One More For My Baby.

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Father Matt can’t marry Chloe and Daniel, Brady is drugged, and Rafe escapes.

One More For My Baby. image

While Brady plays poker in the poker den, he’s drugged. Baker watches from outside and scampers away when Brady starts to feel ill and leaves. Baker watches as Brady winds up on the pier and passes out. Baker takes a swig of scotch, saying it’s a shame to waste. He pours the rest in Brady’s mouth and on his clothes and says, "One for my baby, and one more for the road."


Sami worries about why Rafe hasn’t returned to Salem to help his sister. Lucas calls and tells her about Alice Horton and Sami starts to cry. They hang up and EJ enters the great room. He heard the news and hoped to tell her himself. He offers to take Sami to see Alice. They sort out the children and before they leave, Sami apologizes for being a jerk earlier. She shouldn’t have kissed him.


Rafe and the guard struggle in his cell. Rafe knocks out the guard. Rafe and the other guard return and Rafe knocks that guard out too. He and Shane go their separate ways.

Elsewhere on the island, Anna wakes up and gets out of bed, hoping to get away from Stefano’s henchmen. She gets dressed and hears somebody coming so gets back into bed and feigns sleeping. A man enters her room and watches her. After he’s gone, Anna sighs in relief and weekly goes to the door. She opens the door, shocked by the person on the other side. Later, Rafe arrives, staggered to find Anna’s room empty.

On the pier, EJ talks to somebody about his concerns that Anna will spoil everything by talking.


At the hospital, Chloe and Carly exchange glances and Chloe says she and Daniel can’t marry. She needs to talk to Daniel alone, so everyone leaves. Father Matt arrives asking if he can help. Chloe wants to go to confession and receive absolution. Daniel leaves and Chloe admits her betrayal to Father Matt.

Outside Chloe’s room, Melanie finds the delay strange. Carly is worried that the couple are marrying too quickly before working out their issues. Carly and Melanie leave a nervous Philip alone to chat.


Stephanie and Nathan arrive at Alice’s place and greet Jennifer and Adrienne. Alice is sleeping more and more, Jennifer says and she and Nathan head upstairs. Stephanie whispers to Adrienne she’s not pregnant. Adrienne’s happy and brings up how she saw Philip earlier. He seemed a little off. Later, Jennifer and Nathan return. Alice is asking for Mickey, Nathan says, sadly. Sami and EJ arrive and Jennifer takes Sami upstairs. Nathan and Stephanie leave for work as EJ makes another call about Anna. Sami returns and notices EJ texting. She asks to see his phone and demands he tell her why he didn’t tell her Marlena’s townhouse is fixed. EJ hopes Sami will stay in the mansion for a while. Jennifer returns saying Alice is asleep. She notices how EJ and Sami are looking at each other and as EJ goes to take a call, they discuss the children. Jennifer’s surprised to learn Sami’s staying with EJ. Sami tells her about Rafe who she thought was ‘the one’. Jennifer goes off to make food while Sami wonders what advice Alice would give. Sami remembers Alice telling her if two people love each other that nobody can keep them apart. Alice says kindness and understanding are important. Sami says it’s too bad she blew a good thing with Rafe.

Outside, EJ makes a call to Stefano, asking if he can assure him Anna will keep her mouth shut.


At the pub, Carly worries Chloe has the potential to hurt Daniel and doesn’t think it’s a good idea to rush into a relationship. Carly offers to be the person Melanie relies on aside from Daniel. "Kinda like a mom."


Nathan and Stephanie arrive at the hospital and learn that Daniel is marrying Chloe today. Nathan’s face falls and he wonders why they don’t wait. Daniel goes to see Chloe again while Stephanie asks Philip why he looks like he wants to jump out of his skin! She worries something’s going on that’ll hurt her relationship with Nathan. Philip assures her it’s none of her business and everything’s fine.

Back in her room, Chloe tells Father Matt the whole sordid story of her betrayal and asks if he’d talk Carly out of ruining their lives. He can’t. He leaves and tells Daniel he can’t perform the marriage. Daniel goes to Chloe and confronts her.


Sami and EJ return home and EJ offers to have Harold pack for her. Sami thanks him for handling the contractor and paying for it and hopes it’s not too much trouble, because she’d like to stay.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Kate asks Stefano what the hell’s the matter with him.

Chloe calls Carly names.

Bo asks Nicole what the hell happened to Brady, who lies unconscious in the hospital.

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