I Can Tell When You're Lying - Your Lips Move!

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Hope prepares to put money into Dean's account, Stephanie throws her ring at Philip and Arianna breaks up with Brady.

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At the pub, Hope gets a lead on the kidnapping case about Brenda. Dean worries and Hope says she knew somebody else in Salem. According to Intel, the owner of the hotel she was staying at saw her kissing an unidentified man. Dean would like to handle this part of the case himself – for Ciara. Hope reminds him he’s still on medical leave, but he insists so she allows it. She happily tells him he’s going to get the reward money as well. Dean tries to tell her to keep it but she won’t hear of it. He wishes he could do something for her and Hope smiles. There could be something.


Philip goes to Bo and finds out the manager of the hotel they stayed at made the sex tape but Melanie had nothing to do with it. Philip is doubtful but learns the man had a partner but it wasn’t Melanie, who was a victim as much as he was. Stephanie arrives worried and looking for her parents but Bo’s a little busy and inclines his head toward the living room where Philip stands. Bo leaves them alone to check on Ciara and Stephanie gives Philip back his ring, by throwing it on the floor! He still loves her and says that’s why he gave it all up. She believes his motives were more selfish. Bo returns to the room and admits she’ll never love anyone as much as she loves Philip, but she can’t be with him. Bo hugs her close.

Hope and Dean arrive and greet Stephanie and Bo, who is upset when he learns that Hope’s wiring the five million into Dean’s account, today. Stephanie thanks Dean for all he has done and Bo takes her home. Hope apologizes for Bo’s behavior and Dean becomes nervous as Hope says Ciara’s remembering more about the kidnapping. She goes off to get Ciara while Dean starts flicking his Zippo lighter, thinking he must be home free. When Ciara arrives in the room and hears the sound of the Zippo flicking, she runs into Hope’s arms, calling "Mommy!"


Melanie breaks down into Brady’s arms at the hospital over the sex tape and her humiliation. Melanie thinks Arianna’s lucky to have him.


Arianna arrives at the mansion to get to know Victor, but he’s not interested, after what he learned today about her real job – the one his poor unsuspecting grandson knows nothing about. When Victor accuses her of dealing in cocaine, she denies it. He has no intentions of having her arrested but forces her to break up with Brady. He leaves and she runs to the door, saying she can’t do it right now, but bumps into Brady on his way in. They discuss Melanie and how she’ll need their support and Arianna blasts him for having a need to take care of broken women. Today it’s Melanie and before that it was his ex-wife and Nicole. He’s obsessed. Brady’s confused and says he cares for her. She sees his co-dependent nature and needs a break from him. Brady doesn’t believe a word she’s saying and she starts to cry. She spoke with her ex-boyfriend today and realized she still has feelings for him. Brady remembers she called this guy a druggie but Ari says he sounds a lot better and hates Brady’s holier than thou attitude he has. It's getting on her nerves. He mentions their night of passion and she struggles not to cry as she says the sex was great but she’s done with him. Brady tells her to get out and once she leaves, she bawls.


Nicole goes through Dick’s letter and happily shreds it. She feels home free until Sami shows up. Nicole left a toy of Sydney’s at her house. Sami admits she asked Rafe why he’s so against their friendship but he won’t say why. Nicole says they simply dislike each other and Nicole thinks he’s trouble, even though he has been there for Sami. Nicole calls him shifty, sneaky and manipulative. "You need to get a restraining order," suggests Nicole, much to Sami’s surprise. Nicole worries Rafe will hurt Sami but Sami’s not ready to hear that and apologizes but she’s got to leave. Nicole tells Sydney’s photo that she did what she did so they could be together.


Rafe visits Sister Theresa and they discuss Grace. Rafe hopes she can help them find out what really happened to Grace. Sister Theresa recalls the night of Grace’s birth and when Rafe shows her a photo of Nicole, Sister Theresa remembers her as Mary. Rafe’s puzzled when Theresa says Mary’s the reason that Sami had her baby at the clinic in the first place! Mary told her about the Fairway Clinic, before Sami gave birth, and assumes she had planned to have her baby there as well. Theresa saw her again after she had her own baby, to thank Theresa and to see Grace. Rafe asks if Theresa will be there for a few hours and when she replies in the positive, he tells her he’ll have the answer to all of his questions, soon.


Melanie arrives at home, shaken and upset. She flashes back to an earlier conversation with Nathan and when he walks in the door, she’s close to tears. She worries he hates her. He doesn’t. He feels for her and thought she’d be honest with him but thinks that’s a foolish assumption. Melanie thought they were bonding and says it’s not what he thinks but Nathan is sure he doesn’t know her and that she probably doesn’t know herself. Melanie breaks down in sobs as Nathan walks away.

Later, Philip arrives at Maggie’s place and Melanie opens the door…


Rafe shows up at the manse and when Nicole answers the door, he asks if her clueless husband isn’t around. Nicole thought they were through but he has news for her. They’re just getting started! He thinks it’s brilliant for Nicole to get Sami to leave her own place in order for her to go through Sami’s mail. He knows all about her and her world’s coming crashing down. Nicole calls him a troubled soul and will pray for him to find somebody to help him turn his sorry life around. Rafe thinks they can pray together with a mutual friend of theirs – Sister Theresa. Nicole maintains her cool but Rafe says he can tell when she’s lying. "Your lips move!" Nicole thinks he’s bored and needs to trace all phantom clues to keep busy but Rafe says her lies are catching up to her. Rafe relays the details of his discussion with Theresa and Nicole accuses the nun of lying but Rafe doesn’t think so! Rafe wants her to accompany him to the convent. Either he calls Sami and EJ or she goes with him.


Roman comes to see Sami at her request and she tells him about what’s going on with Rafe. She’s still in love with Rafe but hopes Roman can be more objective and asks if what Nicole says about Rafe sounds right. Unfortunately, it does, says Roman.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Justin tells Bo he took a huge risk when he went rogue with the ransom money.

Ciara whispers to Hope, "It's him!"

Sami asks EJ, "Did she ever talk to you about Rafe?" EJ asks why she’d do that.

Nicole tells Rafe, "I'm innocent, get it? Whatever you think I did, I didn't."

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