Deconstructing DOOL: Viewers everywhere long for Nicole to shut up

May 8 - 12

Deconstructing DOOL: Viewers everywhere long for Nicole to shut up image

A lot went down this week during the second week of May Sweeps, but there is still something lacking from the storylines that's causing our interest to wan. 

The current kidnapping saga.
According to the self-help book, ‘Keeping a soap character caged 101,’ Stefano DiMera writes, “If you’re going to cage a beautiful woman, your Queen of the Night, or what have you, do it with finesse. Make sure her cage is gilded.” On the other hand, Jan Brittney Spears touts building your own – with a friend, the way she did for Shawn. Xander ignored both suggestions and when Nicole tried to escape the compound on his private island, he quickly threw her in a cage that he happened to have sitting around in his garage. He was attempting to get her to ‘toe the line’ but after she threw a drink in his face, he rewarded her quickly by letting her out to snuggle her baby. Um… okay?

It’s sort of ironic that Nicole helped Jan build Shawn Brady’s cage, calling her ‘a certifiable cuckoo’ for doing so, and she got a taste of what it’s like to be caged this week. And we all wished Xander would have gagged her, too. In all the years we've known Nicole and have seen the nasty things she has done, I've never hated on her the way I did this week and I wasn't the only one. I blame the head writer.

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Super Eric to the rescue.
I had a hard time keeping up with Jennifer and Eric’s conversations at the square, about that guy named Bruno and the information they were given. I felt like their voices were so soft and they talked too fast that I couldn’t keep up and honestly didn’t really want to. All I know is that Eric’s a priest, not a mercenary, yet it took him all of five minutes to find the private island, get past the guards and locate Nicole. And for what? To have her yelling at him and treating him like dirt. Sure, he deserves it for driving drunk, and killing he-who-must-not-be-named, but oddly I wanted him to knock her unconscious so we wouldn't have to listen to her bellyaching. Oy.

As mentioned in the previous Deconstructing DOOL: I wanted to get on board for the cursed amulet storyline but already it’s missing something. I do love that Hope and Andre of all people are working together. Biggest questions: Who is this guy, Kristos? Who has the amulet? Lastly, why should we care about this storyline? We want to but it hasn't happened yet.

Oh no she didn't!
Though we were expecting at some point for Jade to rat Joey out, it didn't make her blackmail of Kayla any less shocking. I'm actually looking forward to this, especially since Joey and Tripp have bonded. 

Maggie and Deimos’ in the same room.
These two are spending too much time together for my liking. And the conversation is repetitive. It’s hard to believe that Maggie doesn’t see right through Deimos or that she’d give him the time of day. Every time I see them together I want her to hit him over the head with a big-assed handbag. I have one she can borrow.

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Brady on his deathbed.
Brady needs a new heart. So who will donate it? Rumour has it Deimos is being killed off, and there’s talk that Eric may not be around long, as well, since Nicole is leaving, we’re unsure which of the three could be the benefactor. Deimos is the only one I wouldn't have an issue with being killed off, though I feel bad admitting that since I love Vincent Irizarry's talent.

Giving up fast.
This show moves so fast these days. Abigail moved out of the DiMera mansion a day ago and already, Chad thinks it’s over for good between him and his wife, and upon seeing her lunching with Dario, assumed the worst. Slow down! As for Dario, he has to stop coming off so vindictive when it concerns Deimos. Though I once found that he and Abigail had chemistry, I mostly now just don’t like him. It’s not the actor’s fault. It’s just a case of too much telling and not enough showing. He still feels like a stranger and if he was blown to smithereens I'm sure many wouldn't notice. Can we get rid of him and use the vets more?

Victor and his granddaughters.
I once again enjoyed Ciara talking with Grumpa Victor, even though it was a bit contrived. It’s been several months since she or Ciara has visited him and this time, much like the last, I spent a second reminding myself of how they even know him. Still, it works well, Claire opened up about her jealousy of Ciara and then Ciara admitted she envies Claire. What would be perfect is if Vic will have them swing by soon to get them to make peace. Finally...I felt for Claire! Though we all knew she was insecure, her admitting it made me feel sorry for her. Please give us more of her candor so that we can learn to like her a little or at least love to hate her instead of just hating on her!

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Eli is close to forgiving his mama.
We barely know these two and yet their scene was probably the highlight of the week because it made us feel something. I also enjoyed Eli’s chemistry with Lani. He has good chemistry with Gabi, too. I think he’s like Nicole in that respect. Poor JJ, however, is as boring as ever. That really has to change, starting with his job as a cop.

Chandler Massey returns and Morgan Fairchild debuts.
Most viewers appear excited about the news that Morgan Fairchild will be appearing on Days as Anjelica Deveraux, as am I. Fairchild does naughty really well and Anjelica Deveraux was naughty. As for Will, it's shocking that Chandler Massey will be returning to Days as Will considering we watched Will die and Corday said they were finished with returns from the dead. I don't want to get my hopes up in case it's a ghostly vision or something, but hopefully it'll be permanent, and something to do with Sami and EJ.

This is an opinion piece. Please share yours in the comments.

Best lines of the week:

Kate to Chad, "You're not Indiana Jones!"
Chad jokes, "That reminds me. I need my whip."

Justin asks Sonny, "What can you two do?"
Sonny to Justin, "Paul's a trained PI."
Justin retorts, "Deimos is a trained psychopath."

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- Christine Fix

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