He’s A Pretty Cool Guy.

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Kate poses as Madeline to get into her safe deposit box, Julie gives Sami advice, and Brady maintains he was set up.

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Sami finds Will on the pier. They discuss Alice and Sami thinks he’ll have to prepare himself to say goodbye. They cry and hold each other. Will gets mad after hearing the townhouse is ready to move back in but Sami’s staying at the manse so the kids can spend time with their father and for Will. He thinks she hopes to get closer to EJ and in a huff stomps away.


Maggie looks through an old photo album in her kitchen. Lexi calls her with news that Brady has been admitted with drugs and alcohol in his system. Maggie rushes to the hospital.


Nicole goes to Brady’s side and blames herself for his falling off the wagon. Brady didn’t drink or use drugs but doesn’t know what happened to him. He claims he was set up and tells her about the replica of his money clip and how he met somebody who had seen the original but that’s all he can recall. Lexi comes in to examine Brady while Nicole leaves the room, realizing Baker did this.

Nearby, Maggie bumps into Victor, who tells her he knows who is to blame for this. Maggie tells him to relax until she speaks with him. After all, she’s his sponsor. She knows how to deal with the situation. Victor trusts her. Maggie and Victor go to Brady’s side and he tells them he was set up. Later, outside Brady’s room, Victor notices that Maggie understands him more than most. He takes her hand…


EJ arrives in Ari’s cell. All the judges’ cases have been pushed back, so she has to stay in jail longer. EJ takes a call from Lexi and learns about Brady. She asks him to relay the news to Ari. After he does, Ari calls Brady. He swears he didn’t use but she asks how he let this happen.


Madeline and Charles discuss Chad going to Wake Forrest. Chad refuses. Charles thinks Chad wants to stay close to Mia. Chad finds Wake Forrest elitist and wants to be with his friends. He’s not going! He agrees reluctantly to meet them for dinner and leaves the pub. Charles admits it might be good to be able to keep an eye on Chad but Madeline can’t allow their son to associate with some of the kids in Salem. Madeline was going to give him bonds from her safe deposit box but worries Chad will think it’s a bribe. She decides this calls for desperate measures!


In the great room, Stefano gives Kate the key to Madeline’s safe deposit box. Kate gets the proper attire and Stefano wishes her luck before she goes. Later, Stefano paces.


Doug tries to get Julie to eat at Alice’s place, but she’s too sad. Alice has always been their rock. Julie flashes back to Alice telling her that she’ll always have a home with them. Julie isn’t ready to say goodbye. They hold each other as they cry. Sami, Sydney and Will show up and as Will goes to see Alice, Sami and Julie discuss Sami and Will’s argument. Julie thinks Sami is making a big mistake staying at the mansion with EJ who she calls an amoral pompous jerk and a criminal. Sami explains her reasoning and Julie asks how Rafe feels about this. Sami says they’re through. Julie calls EJ a rebound but Sami says they’re not romantic.

In the living room, Doug and Will discuss Will’s poor grades in school and his living arrangements. Will thinks Stefano must have mellowed over the years. Doug gasps as Will claims Stefano’s a pretty cool guy!

Back in the kitchen, Sami didn’t ask for Julie’s help and doesn’t want it. She asks for respect. Julie knows all about being a single parent but thought Sami had the backbone to handle single parenting on her own. Sami defends herself and says EJ has been supportive. Julie apologizes for her judgment and says Sami reminds her of herself.


Mia runs into Gabi and says she’s sorry to hear Ari is in jail. Gabi doesn’t buy it. Mia follows Gabi to the pier. She’d like to work things out between them. Gabi has no interest in being friends with Mia so Mia admits she treated her badly because of her love for Chad. Chad smiles as he overhears this and interrupts, saying that he’s staying in Salem this fall for Mia and his friends. Mia smiles. Gabi decides to accept Mia’s apology and both girls are baffled as to why Madeline won’t allow him to hang out with Will. He shares the story about finding the photo of Kate and Madeline and how he and Will vowed to get to the bottom of things.


Kate arrives at the bank incognito. She opens Madeline’s safe deposit box and overhears Madeline being greeted nearby, so stuffs the contents of the box into her bag and leaves. Meanwhile, the teller notices that Madeline has already signed in. Madeline goes pale and when she opens her safe deposit box, she finds it empty and yells for security.


Nicole arrives at Baker’s room and yells that she could kill him for what he did. Baker explains what went down. He had no choice.


Back at the mansion, Kate and Stefano find the tape. The camera pans to an envelope.


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Nicole yells at Dr. Baker, "If you hurt Brady like this one more time I will want your head on a platter."

Brady yells at Arianna, "I didn't do it!"

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