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Spoilers for the Week of July 25, 2016

07/25/2016 12:00am

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Soapbox: Highlighting what fans want - Kate and Marlena's renewed friendship

Week of July 25:

Sonny returns, and Theresa is in danger in the latest spoiler video.

Monday July 25:

Days recap: Aiden concocts a new plan, while Eduardo receives a mysterious threat.

Adriana urges Rafe to stay away from Hope.

Blanca and Gabi bond.

Aiden puts a new plan in motion.

Eduardo receives a chilling message.

Tuesday July 26:

Glee and Venice's Dot Marie Jones to Days of our Lives

Nicole witnesses Deimos’s softer side.

Wednesday July 27:

Fynn pulls Kayla into a kiss.

Thursday July 28:

John gets a lead in Tate’s kidnapping case.

Sonny returns to Salem to help his family through some rough times. His relationship with Paul grows. Paul will be seen more as Sonny's return progresses.

Friday July 29:

Steve begins a new, unexpected career.

SOD previews for the week:

Jade's father is angered when he sees Jade kissing Joey. Steve catches Kayla with Fynn, who kisses Kayla and professes he has feelings for her and is tired of hiding it. Deimos wants a truce with Victor. Deimos asks Dr. Hochman to perform surgery on Maggie. Hope's alarmed with what Ciara tells her about a talk with Chase at Shady Hills, Eddie wants Adriana to reconsider her disapproval over Rafe and Hope's newfound love, Deimos notices Dario and Nicole's friendship, Claire becomes Chloe's assistant, Sonny returns July 28 and confronts Deimos, Jade's father finds Joey kissing his daughter and isn't happy.

Week of August 1:

Monday August 1:

Jennifer seeks help from an unlikely source.

Tuesday August 2:

John and Marlena share a romantic moment.

Caroline has a startling vision.

Wednesday August 3:

Gabi has a scary encounter.

Thursday August 4:

Deimos and Nicole take their relationship to the next level.

Friday August 5:

Jennifer imagines Jack comforting her.

Coming up:

There will be various familiar faces returning to "Days" in an upcoming big storyline such as Patsy Pease (Kim), Charles Shaughnessy (Shane) around Christmas and Larry Poindexter (Father Louis). There are details in the's Days comings and goings. Ken Corday stated that Abigail will return after Christmas and Nicole's about to have a storyline coming up with a return from the past, along with a baby story.

Chloe holds a big secret that nobody else knows which will have big implications.

Ciara pushes Theo away and Claire takes an interest in him.

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Spoilers for the Week of July 18, 2016

07/18/2016 12:00am

Days of our Lives Spoilers July 18 - 29 image

Deconstructing DOOL: Another week in the trenches!

Week of July 18:

Weekly spoiler video: Rafe and Hope are trapped

Monday July 18:

Days recap: Hope's rescued by Rafe, and Blanca has a secret

Hope and Rafe’s fate is determined.

Aiden attacks Andre.

Blanca is haunted by her past.

Shawn deals with the aftermath of the explosion.

Tuesday July 19:

Days reaches 13000th episode today!

Days Recap: Summer insists Victor's the kidnapper, not her

Peter Reckell returns to the Fantastics

Brady and Theresa confront Summer in Las Vegas.

Frantic Shawn continues his search for Hope and Rafe.

Maggie opens up to Julie.

Hope’s condition worsens.

Wednesday July 20:

Days Recap: Rafe has nightmares of Hope's death

Rafe and Hope remain trapped.

Rafe experiences an intense nightmare.

Rafe’s love for Hope is tested.

Where are they now? Kyle Brandt (ex-Philip) hosts Good Morning Football

Thursday July 21:

Days Recap: Hope's rushed into surgery as accusations fly in the Tatenapping case

Brady questions Victor’s involvement in Tate’s kidnapping.

Hope has a medical crisis.

Aiden stands by his innocence.

Summer makes an emotional appeal to Theresa.

Friday July 22:

Days recap: Steve and Theresa discover new leads in the Tatenapping

Soapbox: Highlight is Kate and Marlena's renewed friendship

Kate moves out of the mansion.

Deimos asks Nicole for a fresh start.

Steve joins the search for Tate.

Brady and Theresa are at odds with one another.

SOD hot plots preview:

Andre tells Aiden he killed Rafe and Hope, though Rafe takes Hope to a secret room in one of the tunnels under Salem. Hope's badly injured and Rafe has hurt his leg. Hope winds up in medical crisis.

Dario and Blanca commiserate over unrequited love, Rafe is the focus of a special episode, Chad tries to talk Jenn down from the custody battle again, Summer gives Roman a statement, Kate confides in her old friend Marlena, and Belle's jealous of Philip when she sees him with Chloe.


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