That Little Green Gecko.

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Gabi agrees to go to the Olympics with Chad, a woman who picked up the ransom is brought into Salem PD, and Hope learns Bo removed his wedding band.

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Rafe tells Sami that his stake-out team is still at the pier, watching. Sami worries that the kidnapper will see them, putting Sydney’s life at stake. Rafe can’t trust the kidnappers to return Sydney, once they’ve taken the ransom money.

In the foyer, EJ calls Anna’s cell phone but can’t reach her. She has left her cell at home, while she is out.

EJ goes into the great room and Sami fills him in on their conversation. He agrees with Sami. Rafe learns his team found a woman at the pier, going for the money. Sami grins widely, but EJ looks worried.

At the pier, we see a brown glove clad female hand pick up the ransom.


Bo receives news about Sydney’s case and when Melanie arrives at the pub, he flashes back to Carly telling him her daughter hates her, and approaches Melanie, saying she has people in her corner such as him, Maggie and Carly. Melanie scoffs when he says ‘Carly’. Why does she care? Carly’s a doctor and Melanie wants to be a nurse. Carly feels connected to her. Melanie says she quit. Bo thinks Carly wants to be Melanie’s friend, though Melanie can’t figure out why. She refuses to give her a chance. Carly killed one husband and stole Hope’s. She runs out and Bo grins. She’s so much like her mother.


Philip goes to Carly at the hospital. Melanie won’t take her calls, so she asks him to apologize to Melanie. She doesn’t want Melanie to think she’s in the way of building a career in nursing. Philip agrees to pass the apology along. He changes the subject, asking if she’s proud of herself for taking Bo from Hope. "You had your sights locked in on him way before Salem," he says, confusing her. She insists that’s not true.

Later, Justin chats with Philip about fundraising, but Philip’s mind is on Carly’s destroying Bo and Hope’s marriage. Justin says they had a little to do with that. Philip wonders if anyone in the family has a shot at marriage.


At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian says Carly’s secret won’t be a secret for much longer. Hope’s intrigued. Vivian hesitates but admits she overheard Bo say Carly had her sights set on Bo before she returned to Salem. Hope wonders how, but Vivian says the details are vague. Hope surmises that Vivian’s making it up but Vivian insists this is Carly’s big secret. Hope doesn’t believe her. She should stay out of Hope’s affairs.


Mia arrives at Java and watches Chad invite Gabi to the Olympics. When Chad leaves the table, Mia stops by Gabi’s table to say Chad only asked her to the Olympics to make her jealous. Gabi doesn’t believe it. Mia asks why. He’s charming and could sell life insurance to that little green gecko. Later, Mia sits with Will and watches as Gabi tells Chad excitedly that her mother gave her permission to go to the Olympics with him. She looks at Mia, smugly. T and Kinsey arrive and while the girls go off to discuss clothing for the trip, Chad tells T that it looks like he and Mia are history. Gabi returns and says she had aspirations as a kid to become a figure skater. Chad wanted to be a swimmer but needed water wings, he says, laughing. Nearby, Mia tells Will she’s got to return home to get a book. She makes a production out of telling Will she’s glad they’re back together and kissing him. Chad watches.


Sami, Rafe and EJ arrive at Salem PD. The Feds have interviewed the kidnapper. She has no id, but claims her name is Marian O’Brien. They’re checking the federal database and taking her fingerprints. EJ calls Anna under the guise that he’s asking if some of his men heard of the name. Sami goes to see who the kidnapper is. She has seen her in passing, but EJ hasn’t. "I’ve seen her a bunch," says Sami. Ms. O’Brien’s in a holding cell while they check her out. She works at the warehouse near the pier and that’s why Sami has seen her there so often. EJ angrily tells Rafe that the FBI has made a mess of everything. If they don’t see Sydney again, it’s all on Rafe and the FBI, he tells Sami. Later, Rafe says Ms. O’Brien’s story checks out. She was away when Sydney was taken. There are photos to prove this. She’s never had a criminal record so they had to let her go.


Carly goes to Bo at home, angry that he lied about their affair. He had to in order to get Vivian off the track of Melanie. Carly wishes he wouldn’t have done this but realizes it has ensured Melanie’s safety. Hope arrives and asks why Bo didn’t tell her the whole truth about Carly returning to Salem for him. He apologizes. Hope didn’t think the betrayal could get much worse. Their marriage has been a lie, she says, sadly. Carly tries to tell her the truth but Bo cuts her off. He’s sorry Vivian felt compelled to hurt her with this. Hope notices his wedding ring is off. Bo tries to explain but Hope’s already half out the door.


Anna arrives home after going shopping for supplies. She realizes she left her cell phone at home and texts EJ to tell him everything’s fine.


Melanie happily finds Philip at the pub. She unloads about her conversation with Bo. "He wants his weird mistress to be my friend." Philip is surprised. "Carly?" Later, Melanie admits she’s starting to get into wedding plans and wants a bigger wedding. Vivian comes upon them and begs to help. She lays it on thick. "You’re just like the daughter I never had."


Hope is crying at the mansion when Justin arrives. He listens to her story and holds her, asking what he can do to make the pain go away? Hope kisses him but backs off. She’s not ready. Justin says Bo doesn’t deserve her. "I don’t want to hurt you," says Hope. Justin isn’t worried. For her, he’ll do anything.


Back at Bo’s place, he checks in on the kidnapping case and Carly apologizes for what went down. Bo says Hope made her bed. She has to lie in it. He intends to keep his promise to keep Carly safe.


Mia goes to Grace’s grave with flowers. She misses her and is sure if her dad got to know her, he’d miss her, too. She cries that Chad likes another girl. She knows now she’s not over him. Though it’s wrong to like Chad and Will, she can’t help wanting them both. "I can’t lose another person in my life."

Back at Salem PD, Rafe thinks the kidnappers are trying to screw with them intentionally. A fax comes in. "You brought in the Feds. You will never see Sydney again." Sami cries.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Hope wonders if her marriage was ever worth saving.

After seeing Melanie lying on the pier with blood on her, Carly screams to Vivian, "What did you do?" She runs to Melanie’s side and grabs her and cries, "No! No baby..."

Sami asks, "What is she going to do to my little girl?"

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