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Spoilers for the Week of January 16, 2017

01/16/2017 12:00am

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Week of January 16:

Days of our Lives Spoiler Video: Gunning for Deimos

Monday January 16:

Days Recap: Chloe’s plans are changed by Deimos’ violent threat

Breaking: Myles Forster posts very revealing Days of our Lives audition which spoils a big upcoming storyline

Nicole and Chloe are appalled when they overhear Deimos making a deadly threat.

Sonny tries to reign in Deimos.

Valerie offers advice when Claire and Theo have to deal with online troubles.

Justin helps Adrienne through a tough time.

Tuesday January 17:

Hope finds herself in the care of a familiar face. Eric (Greg Vaughan) is released from prison and rushes to help Hope.

Wednesday January 18:

Abigail and Gabi separately start to catch on that something big is going down with Chad, Sonny, and Dario.

Thursday January 19:

Brady confronts Chloe.

Friday January 20:

Days of our Lives is pre-empted today for the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump

Week of January 23:

Monday January 23:

Chloe finally admits the truth to Brady.

Eric tends to Hope as she battles for her life.

Tuesday January 24:

Belle, (Martha Madison) returns to Salem to visit Claire.

Wednesday January 25:

Gabi and Abigail enact a plan to put an end to the 3-way family war before someone they love gets hurt.

Thursday January 26:

In Prague, Steve and Kayla go out for a night on the town where they reaffirm their love for each other.

Friday January 27:

As Nicole waits for Justin to post her bail, she receives a surprising visit.

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Anne gets a new job working at The Spectator with Jennifer as her editor.

A Vimeo video shows possible Days spoilers being leaked. According to this audition tape, when Dario's residency status is in question, Abigail and Dario decide to marry, professing their love to a U.S. immigration agent, Officer Gilman, even though Abigail is still married to Chad.

Days of our Lives / Officer Gilman from Undercurrent on Vimeo.

2017 SOD previews:

The European adventure leads to romance for Sonny and Paul, and Steve and Kayla, as Marlena realizes she may be the key to solving the mystery.

Nicole ends up facing murder charges.

Jenn makes a shocking discovery as the war between the Kiriakis, DiMera and Hernandez families heats up.

Joey's past sins could affect his future.

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Spoilers for the Week of January 09, 2017

01/09/2017 12:18pm

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Week of January 9:

Days of our Lives Spoiler Video: Chloe’s confession to Nicole

Monday January 9:

Marlena runs into Anna in Prague and thinks she sees Stefano

Leann Hunley returns to Days as Anna DiMera

Hattie advises Hope on how to handle Coco and Sheila, but Hope insists on doing things her way.

Steve, Marlena, Rafe, and Paul arrive in Prague to search for Stefano.

Marlena runs into a familiar face.

Joey tries to comfort Jade.

Tuesday January 10:

Days celebrates 13,000 episode today!

Days recap: Hattie rescues Hope

Social News XYZ conducted an interview with Kristian Alfonso about the 13000 episode. There has been a cave set created, the DiMera mansion and Kiriakis mansions have new furniture. Watch the rest of the video tour guides of the new Days of our Lives sets with Deidre Hall and Lauren Koslow.

Chad and Abigail attempt to reconnect during a night out.

Hattie, increasingly fearful for Hope’s safety, makes a bold move.

The search for Stefano continues.

Jennifer tells Thomas stories about the Horton family.

Announcement Days alum Francine York (Lorraine Temple) passes away at 80

Wednesday January 11:

Days recap: Austin and Carrie bail Anna and Marlena out of jail while Nicole says yes to Deimos' proposal

Hope fights for her life.

Rafe, Steve, and Paul prepare for the meeting with the arms dealer they believe is Stefano.

Kayla, Shawn, and Ciara learn Hope broke out of prison.

Deimos takes Nicole out for a romantic evening.

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Thursday January 12:

Days recap: Chloe wakes up and Brady has heart pains

Breaking: Update in soap opera star's DUI arrest case

Gabi is curious when she receives a call from JJ saying it’s important the two of them meet.

Eduardo informs Dario about the missing device and how he believes Kate took it.

Andre has a confrontation with Deimos.

Brady has an unexpected reaction to Nicole and Deimos's news.

Friday January 13:

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Days recap: Andre sabotages the Kiriakis shipment and Chloe's awake

Deimos and Andre trade threats over the stolen technology.

Abigail crosses paths with Dario, and Chad finds them together.

Gabi covers what she knows about the family business with JJ.

The distance between Abigail and Chad continues to creep in as Chad texts Gabi.

Chloe awakens from her coma at long last.

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