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Monday, July 5th, 2010

Will learns a secret, Ari's out on bail, and the younger crowd heads to the beach.

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Kate finds Madeline at the door, demanding to know if Kate’s going to tell her secret. Kate’s not sure yet. Madeline has led Stefano directly to the one thing she never wanted him to find. Madeline begs Kate to keep quiet. Kate says if Stefano asks if she knows anything else incriminating she’d have to lie. "What kind of fool do you think I am, Maddie?" Madeline begs some more and reminds Kate they were friends once. Kate maintains she has to take time to consider it.


Chad, T and Will finish swimming at the beach and towel off on the shore. T goes off to find Kinsey. Chad tells Will about how his mother has always been on his back about his homework. Will shares that his got on him when he was failing algebra until Rafe stepped in. Chad chastises Sami for not being a good mother and Will stands up for Sami. Chad apologizes. He’s wrong and has been feeling strange lately, especially since Mia disappeared with a ten word text. T and Kinsey show up and want to check out a movie, but Gabi’s still in court because of her sister’s criminal activity. Will goes off to find her.


Outside the pub, Brady discusses Ari’s case with a private investigator. Brady asks the man to come up with the money clip and they’ll be set.


Ari and EJ discuss her case in her cell. She’s worried but he thinks Nicole’s involved and plans on proving it. A cop shows up and tells Ari her case is up. EJ leaves so she can dress and she frowns as she finds her engagement ring.


On the pier, Nicole is on a call with Dick talking about setting up Arianna. Rafe walks up. He overheard Ari’s name and thinks Nicole’s mixed up in the set up. Nicole reminds him that was a private conversation and has to leave to cover Ari’s arraignment.


Inside the pub, Shane tells Kimberly his mission from this point on is to take care of her and his family. Kimberly’s overwhelmed as she reads his resignation from the ISA. Her only regret during her bout with Leukemia was that they weren’t together but it’s too late. They talk more and agree to move forward and give it another try. Kimberly returns from saying goodbye to Caroline and introductions are made before Shane and Kimberly head back to L.A. Rafe makes a call to the FBI with a request not to be sent out of town for the near future as he has a personal matter to attend to in Salem.


Gabi and Rafe wait for Arianna outside the court room. Gabi heads inside while Rafe tries to stop Nicole from going after her. He’s sure her only hope is that Ari will get locked up so she can be with Brady. Nicole denies it. He goes inside and Nicole mutters, "I don’t get it. Some people never believe you no matter how many times you lie to them." EJ and Ari head inside while Nicole flashes back to EJ’s claims she’s setting up Arianna. A guard closes the doors in Nicole’s face. Later, Gabi happily runs out to call her mom to let her know Ari’s out on bail. EJ and a relieved Ari greet Nicole and EJ answers a few questions for Nicole. Rafe arrives during the interview and Nicole goes white while she flashes to EJ’s threat to uncover her part in the set up. Just as Brady arrives, EJ tells Nicole Ari’s bail was set at $300,000 which was high but he took care of it. They leave and Rafe and Brady discuss why Ari got mixed up with EJ for a lawyer. Rafe asks Brady to find a way to get through to Ari but Brady tells him about being set up for drug use and Ari didn’t believe his story. At least Nicole has faith in him. Rafe ponders that and leaves. Nicole muses about how cozy EJ and Ari are and tells him to move on. She leaves and Ari returns. He’d have gladly posted her bail but she reminds him he didn’t have complete faith in her. He reminds her it cuts both ways and teary eyed, she says she’s going to clear her name and tells him they need to cut all ties. She hands back the engagement ring. She loves him but it’s not enough. EJ returns and Brady thinks Ari should keep the ring to pay off her lawyer – the devil. EJ apologizes that Brady darkened her day and hopes she doesn’t think he’s the devil. Nicole returns and Ari leaves. EJ tells Nicole it’s his favorite pastime to see her squirm.


Gabi hangs up with her mother as she approaches Will on the pier. She fills him in on Ari’s arraignment and they agree to go the beach.


Will and Gabi wind up at the beach and Gabi shares Arianna’s news. T flirts with Kinsey as Chad sends Will off to the mansion to get food while he offers to help Gabi wakeboard.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Madeline reminds Kate she’s the one who got her into prostitution. She stole the tape for insurance and wonders if Kate hates her that much that she’d spill. Kate doesn’t hate her at all. They were good friends and one of Stefano’s best girls. She won’t purposefully bring up what’s on that document. Madeline’s thankful. Will shows up outside the door and overhears Kate say there’s no reason why anybody should know Maddie was a prostitute.


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