It's Like Paris Hilton as a Life Coach!

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Kate reveals that she has a problem with Chad’s parents, while Chad’s mother fears the DiMeras could ruin everything, and Arianna tries to get the story on EJ’s attack.

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At the police station, Roman tells Hope that he wants this case solved, as Hope adds EJ's name to the victim list. Hope asks Roman how Kimberly is, and Roman wonders whether she’s talked to Bo. Hope says she hasn't heard from him and when Roman walks away, Hope’s sleeping pills fall to the ground. Julie walks in and asks about the pills, but Hope explains that they're for her insomnia, and pleads with Julie not to worry. She thanks her and Doug for taking care of Ciara, but admits that she's having problems with Ciara. She tells Julie not to believe Ciara if she claims that Justin is her new daddy. Julie thinks that Hope may be the cause of the problems, but Hope reassures her that Ciara has her full attention. Julie tells Hope to put her daughter first or she’ll regret it. Julie says things are different for Ciara because of her parents' separation. Julie asks about Justin, and Hope says he's a big help but they're not romantically involved. Julie suggests that Ciara wants to see her mom with a man. Hope is not ready to be with anyone and asks Julie to let her know if Ciara says anything insightful. Julie hugs her goodbye.

While asleep in his room, Dr. Baker recalls Hope mugging EJ. He wakes to find Nicole as a TV reporter and exclaims, "It's like Paris Hilton as a life coach!" He glances at the cash on his bed and praises EJ. He tells himself he must find out more about Hope.


At the Java Café, Arianna informs Nicole that the zoo is her next assignment. Nicole refuses, and they both get messages about EJ's attack. Nicole marvels that his ex-wife should get the story. Arianna slips that she spent time with EJ, and knows that EJ won’t let her have the interview. Nicole threatens her to convince EJ to give her the interview, or she’ll tell their boss to replace her. Arianna leaves to get started, and Nicole sighs, "Oh EJ, you so owe me this."

In EJ’s hospital room, EJ tells Lexi that he’s going to make whoever did this to him pay. Lexi warns him that Hope will be here to take his statement and not to hold out on her. EJ tells her he doesn’t remember anything, except he’s sure there was more than one person there, and he won’t stop until he finds them.


At the DiMera mansion, Kate asks Will who’s coming over and when Will mentions Chad Woods, Kate gets anxious. She says she has a problem with Chad’s parents. She reminds Will that his father tried to convict her of poisoning Chloe, and the Woods want to bring her down since she’s a DiMera now. Kate insists, "We need to stick together," but Will reminds her he's not a DiMera. Kate reminds him they're still family and he should be careful too.


At the pier, Chad’s mother hands him the keys to her car so that he’s able to attend his study group. Chad gets a call from Mia who informs him that they’re meeting at Stefano’s house. Chad’s mother overhears and asks for her keys back because she doesn’t want him near the DiMeras. Chad asks why she freaks out every time she hears the DiMera name, and wonders if she has something against Stefano’s wife. His mom says Chad hanging out with a DiMera wouldn’t look good politically. Chad calls Will and explains that his mom doesn’t want him there, so Will says to meet at the Java Cafe. Chad hugs his mother and leaves. Chad’s mother tells herself, "The DiMeras could ruin everything, even after all these years."

At the hospital, Nicole sends Arianna to soften EJ up. Lexi walks by and mutters that Nicole has a hell of a nerve to show up. Nicole says she’s there to do her job and tells Lexi to get off her high horse.

EJ welcomes Arianna into his room and thanks her for visiting. Arianna tells him when he finds out why she's there, he’s going to throw her out. Arianna explains that she's there for an interview, but the TV host is Nicole. Arianna warns him that Nicole might make things up if he refuses the interview. Arianna sincerely apologizes and starts to leave but EJ tells her to send Nicole in.

Outside EJ’s room, Arianna tells Nicole EJ will do it, but warns her not to treat EJ the same way she treated Abe. Nicole walks into EJ’s room and gloats that it’s her turn for Salem to hear what she has to say about EJ. Arianna tells Nicole this interview is over! Nicole agrees to play nice so they start rolling. She asks what EJ remembers, and EJ says that there was more than one person involved, and he won’t stop until he tracks him down. EJ says the man was familiar, and thinks this person was Nicole’s acquaintance.


At the Cheatin' Heart, a man named Bernie threatens Dr. Baker. He wants the money owed to him. Dr. Baker promises that he’ll have the money soon, and offers Bernie $500. He later wonders where "dark haired lady" is.


At Java Café, Chad tells Mia that study group has been moved there. Will observes that the others aren’t there. Mia happily says it’ll be the three of them. Will excuses himself to try to reach the others. Mia suggests she and Chad ditch Will but Chad coldly tells her he doesn’t want to hang out with her. Mia goes to help a customer as Will returns. Chad tells him that Mia was playing both of them and they agree that Mia’s not as sweet as she seemed. Mia senses they’re talking about her and vows to get Chad back.


Mrs. Woods arrives at the DiMera mansion and warns Kate to stay away from her family. She tells Kate to keep Will away from Chad, or she'll make sure her life with Stefano comes crashing down. Kate knows she can do that.

At the doctor’s office, Hope asks for another prescription but the doctor hesitates. Hope explains that she dropped the pills on the floor and reassures him she’s not addicted. The doctor hands her the prescription. Hope says the pills are actually working since she wakes up feeling great.

At the pier, Hope makes a call to the station. Dr Baker walks by and tells her she’s a sight for sore eyes, but Hope asks if she knows him.


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Rafe tells Sami that EJ doesn’t just want his kids.

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