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Spoilers for the Week of October 12, 2015

10/12/2015 12:00am

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Week of October 12:

Monday October 12:

Read today's Days Recap: Sami arrives in Salem after Lucas tells her Will’s been murdered.

Chad realizes who’s been framing him for murder.

The latest murder victim hits close to home for Rafe and Hope.

In Paris, Sonny is affected by Will’s message and decides to go home.

Sami returns to Salem!

Tuesday October 13:

Chad finds himself in a life-threatening situation.

Rafe and Hope discover even more evidence linking Chad to the murders.

Marlena and Lucas express deep concern over Sami’s behavior.

Andre puts Aiden in a tough position.

Wednesday October 14:

Theresa fights to make sure Kate doesn’t shut her out at Basic Black.

Thursday October 15:

Pushed over the edge, Sami tries to commit murder!

Friday October 16:

Rafe unknowingly questions the real Necktie Killer as he tries to clear Chad’s name.

Sonny and Paul have a fraught encounter.

Week of October 19:

Monday October 19:

Salem mourns one of its most beloved citizens during a heartbreaking funeral.

Sami makes a decision about EJ’s letter.

Tuesday October 20:

Ben admits to someone he’s the Necktie Killer!

Wednesday October 21:

Aiden takes the first steps to carry out his deadly plot.

Thursday October 22:

Sonny says good-bye to Salem once again.

Friday October 23:

Shawn returns to Salem to find Hope and Aiden celebrating their upcoming wedding.


Shawn Douglas Brady returns for two months coming this autumn.

Fans will see a face-off between Andre and John.

Andre has a mind of his own and will sneak out to make an appearance at the memorial of the third victim of the Necktie Killer.

Monday November 9:

The Salem Bicentennial celebration begins.

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- Christine Fix

Spoilers for the Week of October 05, 2015

10/03/2015 3:00am

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Last Friday's Deconstructing DOOL: Viewers' heartstrings were being pulled all week by the writing and the acting

Week of October 5:

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Monday October 5:

Days Recap: Roman tries to convince Kayla to administer the drug that could save Caroline

Steve runs into danger as he looks for clues to Bo’s whereabouts.

Bo struggles to keep the truth from his captors.

Rafe rips into Eduardo for essentially putting a bounty on Chad’s head

Victor and Roman try to convince Kayla to allow the experimental drug to be used on Caroline.

Tuesday October 6:

Days recap: Abigail starts cramping as she stresses about Chad's situation

Stress over Chad’s predicament takes its toll on Abigail, who suffers a health crisis.

JJ rescues Gabi from a tense situation.

Theresa and Brady fear something is wrong with Tate.

Chad and Stefano come up with a plan to flush out Clyde.

Wednesday October 7:

Days Recap: Bo fights his captors as Steve finds video footage to show that his friend is dead

Steve returns to Salem with disturbing news about Bo.

Caroline has a vision of Bo.

JJ tries to trap Clyde.

Aiden realizes there may be another way for him to pay off his debts.

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Thursday October 8:

Aiden finally exacts payback against Clyde.

Chad and Abigail share a fraught moment as he wonders why she keeps helping him.

Stefano and Andre attempt to clear Chad’s name.

Will uncovers key evidence regarding the Necktie Killer.

Friday October 9:

Days Recap: The Necktie Killer takes the life of one of Salem's beloved residents

Deconstructing DOOL: Dark times in Salem are heartbreaking but making for must see TV

The Necktie Killer claims another victim!

Aiden admits to Hope he lied to her yet again.

Lucas supports Adrienne through a tough time.

Gabi and JJ develop a connection

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- Christine Fix