Mickey Horton Dies.

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Carly and Vivian get stuck in an elevator, Mickey Horton dies, and Will breaks up with Mia.

Mickey Horton Dies. image

Carly ends up on the same elevator as Vivian. They get stuck and while Carly hyperventilates, Vivian taunts her. She should have buried her good and dead! Vivian enjoys small spaces but can see Carly is claustrophobic from the time she was buried alive by Vivian. Carly admits to Vivian that she killed Lawrence because he was a monster. He learned from the best - Vivian. Vivian says if she doesn’t want to find herself really dead this time, she’d better get off the elevator, now. Vivian tells Carly she’ll see her in hell and leaves her in there. The elevator gets stuck again and Carly starts to scream for help. She flashes back to being buried alive. The maintenance man is outside working on getting her out of the elevator while Vivian walks off, munching potato chips, happily.


At the pub, Bo congratulates Justin on taking Hope. "You kissed my wife." Justin thinks the way Bo’s characterizing it isn’t fair but he’s done being the good guy. Now that Bo’s going after Carly. Justin admits Hope came to him asking him to file separation papers but he refused. It’d have been unethical. If Bo loved her, he might have waited a few days for a turnaround but instead, he kissed Carly and only has himself to blame for his marriage breaking up.


Hope arrives at Maggie’s place. She doesn’t answer so Hope lets herself in and starts chatting about the cruise and how excited she is to show her the star charts she got for their trip. Upon noticing Maggie’s tears, Hope asks what’s wrong. Maggie says he was upstairs packing and she checked in on him. She just spoke with him minutes before. He was so happy about the cruise and taking time off to be together. "Maggie what happened?" Maggie tried CPR over and over but she couldn’t stay. She wasn’t brave enough. Hope’s face falls and she whispers. "Brave enough?" Maggie says he’s gone. Since she works in a hospital, she knows when somebody’s beyond help. She hopes it was quick and that he wasn’t in any pain. She breaks down and Hope asks if it’d be okay if she went upstairs. It’s fine, but Maggie can’t do it. She already held him in her arms and said goodbye. Does Hope think he’d be upset that she didn’t have the courage to go back up? Hope doesn’t think so and slowly makes her way upstairs. Hope returns in tears. She has called 911. Uncle Mickey looked very peaceful. She gives her condolences and they hug, sobbing. Later, the paramedics have arrived and wheel out Mickey’s body. Maggie holds his hand before they take him away and notices he’s missing his ring. She sees it on a table with his glasses and puts it back on him. He never leaves the house without it on, she cries. "I love you my darling. I always will," she says, before he is taken away. Hope stands by, in tears, while Maggie breaks down. "What am I going to do?" Hope offers to make some phone calls and tell the family, because Maggie can’t do it. Maggie worries about Alice. She’s so frail. They can’t tell her! Maggie sobs, "She’ll never be able to take it." Hope knows they’ve got to do it and calls Alice and makes plans to come right over. After she hangs up, she sees she has missed a call from Bo. Maggie says she’s got to call Melissa and Sarah.

In another room, Will confronts Mia about what he overheard with Gabi. Mia won’t tell him the truth so he goes after Gabi with Mia trailing him.


At home, Sami insists she’s not keeping secrets from Rafe. Rafe says EJ thinks he’s above the law. They’ll get Sydney back in spite of EJ. Sami’s confused. Rafe says facts are, Sydney could have been back in her arms if it weren’t for EJ. He’s not blaming the DiMera’s but knows they’ve got enemies. There hasn’t been a ransom note yet and it’s strange. Sami is about to tell Rafe about the ransom note when Bo arrives. Sami leaves the room and Bo says there’s no new information from his end. "We’re flying blind," he says. Rafe mentions the lack of a ransom note.r


Anna opens her door to find EJ who wonders what on earth she's doing? He takes Sydney and tells Anna he gave her strict instructions and she disobeyed him. The deal is off unless she follows his instructions. Anna explains she heard a strange noise and was checking on it. EJ’s angry that she took his daughter straight into harm’s way. Anna blasts EJ for treating her like an idiot. She was there for him when Tony died and again when she heard Nicole took Sydney. EJ says she’s being rewarded handsomely but she points out that money should have been hers anyway. If this goes off without a hitch, EJ tells her she’ll get the money. He snuggles with Sydney for a while and tells her he’s missed her, then comments to Anna that the boots she wore were a nice touch. They pointed at Kate. Anna puts Sydney down and EJ calls Sami, saying there’s been no word from the kidnapper yet. EJ talks Sami out of telling Rafe the truth by manipulating her to thinking it’s all up to her, as Sydney’s mother. They hang up and Anna returns with Sydney, laughing at Samantha, the ingrate. How did Sami turn out the way she did with all the attention lavished on her? Sydney deserves better from her parents, Anna says. EJ says she will. "Sure, now that you’ve turned your back on that woman and your father." EJ tells Sydney not to listen to her bitter auntie and says daddy misses her a lot. Anna starts making plans to go to Bora Bora and EJ laughs that she’d return to that hideous dream house. She loves spending time with Sydney, but wants to know when this’ll be over. It’ll be over when EJ says it is and starts singing Twinkle Twinkle to Sydney.


Mia and Will arrive at Java but Gabi’s not there. Will says Mia won’t lie to her again. He won’t let it happen. They’re through. He breaks up with her.
Back at the hospital, Bo helps the maintenance man open the door to the elevator as he’s walking by and out pops Carly, freaking out. He holds her.


Bo and Carly are in her room drinking beer while Carly explains what went down in the elevator with Vivian. Bo can’t believe she let Vivian know the truth. She feels as though she’s weak but she’s not. She’s the same Carly Manning he fell in love with. They start making out.

Later, at Sami’s place, Rafe says Bo went to the hospital to look into a lead. He asks what it was she was going to tell him, before Bo arrived. She was going to tell him he’s not missing anything.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Melanie walks into Maggie’s place and noticing the morose mood of Doug, Julie and Maggie, asks who died.

Philip asks Vivian what she’s up to now.

Bo tells Carly. "We're together now. That's all that matters."

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