Deconstructing DOOL: May Sweeps has been like sex without foreplay

May 15 - 19

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May Sweeps, much like each episode of "Days," has its moments. Watching the show for those moments is the only way to get through each episode without falling into a deep depression. Some of these storylines happening right now could have been so much better had the writing started in March or April, rather than diving straight in during May. It's like sex without foreplay; it's alright but add foreplay and it becomes phenomenal. 

John's return.
John's return was well written and moving. Hopefully he's back permanently and in more scenes than just a handful at Brady's side. We need our vets more than ever to keep people from tuning out.

Everyone's in Greece.
Gabi stowed away on Sonny’s private jet as an old timey stewardess. At least she didn’t hide out in a cubby hole where the lift raft is housed like Melanie did that time she went after Brady. I get why she went. She wants to stick it to Deimos but she should leave it to those with more experience…ah nevermind. None of them have any experience so yes, she had as much right to go as Sonny Corinthos Kiriakis and Paul who has been a PI for 3 months. JJ and Lani’s chemistry returned briefly on the flight to Greece. That kiss was hot, though it looked as though Eli thought he should be the one kissing her. At least to me it did. I guess the Halo storyline is done. Oh sorry, “storyline.” If you blinked, you missed it. Deconstructing DOOL: Viewers were longing for Nicole to shut up and this week we've had some respite. Viewers find it either funny or exasperating that she was almost rescued and could have gone anywhere in the world to hide with her kid, but she chose to return to Xander's villa to save Eric, a man she claims to hate. It was very touching but worrisome. Hey, does this mean we can call this another kidnapping?

This amulet storyline is coming off more like the issues that are facing Gabi and Chad when they're holding it are mere coincidences, not part of any curse. Give us something real to sink our teeth into like make one of them start choking when the amulet's in their possession and touching their skin or something. 

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Keeping it real.
Last week Nicole blamed everyone, including Chloe, for her problems. It's crushing to see how far Higley has regressed this character, who was slowly taking steps to become healthier. This week Justin of all people, who I didn't even realize knew Chloe, joined in the blame game and damned Chloe for Brady being hospitalized and near death. Then Lucas chimed in. It's getting comical, how many are blaming her and though I hated on her for stealing Nicole's baby, I have to adhere to the facts: Whether we like it or not, Chloe legally has custody of Holly. Chloe did not force Nicole to commit a crime, putting Holly and herself in danger by kidnapping the kid. And it's not Nicole's fault that Brady's almost dead. Nicole didn’t force Brady to follow her to Canada, putting himself and his son Tater Tot in danger. Deimos sent Xander, a loose cannon capable of murder, to kidnap Nicole and Holly so that he'd rescue her and she'd fall back in love with him. Stupid, right? At any rate, it was Xander who shot Brady, not Chloe, not Deimos. I believe in giving credit where credit is due, whether we like a character or loathe them.

Marry me… or I’ll ah um…be deported. Yeah...uh deported!
Abigail’s no ingenue. Dario confessed he is in love with her and yet she selfishly used him for a shoulder to cry on, basically giving him more hope after hearing she filed for divorce. Ack.

I’m angry with the head writer she-who-cannot-be-named because I had to rewrite parts of this section where I talked about how suspicious I was that he so suddenly was being deported. I was excited about the prospect of being 90% sure that Dario was a big fat liar and wanted a few weeks where there were times when we doubted our own suspicions. Sadly, the second day in and she spilled the beans that he’s a liar. If this show doesn’t lose a large portion of viewers over this I will be surprised.

Abigail shouldn’t have been hanging out with Dario who I felt was only looking for crumbs of her favour. He’s a stalker. He's disgusting. And Abigail who I'm now referring to as Abifail needs saving from herself for putting herself and her child in this situation at all before giving it more thought. It’s bizarre that she wasn’t remotely suspicious when Dario pulled out that fugly ring he just happened to have on him. Before we knew the truth, many pointed out that Dario could have easily asked Chloe to marry him. She's single and they too have great chemistry. That’s partially why it seemed obvious that he was lying. He’s been working in Salem for years without any concern and it didn’t seem plausible that Chad would use his DiMera clout to call immigration on him so the only thought was that he was making it up.

I will grudgingly admit that I found it delicious of Kate to go along with his lie. Hilarious! Classic Kate. I'm aware of how hypocritical that sounds! But that's the best way to view "Days" and still stay happy. In bits and pieces.

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Kate and Andre:
These two had some great lines in their scene Friday but I enjoyed them so much I didn't type any of them out. These two are brilliant as friends who continue to make my day in scenes together. I'll overlook the Dario BS if they would give us more of this.

Lucas adoring of Adrienne:
Lucas and Adrienne together addressing the anxiety Adrienne has over her new body and being intimate with Lucas after surgery was poignant and romantic. Hopefully we will see them next week and not see another month delay.

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