Meryl Streep You Are Not.

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Sami worries about bonding with Sydney, Anna is poisoned, and Baker and Hope attack their next victim.

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At the manse, EJ attempts to work but worries about where Anna is. Sami hears Syd cry, so goes to get her. She returns with Syd, who won’t go down. EJ takes her to bed and returns shortly thereafter. Sami remarks that there’s a connection between him and Sydney and she’s jealous of this. EJ reminds her she has the rest of her life to build a relationship with Sydney. Sami bemoans her motherly skills with Will and says it’s hard to bond. EJ thinks she should be patient but Sami’s finding it rough. She thinks Sydney wishes she were Nicole. EJ and Sami tell each other what wonderful parents each other is.


On the island, Anna’s about to spill who was behind the Sydnapping when she has a coughing fit. Rafe thinks she’s stalling. “Meryl Streep you are not,” he says with a grin. Anna passes out into her food and Rafe calls 911. When they arrive and examine Anna, they ask if she took drugs. Rafe shakes his head but looks at the chocolate cake and realizes she was poisoned. Unconscious Anna is wheeled out.

Later, Rafe and Anna are at the hospital. The doctor agrees to examine the food Anna ate and says he has no prognosis at the moment. The doctor returns later on and tells Rafe that Anna was poisoned and she’s lucky to be alive.


Outside the mansion, Stefano takes a call from one of his henchman. “How long ago was it delivered?" he asks. Moments later, he learns that dinner didn’t sit well with Anna. It may just be her last one, he says with a chuckle. Stefano says not to worry. He’ll make sure Hernandez doesn’t find him. Later, he has gone into the great room and apologizes to Tony, saying it’s a move he had to make.


At Java Café, Arianna blasts Brady, thinking he’s addicted to Nicole. Brady’s insulted. Ari runs out on him as Kinsey walks in, asking with a sneer, what her problem was! Later, Brady leaves a message for Ari to call him back. She doesn’t answer, thinking he’ll never get Nicole out of his system. Nicole runs into Java and asks Roman if he has any leads on the mugger. He doesn’t give her a comment and talks about justice not being served with her getting out of prison. From nearby, Brady listens as Nicole lets Roman know she regrets the Sydnapping. He doesn’t believe her and warns her to stay away from his granddaughter. Nicole turns to Brady to ask him never to turn his back on her. He jumps up and rushes out and Kinsey tells Nicole not to worry. Brad’s in a bad mood after his diva girlfriend had a temper tantrum and ran out on him.


At the poker den, Hope listens in while Baker refuses to tell Nicole who his partner is. Nicole decides to drop it and Baker asks about their plan. Nicole says after she makes sure Ari has no alibi, she’ll be in touch. She leaves and Hope comes in and accuses Baker of conspiring with his old partner. She feels betrayed. Baker maintains he’s doing it to protect them but says he was humoring Nicole. He won’t really go through with this. Hope thinks Nicole’s a fool, thinking Brady’s an untrustworthy bastard who will only hurt her. Hope will never let another man ruin her life.


Maggie ends a call with Julie, saying she’ll see Alice tomorrow. She tells Mia that since Mickey died, Alice hasn’t been well. Mia suggests they bake cookies to bring to her. Maggie thinks that’s sweet and reports that the school called. She’s been cutting classes. Maggie knows Mia has suffered through more than people her age should have to, but it’s no excuse for being irresponsible. Mia tells Maggie of her plan to drop out of school and become a dancer in New York. She wants to get away from bad memories and start anew. Maggie thinks she’s running away. Mia admits it’s hard to see Grace all over town. Maggie holds Mia’s hand as she cries about leaving the pain and misery behind. Maggie says every corner of this house reminds her of her life with Mickey. She hears him call her name and half expects him to be sitting in the kitchen. If she moved away, this wouldn’t change, because he’s in her heart and you can’t run from what’s in your heart. With some prodding, Mia agrees to stay in Salem.

Nicole stands outside the pub and notices Ari’s light on. She calls her and asks to discuss her expose. Ari is off the clock and tells her not to call back. She’s shutting off her phone. They hang up and Nicole thinks everything is working out perfectly. Ari has trouble sleeping.

Nicole arrives back at Java Café and calls Ari back. She leaves a message for her to return her call. She has a brilliant idea and can’t wait to share it with her. She calls Baker and tells him to plant the evidence tonight. Baker leaves when Hope arrives.

Nicole goes to Brady at the Kiriakis mansion and tells him Ari seems really on edge. He says they had an argument and calls Ari. Meanwhile, Ari realizes she can’t sleep until she resolves things with Brady.


Roman locks up at the Brady pub and walks into the night, where Hope hits him over the head.


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"Why is this happening? Why are you doing this?" Ari asks Brady.

"I have my reasons," Hope assures Dick.

"I need an ambulance at the Brady pub. Commander Roman Brady has been attacked," Carly tells the 911 operator.

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