You're Not My Friend.

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Max returns home to visit Melanie, Nicole realizes Anna is the kidnapper, and EJ starts to panic.

You're Not My Friend. image

On the pier, Carly’s surprised that Hope agreed to try to get Melanie to listen to reason. Carly is floored that Hope agreed to do this on her behalf. She has a good heart and is a woman of integrity and Carly knows that’s why Bo loves her so much. Bo is taken aback. Carly says she’s not fishing and in response, he takes her in a passionate kiss, and then tells her she’s important to him. She’s the one he needs. He has a history with Hope but things change. People outgrow each other.


Hope goes to Melanie’s hospital bedside to discuss the shooting – as a friend. Melanie says, "You’re not my friend." Hope rephrases. She’s not there as an officer of the law and encourages Melanie not to discount Carly and send her to jail. Melanie can’t believe Hope’s defending the woman having sex with her husband. Hope says Carly would never intentionally hurt her but Melanie reminds Hope that Carly gave her away. Hope thinks Melanie’s doing this out of spite and is sorry for what she has been through in the past. Melanie thinks Carly’s got to pay for giving her to sadistic Trent.


Max arrives home to the pub to Caroline, shocked to hear Carly Manning’s Melanie’s mother and shooter. He wishes he could have been here sooner. He’s there for a few hours and then off to a medical conference in San Diego. Caroline urges him to see Melanie, now.


Nicole scours the floor of the jail with a toothbrush when the guard drops a pail in front of her. Nicole begs for a sponge but Mrs. McTavish feels this is appropriate punishment for beating on Tiffany and takes a photo of Nicole for kicks. When Mrs. McTavish calls Nicole sweet pea, it strikes something in her memory about the kidnapper. She sees Anna’s face and wonders why she thought of Anna. She flashes back to Anna always going on her little trips and calling Sydney sweet pea and realizes Anna was definitely the one who kidnapped Sydney!


EJ plays with Sydney at home while Sami paces. EJ tries to get her to discuss what’s wrong. Sami wonders how she’s going to get Rafe to focus on them again. If Rafe can find out who kidnapped Sydney, it’ll go a long way toward helping their relationship. EJ’s face falls when she admits he’s got a good lead and he tries to undermine Rafe’s ability as an FBI officer.


Anna gets on the plane to San Jose, Costa Rica. Missing Sydney, she searches her bag for her photo and panics when she doesn’t find it. She might have left it at the cottage. If it’s found and she goes down, she’s taking EJ with her. There’s a delay with the flight and Anna becomes increasingly anxious.


Rafe and Agent Clarke break down the door at the chalet, which is covered in cobwebs as though it hasn’t been used. Rafe calls Sami and asks her and EJ to join them.

Sydney, EJ and Sami arrive at the chalet and Rafe tells them this is the only structure in the vicinity of a cell tower that the phone calls to EJ came from. EJ doesn’t think it’s proof that the kidnapper was here and thinks Rafe’s trying to torment them! Rafe denies that and asks if they recognize anything. Neither recognizes anything and EJ calls it a waste of time. Mr. Toppits, the caretaker, arrives and Rafe questions him. The man looks at EJ and then tells Rafe that nothing out of the ordinary has happened recently. He leaves and EJ calls this a dead end and tries to convince them that whoever did this is long gone. They should be happy to have Sydney back. Rafe tells them they’ll catch the kidnapper. It’s only a matter of time. EJ’s mouth is set in a grim line when they leave.


Back at the pier, Bo and Carly discuss Melanie when Hope pops up, saying that she spoke with Melanie. It’s personal. Melanie’s determined to punish Carly. Hopefully, says Hope, one day Melanie will realize the truth. Bo says he’s off to the station to talk to Gus to see if he can cut a deal and give them Vivian. He leaves and Hope tries to reassure Carly that Melanie could change her mind. Carly thinks that’s kind of her but she thinks it’s best if she goes to jail. She’s going to plead guilty. Hope reminds her it’ll be a long time before she gets out of prison. Carly says if she’s out of the picture, she’s certain Hope and Bo can find their way back to each other. Hope feels she’s being patronized and tells Carly to go straight to hell.


Melanie drops her magazine on the floor of her hospital room and when she’s retrieving it with her back turned from the door, somebody enters the room. She thinks it’s Hope and starts yelling but when she turns around, she sees it’s Max and jumps into his arms, hurting her chest in the process. Max laughs. She’s as bratty as ever. He gets her back into bed and she wants to know all about how he and Chelsea are. Max says they’re fine and wants to discuss Carly and Daniel being her parents. Melanie explains the news and they hug and agree they still feel like siblings and love each other. They banter and Max tells her she’s loyal, sweet, and on the right track to a wonderful life. They discuss Carly and Max thinks Melanie should cut Carly some slack. Melanie pouts and says if he’s going to defend Carly, he can leave!


Sami, Syd and Rafe arrive home. Rafe’s got to head back to work but Sami gets him to stay and visit with Sydney. They’re a family, she says, while they grin at one another. Rafe promises there will be justice for them all.


EJ arrives home to a call from Anna, telling him her flight has been delayed. He yells that she needs to get out of the country, now! She tells him there are mechanical issues and EJ panics. She wonders if something has happened. EJ tells her Rafe Hernandez found the cottage. Anna starts to hyperventilate. What happens if Rafe finds something? EJ says if she’s got to ask, she’s dense. If Rafe finds a clue in the cottage, they’re both history. Anna learns the flight’s about to take off and they hang up.


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Carly tells Hope, "This is about what must be and will be."

Nicole is on the phone with Anna, "It's Nicole. Long time no talk."

Nathan says, "You need to tell me exactly what was in this letter, Stephanie."

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