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Spoilers for the Week of August 25, 2008

08/25/2008 12:00am

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Marlena tells John he'll never be 'old John' (Courtesy

Spoilers for the week of August 25 - 29:

Though you'll see we've posted spoilers for the week, return often and you'll find more in-depth spoilers!

But first... Lori Wilson just did an interview with Kristian Alfonso (Hope), and Kristian shared a few teasers with her!

"Hope may be offered a higher position." (Editor's Note: I know more but am sworn to secrecy by the show!!)

When discussing the fallout of Bo suppressing evidence for Philip, she said, "I think Hope makes an arrest soon."

Monday August 25:

Daniel and Kate get close, while Kate rants about her part in Philgate, the cover up! Chelsea notices.

Caroline lets Victor have it, about his part in Philgate! He's not welcomed in the Brady Pub. Ol Victor feels bad and apologizes to Bo for all of this.

Bo and Hope beg Roman for time to solve the Hollingsworth mystery. He gives them 48 hours to find out if Hollingsworth is dead or alive.

Trent meets with Nicole and says he feels bad when she's unhappy. She tells him to go to hell! She laughs when she finds out that Mel has maxed out his credit card and calls Melanie a girl after her own heart!

Max and Stephanie are stuck in jail, still. Melanie sure doesn't care to help.

Nick finds Melanie, in Paris. They have an instant connection. Only because Nick lies about being a millionaire! He takes her to the jail to see her brother. Melanie finally agrees to help Max and Stephanie out of jail, when Max threatens to call Trent! I guess she doesn't want to live in a convent!

Tuesday August 26:

(It's a Jarlena day)

John tells Marlena he realized how much he cares for her. He decided if she got better, things would be different! "I know that what you did to Stefano is because of what he did to me!"

John asks Marlena to come home with him when she is released from the hospital. She refuses him.

Marlena tells John that he's not the man she married and he never will be. They barely even know each other! Then Roman shows up and she's happy to see him. Uh oh. John's not happy!

Philip runs into Morgan, who says she thought he really cared for him. She wants to know how he killed her father!

Chelsea takes the key to Daniel's place and plans a romantic night, but before she and Daniel get anywhere, a text message changes things! Chelsea finds out about Kate and Daniel. (Maybe if Kate would have kept quiet about it and moved the heck on?)

Kate finds out that Chelsea knows the truth.

Wednesday August 27:

Hope and Bo continue to look for Paul Hollingsworth. The countdown resumes! (48 hours)

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Morgan thinks she sees Paul! (Courtesy

Thursday August 28:

Steve decides to investigate Trent Robbins. He finds out all sorts of goodies. Steve gets a JOB!! Steve is Salem's new Private Investigator.

Trent asks Steve to investigate Nick.

Tiffany gets Max and Stephanie out of jail, under one condition!

Melanie and Nick get to know each other a little better.

Chelsea confronts Daniel and Kate about their affair and finds out it was before her time. She's angry they kept it from her but takes good advice from Lexi."There are always two sides to a story and you owe it to yourself to hear both sides."

Tiffany kisses Max!

Steve warns Stephanie that Trent is investigating them, and she tells him she'll be on the next flight out.

Friday August 29:

Stefano tells Tony he's going home - to the DiMera mansion. Er...they've already got a full house? Will they all live together??

Tony and Anna move into the DiMera mansion!

Dora, a new patient of Marlena's comes for much needed therapy, as she's going through a breakdown. Read the Eve Plumb Interview here!

John scares the heck out of Theo when he yells at Lexi that Blondie is gone from the hospital. He threatens her job, but she refuses to take his abuse! She may be the first!

Meanwhile, Marlena returns to work a day early. She's too afraid to go home.

Marlena experience dizziness.

Chelsea sits Kate and Daniel down and asks all about their affair. Daniel doesn't want to lose her, but what does Chelsea feel?

John opens up to Marlena about his feelings for her! She's moved deeply and they kiss and hold one another, then they have sex, but John spoils it all with his ...well, you'll just have to watch!

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