Friday, August 21st, 2009

EJ wants genetic testing done, Theo tries to articulate that he saw Ciara being led off and Melanie decides not to tell Stephanie the truth.

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At the mansion, Melanie isn’t surprised that Philip went back on his word. She thinks this is his default setting to seduce her and then dump her. He’s a wuss for not telling Stephanie and she asks what else she can do for him while she’s there. "Vacuuming?" Stephanie interrupts and noticing Melanie’s tears, Stephanie asks if she’s alright. Melanie’s happy they’re getting back together, she says. Stephanie says it’s too soon to discuss that. They’re taking things very slowly. Stephanie wonders what’s really going on between Philip and Melanie, considering Melanie’s not the person Philip usually confides in! Melanie says Stephanie deserves to know the truth. She brings up Nathan and thinks Stephanie’s leading him on. Stephanie denies it. They’re friends. Melanie mocks Philip for a while and then takes off. After she leaves, they discuss getting back together. Philip gets a call from Victor. He appears worried about him and Stephanie notices. Philip wishes he didn’t have to deal with Ciara and Philip leaving the family, simultaneously. With a promise to call him later, Stephanie leaves. Philip makes a call to Melanie.


Melanie goes to the pub and tells Arianna exactly what happened with Philip, Stephanie and her. Arianna asks if she’s going to tell Stephanie, considering Philip won’t. Melanie rants that she didn’t tell Stephanie the truth and Arianna thinks that’s a good thing. Melanie takes a call from Philip, who asks if she can return to the mansion.


Rafe speaks with Sarah at Brookside and she says Dr. Baker was an excellent doctor, but something was off with him and his patients sometimes. Rafe presses her for more information so she says the doctor was evasive and the files were incomplete. He saw rich women and young naive, insecure women. Rafe asks if she's heard of Nicole Walker. She hasn’t and is uncomfortable with the line of questioning. Rafe’s asking out of love, he says, and something bad happened here. They’ve got to make this all right. She agrees and gives him the password to get into the computer. "Trifecta." Rafe logs in and finds Nicole’s information but it is mostly deleted. Rafe finds out Nicole delivered her baby there and she remembers that night. Rafe shows a photo of Nicole but Sarah doesn’t remember her. She does remember EJ. Rafe flips through his photos and Sarah stops him when he comes to Sami’s photo. She remembers her.


At the pub, Arianna is confused as to why Nicole would be interested in Sami and Rafe. Arianna’s words make Nicole suspicious that Rafe has said something about her. Arianna isn’t comfortable discussing her brother or Sami with anyone, she says. Nicole can feel Rafe’s up to something.


Hope gets a call from Brenda and they set up another drop, but Bo, who is fuming, grabs the phone from her and lets them know they’re getting nothing! Dean runs a hand through his hair in frustration. Bo promises to find the kidnappers and after they hang up, Dean says they didn’t get a trace. Bo goes to comfort Hope, but she pushes him away in anger.


At the shed, Brenda thinks Bo is playing them. She thinks she and Troy should stop listening to Dean and ditch the kid and leave. Troy calls Dean, frantically, when she runs outside.

Dean comes into Bo’s office and asks Bo if he can step out for a bit. He has a headache! Bo tells him it’s fine and they leave together. Hope is furious with Bo for the way he treated the kidnappers but Justin tells her to leave it alone. Justin thinks nobody should have to be a cop and parent at the same time. Hope knows Bo did what he thought was right but she can’t face it. Bo returns and Justin goes to see Victor. Hope says Justin thinks they need to be on the same side. Hope worries they’ll take Bo’s threats out on Ciara. He’ll never forgive himself if it happens. They hold hands and try to trust that Ciara will be fine.


At the park, Roman thinks the kidnappers are very smart or lucky. They discuss a lead and wonder if Tracy said anything about Ciara the day she went missing. Just then, Lexi and Theo arrive. Theo repeats himself. "Ciara missing?" He yells and says he saw Ciara and the angel.


Back at the shed, we see Troy’s angel tattoo and Dean rushes into the shed to yell at Brenda. She’s not going anywhere until he says so. Troy blubbers about how unfair it is that they’ve got to sweat in this shed while he gets to sit at a desk in Salem PD. Dean blows his stack and takes Troy in a chokehold and threatens him while Brenda tries to calm him down. Dean calls himself a softie and tells them they’re going to start over. Brenda is angry that Bo won’t pay up but Dean tells her he’s the one who is doing the thinking. He knows how they’ll get the cash. "We can’t underestimate a mother’s love," he says while staring at Ciara.


Stefano and EJ arrive home and Stefano says Samantha is a good mother. EJ asks why he’s defending her. Exasperated, Stefano says he isn’t but he’s saying that the child was cared for, at the very least. EJ says he’s calling Lexi and setting up a panel of DNA/ genetic testing on Sydney, EJ and Nicole. "We’re going to find out everything we need to know about our daughter." Nicole isn’t happy and blames Stefano for this. He excuses himself and leans in close and whispers that it was a nice try! EJ won’t change his mind and leaves. Stefano returns and asks if she thinks this is the beginning of the end. "If it is, I’m taking you with me," Nicole promises. EJ returns. They leave for testing in five minutes. He leaves and Nicole panics. Stefano tells her to take the test. He’ll make sure nobody can prove she’s not Sydney’s mother. He’ll take care of everything.


Melanie arrives at Philip’s place and he can’t believe how things have changed now. She was there for him… Melanie interrupts and reminds him he told her Stephanie was his past and she was his present. Philip still loves Stephanie and there’s a chance for them. Melanie says she could tell Stephanie the truth but she refuses to do it. She has some self-respect, regardless of what he has done to her. Philip thanks her and holds her tight while she cries.


The creepy hotel manager watches a sex video of Melanie and Philip and thinks this may be his best one yet.

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Dean tells Brenda and Troy that he's sure they can change Bo's mind. "You can take that to the bank," he says.

Hope yells to Bo that they will kill her!

Stefano tells Nicole that nobody will find out the truth. Not the hospital, Rafe or Sami.

Rafe and Ari agree that something isn't adding up!

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