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Spoilers for the Week of October 16, 2017

10/16/2017 12:00am

Days of our Lives Spoilers October 16 - 27 image

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Week of October 16:

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Episode # 13193

Monday October 16:

Days recap: Rafe accuses Hope of nepotism

Hope and Rafe argue over how she's handling her new position.

Nicole desperately tries to reason with Brady.

Gabi makes a fervent plea on Eli's behalf.

Sami clashes with Paul and John.

Tuesday October 17:

Days recap: Sami wants answers about Will

Nicole breaks Eric's heart.

Paul and Sonny's relationship is strained as they deal with the Will situation.

Sami and Lucas have an emotionally intense reunion.

Episode # 13195Victor stuns Justin and Maggie with his announcement.

Wednesday October 18:

Days recap: Justin is closer to the truth about Adrienne

Sami seeks comfort from Marlena.

Steve and Kayla are thrown when Justin updates them about "Adrienne."

Sonny turns to Chad and Andre for help.

While visiting Mickey's grave, Bonnie has a fantasy -- "Whatever Happened toBaby Bonnie?"

Thursday October 19:

Abigail had a surprising reaction to Sami kissing Chad

Abigail walks in on Sami kissing Chad.

Justin corners Bonnie about what’s really going on between her and Victor.

Steve visits Hattie at Statesville and demands to know what she did to Adrienne.

Episode # 13197Theo is jealous when he learns Claire and Tripp will be working together.

Friday October 20:

Days recap: Nicole leaves Salem but vows to return

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More: William Utay returns to Days as Dr. Rolf

Nicole bids an emotional farewell to Salem.

Sami and Eric share a bittersweet birthday reunion.

Hope confronts a familiar face from the past.

Bonnie and Victor's wedding begins.

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Week of October 23:

Monday October 23:

More: Kassie DePaiva returns to Days of our Lives

Hope and Sami demand answers about Will from an old foe.

Tuesday October 24:

Adrienne manages to call Lucas from prison.

Wednesday October 25:

Bonnie and Sheila prepare to flee Salem.

Thursday October 26:

Eric confronts Brady about Nicole’s decision to leave town with Holly.

Rafe and Hope clash over Sami.

Friday October 27:

Sami, Paul, Sonny, John, and Marlena go to Memphis.

Fall teasers:

JJ's going to live out a cop's worst nightmare that has a ripple effect on the town.

Tripp will try to earn his way back into Kayla's good books.

Eve returns to shake things up in the Kiriakis family. It leads her to a love story with a character who is already on canvas.

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More: Victoria Konefal cast as Ciara on Days

New York Post teaser:

The newspaper teased that Chandler Massey (Will) had reshot his strangulation scenes with Robert Scott Wilson (Ben). Massey said, "The scenes were very intense and required a lot of energy."

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Spoilers for the Week of October 09, 2017

10/09/2017 12:00am

Days of our Lives Spoilers October 9 - 20 image

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Week of October 9:

Days of our Lives Spoiler Video: Sami Returns to Salem

Monday October 9:

Days Recap: Nicole reveals her biggest regret to Eric then gives in to temptation

Claire-Theo-heads-together-Days-JJNicole shows up at Eric’s farmhouse and confronts him about the reason he left Salem.

Hope gets important information out of Ben.

Theo questions Tripp about his feelings for Claire.

Kayla realizes Steve asked Tripp for a favor on her behalf.

Tuesday October 10:

Days recap: Kate vows to get answers from Clyde while Nicole cheats on Brady

More: Y&R's Greg Rikaart to Days of our LivesEpisode # 13190

Nicole confesses to Eric that she loves him.

Brady senses Chloe is hiding something.

Sonny has a major request for Kate.

Lucas has another talk with Will.

Wednesday October 11:

Days recap: Clyde tells Kate who revealed that Will's alive

Kate meets with Clyde to get to the truth.

Nicole and Eric make plans for the future. realizes Nicole lied to him.

Adrienne runs into Hattie in prison.

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Thursday October 12:

Days recap: John and the ISA look for Dr. Rolf while Brady kicks Nicole out

Bonnie blackmails Victor.

Nicole comes clean with Brady.

Kate relays Clyde's bombshell to John, Marlena, and Roman.

Chloe and Julie clash over the club.Episode # 13192

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Friday October 13:

Days reap: Sami stops John and Paul from digging up Will

Deconstructing Days: Body exhumation and talk of resurrection on Friday the 13th

More: Alison Sweeney talks Sami's spirited return

Sami Brady returns to Salem!

Brady turns the tables on Nicole.

Paul ropes John into illegal activity.

Lani urges Hope to lift JJ's suspension.

More: William Utay is back on Days as Dr. Rolf


More: Robin Strasser may appear on Days

More: Victoria Konefal cast as Ciara on Days


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