Deconstructing DOOL: A Return From the Dead's Not so Surprising in Salem

October 2 - 6

Christine Fix

Friday, October 6th, 2017

Deconstructing DOOL: A Return From the Dead's Not so Surprising in Salem image

The week revolved mostly around the double wedding fiasco. True to Salem wedding style, the couples were robbed of that elusive ‘perfect’ wedding. Viewers were either thrilled to welcome Ben back while others couldn’t comprehend why they’ve lost so many respectable characters over the years, and yet the show keeps bringing back depraved ones. Villains are important to further the plot of our storylines and to make our heroes shine. Without them, we’d have a bunch of Pollyanna’s running around Salem and not much angst. Ron Carlivati is transforming the show that was in ruins the last two years to something resembling the creativity of what James E Reilly would have done, only with better pacing. While he’s bringing back crazy, we can’t forget, he’s also bringing back a beloved dead character. That could be seen as a balance. We may want to let the story unfold before we judge too hastily. And with that in mind, let’s get down to it.

Ben turning the wedding into a disaster gave everyone a jolt in the pants and furthered this new storyline about Will’s “death.” Most Salemites can't believe it's possible that Will's alive because some of them saw him dead. I guess they forgot that Stefano's come back from the dead several times and half of them were presumed dead during the Melaswen storyline. Abigail got to punch Ben in the noggin while Sonny was able to get a few things off his chest. Outstanding. Sonny was a saint not to physically attack Ben.

When Kate blasted Ben for interrupting the vows, many fans were rolling their eyes, surprised that she was showing anger, not tears, but we can’t forget that Kate shows anger easier than love or vulnerability. She never wants to appear weak, yet she did, in front of Andre, in private. There’s something beautiful about keeping a character true to themselves, even if it irritates us sometimes. We saw a tender side to Andre during his touching, eloquent speech and later, we saw some banter and some sexual heat between him and Kate. I think Kate was as surprised as us that they almost kissed. It feels good to be in the moment, to wonder if they will kiss and to contemplate if they even should. Meanwhile, Brady's speech was self-serving and creeped some of us out! I started to feel for him, watching his guilt eat him up. Wait until he learns Nicole found out the truth and went to Eric instead of him. That's very telling.

I’d still be happier if Hope wasn’t commissioner of SPD but it’s done, so now we get to mock discuss what she does during her tenure. She had her work cut out for her mere moments after she accepted the position when dopey Rafe left JJ alone with the man who murdered JJ’s girlfriend. Hot-headed JJ pulled a gun on Ben in a powerful scene with Ben shoving his head against the muzzle and calling Paige ‘worm food’. Horrid. Although JJ’s wrath was justified, and he was provoked, he really needs anger management courses. With all of the nepotism at SPD, it was surprising that Hope didn’t high five JJ and instead suspended him without pay. But she came through when Rafe attacked Ben and didn’t even get a slap on the wrist. At least SPD commissioners are consistently abysmal. Hehe I wonder what she’ll do if she finds out, as mentioned last week in Deconstructing DOOL, that Gabi has been withholding information about her brother in a criminal investigation?

I love how Ben dragged out his assertion that Will is alive for a while. How delicious that Hope faked a deal in order to get it out of him and that Marlena kept her calm in order to piece together Ben's story. Even Ben couldn't keep his calm. Robert Scott Wilson rocked those scenes. He showed remorse, conflict and aggression in a matter of two minutes. Brilliant. Clyde's involvement is intriguing, too. I can’t wait to see what happens next and how in the heck “the dude’s not dead.”

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Best lines:

Ben crashing the wedding, "I feel a bit underdressed. I should have worn a tie."

Ben, "He's alive. Will is alive. I swear."

Ben about Paige, “She’s worm food.”

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- Christine Fix

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