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Spoilers for the Week of August 24, 2015

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Deconstructing DOOL Not just a rant but a rave about the romance, mystery, and story speculation...

Week of August 24:

Serena's the first to be killed in Days of our Lives' serial killer storyline.

Watch this week's Days spoiler video for more of what's to come.

Monday August 24:

Days Recap: Chad's betrayal of Stefano has major consequences

Stefano is furious when Chad betrays him!

Ben realizes Abigail has lied to him once again.

Theresa puts her plan into action to gain Brady’s sympathy.

Nicole scores a major victory over Serena and Xander.

Tuesday August 25:

Teaser tweet from Dena Higley.

Aiden confronts Rafe about his feelings for Hope.

Chad and Serena hit it off as they commiserate over drinks.

Nicole shares with Daniel some surprising plans for her future.

Theresa’s latest plot has dire consequences for Xander.

Wednesday August 26:

Chad and Serena’s night takes an unpleasant turn.

Hope, Aiden, Victor, Maggie, Doug, and Julie rally around Caroline.

Eve’s actions put JJ in a very dangerous situation.

Will lashes out at Paul over Sonny’s departure.

Thursday August 27:

Jennifer and JJ find themselves in hot water thanks to Eve.

Hope confides in John that she is committed to moving on from Bo with Aiden.

Eric makes a shocking discovery. Serena's dead body in the woods amongst the flowers.

Friday August 28:

Kayla is stunned when Steve makes an unexpected return to Salem! Steve is with a runaway Joey. (Their SORASd son.)

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Week of August 31:

Monday August 31:

Aiden makes a mysterious phone call, revealing an ulterior motive.

Tuesday September 1:

John takes Marlena on a romantic trip down memory lane to prove his devotion to her.

Wednesday September 2:

Justin becomes the new D.A. and immediately clashes with Rafe over the murder investigation.

Thursday September 3:

Hope debates whether she should accept Aiden’s proposal.

Stefano offers to clear Chad’s name if he pursues Abigail once again.

Friday September 4:

Kayla deals with an angry Joey.

Summer previews:

Meet the new SORASd teens of Salem.

In a July interview SOD conducted with Ken Corday, the executive producer said this in regards to bringing back the dead: "From September 1 on, when someone dies, they are dead."

Find out which soap stars are returning to Days of our Lives this summer and fall for the 50th anniversary.

Steve wants Kayla back.

Chad blacks out and finds himself in deep trouble when he can't recall the events of the previous evening.

Hope tells Steve about Bo's prolonged absence, giving Steve pause for concern.

Thaao Penghlis returns to Days of our Lives this September as Andre. Fans will see a face-off between Andre and John.

Monday November 9:

The Salem Bicentennial celebration begins.


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Spoilers for the Week of August 17, 2015

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Last week's Deconstructing DOOL "there are a few raves this week but all in all, I'm ranting heavily. Next week begins the new writers' tenure. Maybe we'll see a more positive column at that point!"

Week of August 17:

Today! Dena Higley and Josh Griffith takeover as new Days co-headwriters

Monday August 17:

Days weekly spoiler video: Aiden's attacked!

Stefano implores Abigail to give Chad another chance.

After his fight with Will, Sonny rushes off to see Paul.

JJ comes up with a plan to keep Paige away from Kyle.

Hope fears she's put Aiden in danger.

Tuesday August 18:

Days Recap: Sonny says goodbye to Salem

Sonny makes a huge decision about his future – leaving both Will and Paul heartbroken.

Danger looms over Aiden and Hope’s romantic evening.

Chad and Abigail have a fraught encounter.

JJ takes a big risk to get the goods on Kyle.

Wednesday August 19:

Days Recap: Two secrets are out

Aiden and Clyde have a major showdown.

Rafe contemplates another career change which would put him back in Hope’s orbit.

Marlena is upset when she discovers John has been keeping a secret.

JJ’s fate is left in Paige’s hands.

New! Read Days Stars: Where are they now? Sending an actor's family condolences, a popular actress teams up with a former ABC soap star, movie roles and more.

Thursday August 20:

Days Recap: Hope asks Aiden back to her place for a change

Aiden lies to Hope – and it’s clear she doesn’t know him quite as well as she thinks she does.

Tensions arise when Marlena confronts John about his plans for the future.

Someone catches on to Rafe’s feelings for Hope.

JJ admits to Paige he still loves her.

Friday August 21:

Days Recap: Victor and Caroline share a touching moment

Deconstructing DOOL Not just a rant but a rave about the romance, mystery, and story speculation...

Eve discovers JJ’s secret and vows to destroy his plans.

Clyde threatens Aiden.

John romances Marlena, hoping to move along their reconciliation.

Caroline and Victor bond when he pays her a late night visit at the hospital.

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- Christine Fix