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  • Thursday, July 20th, 2017

    Matthew Ashford shown on a monitor on the Days set could mean a return? image

    Howard Wise/JPI

    A photo was taken on the set of "Days of our Lives" recently which shows the monitor in the background with what looks like Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux) in a scene with somebody else (could it be the back of Jack's son JJ's (Casey Moss) head?). If it's not JJ it could be a flashback but Jack and JJ have never been in a scene before. Could the actor be returning as a ghost or a vision as he did in August in scenes with Jennifer? Or will Ron Carlivati bring Deveraux back alive? While Jack did die in an elevator shaft when it crashed to the bottom, he could rewrite that. Take a look at the photo. If anything concrete comes up, will update the Days comings and goings section. "Days" tapes five months in advance, so we may see this scene by the end of November.

  • Thursday, May 18th, 2017

    Ron Carlivati tweets Days inspiration board, leaving out some cast image

    Jill Johnson, John Paschal/JPI

    Could Bjorlin and Vilasuso be out at Days?

    New "Days of our Lives" scribe, Ron Carlivati, posted this photo board on his Twitter feed as inspiration while taking over for Dena Higley, who was fired earlier this year. The ex-"One Life to Live" and "General Hospital" head writer's material, which will be seen in July, sounds promising to many viewers who hope for less gloom and doom and repetitive storylines. Twitter readers and "Days" fans scrutinized the board and noticed that Carlivati left out two characters - Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) and Dario Hernandez (Jordi Vilasuso). Some fans are speculating that Carlivati purposely left these actors off the board because they've been let go. This is a possibility considering Chloe has, in the past, left Salem to head for Chicago to visit her son Parker (Christian Ganiere). Now that she has moved Parker to New York City to be with his grandparents, Nancy Wesley (Patrika Darbo) and Dr. Craig Wesley (Kevin Spirtas), she could be visiting them for a time. Nadia Bjorlin revealed she is pregnant with her second child in March and the baby is due in August, so that could account for the actress leaving the show either temporarily or permanently. Check out the tweet a few days later from Bjorlin below.

    As for Jordi Vilasuso, his character is having issues with immigration and there is talk of deportation. If Dario marries Abigail (Marci Miller) but they don't successfully appear as a loving couple, Dario could be sent back to Mexico, sending Vilasuso off the show. The last scenario that comes to mind is that he wasn't finished with the board and neither Bjorlin nor Vilasuso is off the show.

  • Friday, May 5th, 2017

    Rumor mill says Days' Brady needs a new heart image

    Jill Johnson/JPI

    Xander shot Brady, causing his lungs to collapse, which in turn put pressure on his new heart, donated by his best buddy, deceased Daniel Jonas. Word has it that Brady needs a new heart. If this is true, who will Brady get yet another heart from? Of course everyone has heard by now, the biggest rumor, that Deimos Kiriakis will be killed off, considering Vincent Irizarry is leaving Days of our Lives. Almost everyone in Salem hates Deimos and most wouldn't mind seeing him dead. As long as they share the same blood type, this could work, making it the second heart transplant on "Days" in less than 2 years.

    Since posting this, a few fans have speculated if Deimos isn't the one to give Brady a heart, could it be Nicole? Ari Zucker's leaving "Days," making it possible that Nicole is killed off and Greg Vaughan's contract is supposedly only for a few months. Maybe they will kill Eric off.

  • Friday, December 2nd, 2016

    Could Stefano DiMera have used Hope to kill himself? image

    Howard Wise/JPI

    Hope killed Stefano DiMera Friday January 8, 2016 by shooting him three times in the chest at the DiMera mansion. Though Hope, with Rafe and Roman's help, covered up Stefano's murder, Aiden planted a bug at SPD and overheard Hope and Rafe discussing Hope doing away with Stefano and the cover up. Initially, Aiden used the reveal to his advantage, hoping to get Hope back but when it didn't work, he backed off and gave her the recording. Somehow, Andre got a hold of a copy of the recording and aired it on the speakers at the Halloween party, forcing Roman to arrest Hope. A few weeks later, Judge Fitzpatrick gave Hope the maximum sentence of 25 years in prison with no possibility of parole.

    In the Friday December 2 episode of "Days," Rafe and Shawn worked together in order to find evidence to exonerate Hope in Stefano's murder. They asked for access codes to Stefano's computer so they can check on his email to ensure they didn't miss anything.

    Just when we thought the murder was cut and dry.

    Stefano was frail and confined to his wheelchair, but it was never revealed what his condition was. Could Stefano have been dying? Could he have used Hope - goaded her into killing him so that he didn't suffer a long drawn out death? If this is a possibility, how would it play out? Could he have emailed somebody to discuss it? And even so, Hope still pulled the trigger. But Hope can't stay in prison forever, so how could she possibly be exonerated? Only time will tell.

  • Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

    Days favorites return, pregnancies and secrets are revealed image

    Howard Wise/JPI

    A big wedding will happen this November in Salem, but a major return could bring it to a screeching halt. We hear a huge fan favorite is said to be coming back, could it be Will Horton? And if so, will Chandler Massey or Guy Wilson play the role? Others are speculating it's Matt Ashford as Jack Deveraux returning.

    Not only is Eric Brady returning to Salem, but his sister Sami may drop back in for a special event. When Eric returns he finds Nicole has forgiven him, and as the two discuss Daniel they find their old feelings are still there. However a newly single Brady finds himself drawn back to Nicole, and Nicole finds herself having to choose between two of her greatest loves.

    The truth about who Chloe's baby daddy is comes out and it's a shocker... it's Daniel! However it's not her child with Daniel, it's Daniel and Nicole's child and someone implanted the embryo in her. Deimos meanwhile learns he already has a son, and it may be someone he's met, Xander! The baby news keeps coming as Jade learns she's pregnant with Joey's child, which doesn't sit well with either of their families.

    Hope goes on trial for Stefano's murder and is found guilty and sent to prison. It's being whispered that in prison she is stunned to run into a familiar face.

    Deimos shows his ruthless side once he's settled into running Titan. One of the first things he does is cleans house and fires Brady, Justin and Philip.

    JJ and Laura both know the truth that Abby isn't dead, and both have been helping Andre hide her as they believe she's better off away from Chad. JJ's secret causes a rift between him and Gabi. Gabi continues to grow closer to Chad, and the two share a kiss.

    A little mole told us that Valerie Grant has a huge secret that includes Abe. Could Abe have yet another kid he doesn't know about?

  • Monday, May 30th, 2016

    Has Jen Lilley left Days? image

    Jill Johnson/JPI

    Rumors are circulating that Jen Lilley is leaving her role as Theresa Donovan at "Days of our Lives." With both Patsy Pease and Charles Shaughnessy returning to Salem later this year as her parents Kim Brady and Shane Donovan, some have speculated that Theresa may be getting killed off. However there is always the possibility they are returning for Theresa and Brady's wedding. Kimberly was last seen in 2015 trying to convince Theresa to move back to L.A. with her son Tate.

    As just reported, Kassie DePaiva is returning to Days as Eve Larson, Theresa's sister. She could be returning as part of Theresa's exit storyline.

  • Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

    Days' Ben murders Abigail? image

    Robert Scott Wilson has returned to "Days of our Lives," prompting fans to wonder if he'll kill Abigail before he heads back to the mental hospital or is buried six feet under. Kate Mansi has already left her role as Abigail and there's been a few casting calls for the role of Abigail Deveraux but some wonder if the casting call is an attempt to throw fans off the trail of what's really to come. Let us know if there's a specific actress from another soap you'd like to be cast in the role or if you think Abigail's a goner.

  • Thursday, February 18th, 2016

    Could Rebecca Herbst leave GH and join Days? image

    John Paschal/JPI

    As already reported, Rebecca Herbst is rumored to be leaving General Hospital. Herbst, who plays Elizabeth Webber on the ABC soap is in the midst of contract negotiations, so it's only natural that rumors would fly that she's going to be headed to another soap. Some are speculating that she's in talks to portray Abigail Devereaux on "Days of our Lives" since Kate Mansi recently vacated that role.

    Mansi is ten years Herbst's junior so would this even be a possibility?

  • Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

    Rumor has it...two major Days returns and someone elopes image

    Howard Wise/JPI

    Stefano DiMera (Joe Mascolo) will be seen again on "Days of our Lives" at some point.

    Chad and Abigail scrap wedding plans and elope.

    Daniel Cosgrove returns to "Days" but as Aiden?

  • Monday, January 4th, 2016

    Days of our Lives Rumors: Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well image

    Jill Johnson/JPI

    Eric dies when Maggie gives Daniel's heart to Brady.

    Marlena can't forgive Maggie.

    Nicole reverts to bad girl behavior and her old pal, the Dirty Martini, after Daniel's death.

    There's going to be another murder mystery in 2016.


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