Bo and Hope accompany Maggie to the fertility clinic where Maggie’s eggs ended up. The administrator can't tell them anything.

Bo and Hope discuss hacking into the computer system.

Rafe lectures Sami and Austin.

Carrie calls Rafe with news about John's case, which he refuses to share.

While Rafe's showering, Sami joins him.

Wednesday October 26:

Stefano asks EJ, "You want to be mayor? Fire her today."

EJ reminds Stefano, "Nicole knows me. Father I trust her." Stefano responds, "You're in love with Nicole."

Marlena and the kids decorate the Town Square for Halloween.

Marlena senses there is something going on with Will and Gabi that he’s not telling her.

Abby fights flickers of jealousy when she sees the bond between Melanie and Chad.

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Pillow fight. (

Thursday October27:

Daniel has a surprise for his date night with Jennifer. She's to meet Mansfield Wilcox.

Melanie and Maggie bond.

The police, Bo and Hope, break into the clinic!

Sami sees the growing attraction between her brother and Madison and doesn't like it.

The search for Maggie's biological child comes to an end with a name that Melanie recognizes. Her grandmother.

Friday October 28:

Marlena tells a masked man, "How dare you touch me like that, who do you think you are?"

Jenn asks, "I know you have been following me all night, watching me. I want to know why."

Melanie goes to Maggie, Bo and Hope and asks why they're all talking about her grandmother. Maggie gasps. "Lillian Parker is your grandmother?"

Halloween sets the stage for a case of mistaken identity that threatens one relationship, while a masked man keeps Marlena and Jennifer on their toes.

Halloween brings Melanie an unexpected treat from Chad.

EJ and Nicole arrive at the Halloween party as Elvis and Priscilla Presley.

Jennifer urges Abby to reconcile with her father no matter what Jennifer decides for herself.

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