You Have My Word.

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Bill comforts Maggie, Melanie has a gift for Chloe, and Lucas doubts Chloe and Daniel will marry.

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Melanie plods into Chloe’s hospital room demanding to know what game Chloe’s playing. Chloe denies playing any games and asks if Melanie doesn’t remember what it was like being on drugs in the hospital on her wedding day. Melanie snorts. Chloe’s on antibiotics and that’s about it. Chloe says she’s happy Melanie found Daniel and that she’s so happy with Philip. Chloe opens up about her past in the foster home and that her foster parents sent her back to the orphanage when she wasn’t living up to expectations. Melanie’s saddened by it. She offers Chloe to use her necklace as ‘something borrowed’ and ‘something blue’ and threatens to treat her like dirt if she hurts Daniel.

By the nurse’s station, Daniel makes plans for the wedding. Maxine offers to help but he wants it low key. She wonders why. Isn’t this the happiest day of his life?! He says it is and since Chloe’s fragile right now, he wants to do what it takes to make her happy.


In Alice’s kitchen, Laura and Jennifer giggle over Mike’s old photos. Jennifer’s making a scrap book, saying Allie will help. Jennifer started to make this for Gran, but work and life got in the way. Jennifer’s not ready to say goodbye. Laura holds her, comforting her. Later, in the living room, Jennifer tells Laura, Bill and Marie that Mike’s flight was delayed two hours. They decide to make doughnuts. Will arrives and Jennifer tells the group that Mike’s almost there. They reminisce about Alice and Bill wishes he had more time with her. He wishes they lived closer but Jennifer reminds him Alice had a full life. Jennifer recalls Mike telling her about giving Gran flowers and everyone grows quiet.


At the mansion, Kate is shocked at the contents of one of Madeline’s envelopes. "Stefano can’t possibly know about this… can he?" Kate wonders what to do about this.


Stefano tells Madeline at the pier that he’ll return her personal issues – untouched and unread. "You have my word."


Kayla greets Caroline at the pub. Nathan and Stephanie are dining and Caroline and Kayla can’t recall a time when Caroline and Alice weren’t best of friends.

Outside the pub, Philip wants Lucas to stick around. Lucas can't do it and apologizes for being a downer at his wedding. Obviously he was wrong about Melanie because things are going great for them. Philip flashes back to discussing their betrayal with Chloe but tells Lucas everything’s terrific. Lucas mentions Chloe marrying Daniel and doesn’t think it’ll happen because Chloe consistently cheats. Philip ignores the comment and realizes he needs to get to the wedding.


Maggie and Melissa leave Maggie’s place while Chad arrives and tells Mia he’s definitely going to Salem U. Mia smiles and kisses him.


Philip arrives at the hospital and greets Melanie with a kiss. Daniel is happy that Melanie let Chloe borrow her necklace. They hug as Philip goes to see Chloe. She tells him the JP is a friend of Daniel’s and he’s marrying them today. Just then, Daniel, Melanie and the JP arrive. Chloe asks if Daniel wants this. He wonders how she could ask this of him. She asks for a moment with her groom and everyone files out while they profess their love for each other.

Outside Chloe’s room, Melanie asks Philip why Chloe’s being so strange about the wedding. Before Philip can answer, Daniel urges them to come into Chloe’s room. The wedding’s about to begin.

Carly arrives at the nurse’s station and realizes Chloe lied to her again after learning from Maxine that Daniel and Chloe are marrying right now. Maxine receives a call and interrupts the wedding to call the JP out. Later, Carly interrupts the wedding herself.


Maggie arrives to Alice’s place and cries. Bill comforts her.

In the kitchen, Melissa and Jennifer look at old photos and reminisce about Alice telling a young Jennifer that a real friend likes them for who they are, not for what she can give them.

In the living room, Will and Lucas discuss how Lucas doesn’t want his family living in the DiMera mansion. Lucas is sure Alice would agree.

Later, in the kitchen, Nathan thinks Bill should have Grandfather Tom’s medical bag. Bill thinks if Alice gave it to him, he should keep it. Bill remembers a special moment that Alice told Mike how proud Tom was of him and gave him Tom’s watch. Jennifer interrupts and happily tells them Mike should be there soon.


Stefano arrives to the mansion to tell Kate that they’re now out of Madeline’s life for good. Kate admits she’s not happy because she can’t see Lucas or be with the Horton family. She leaves. Will arrives later and Stefano gives him his regards about Alice. Will’s there to pick up some music for Gran and mentions that she hates that he lives there. Stefano laughs and says he’s not the same man that people think.


Madeline finds Chad on the pier. She tells him today’s the last date to put a deposit on his dorm room but he reminds her he’s not going. Madeline can see he means business and decides she’s happier he’s closer to her.


Madeline goes to Maggie’s place to talk to Mia about her past and future.


Kate arrives outside the pub and sees the Hortons inside. Lucas spots her and runs out to say hello. They discuss Alice and how the family came to get air. Kate refuses his invitation to go inside.

Inside the pub, Jennifer closes the scrap book and tells the family it’s done! Allie agrees to go with her to give it to Gran. Mike calls – he has arrived and she tells him Hope, Julie and Doug are with Gran. Bill, Kayla, Laura, Caroline, Stephanie, Melissa, and Maggie clap at the news that Mike's in Salem and Bill hugs Jennifer. He’s sure Mike will get to Gran in time…


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