I'll Make You Pay!

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Daniel finds out Chloe has symptoms of poisoning, Max leaves Salem for England and Sami turns into Nancy Drew!

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Lucas tells Kate that the focus groups loved Daniel and Chloe. He leaves and Kate flashes back to poisoning and plays a recording of Daniel’s voice. "Chloe, don’t argue with me. Do what I want or I’ll make you pay!" Lucas returns and asks what Daniel was saying and why she’s recording it! Kate says she always records strategy meetings. Lucas finds this a little strange.

Chloe faints into Daniel’s arms outside.


Sami looks for money for food in her wallet but has none, so looks for some in Rafe’s wallet, where she finds a memorial card of Emily Hudson. The date of her death is March 28, 2007. Sami recalls finding Rafe at Emily’s gravesite and tells herself not to go there. Still, she wonders why she can’t go there. Rafe comes out of the shower and asks what she’s doing with his wallet. She explains that she needed money to buy food. He’ll pick up the Chinese food and grab money at the ATM instead, he says, and asks her to join him in the shower. She tells him she’ll meet him in there and after he’s gone, she wishes she hadn’t found the memorial card. Later, they’re showered and Rafe is grateful to Sami for leaving Emily in the past. It has meant the world to him and he loves her, he says. They kiss and Sami professes her love for him, and as soon as he’s gone for the food, she looks at Emily’s card and growls.


Bo calls Max and tells him he’s on his way over to say goodbye. Max says there’s something serious he has to ask him when he gets there. They hang up and Caroline wonders what she’ll do without him. She says the new manager is fine and Chelsea’s waiting for him. The pub will be fine, but she’ll miss him.

Nearby Arianna is cleaning and Caroline chastises him for not yet asking her to become the manager! Max goes to her and asks her. He says the workload will go up, but so will pay, and he’s sure after a few weeks she’ll know how to handle the pub and Caroline! Arianna says Caroline’s a good friend and agrees to manage the pub.


Melanie sits in Maggie’s kitchen, crying, when Nathan arrives from the gym. He asks what’s wrong and she lets him know her brother’s leaving for England tonight. Nathan wonders if she doesn’t like Chelsea but that’s not it. Chelsea’s cool, she says, and Max loves her. Nathan doesn’t understand why she’s upset but Melanie tells him that Max is the only person in the world who cares about her. Nathan wants to take Melanie for a bite to eat, as a friend, and reminds her when Max leaves, they’ll all still be there. He goes off to shower, but Melanie’s melancholy mood has her weeping again.


Daniel brings Chloe to the hospital and while Maxine tests her blood, Chloe struggles to stay awake. Lexi asks what’s going on and Daniel says Chloe had a headache and then passed out. He has no idea what’s going on! Daniel orders Chloe to stay awake and when he starts getting crazed because the test results haven’t returned after 3 minutes, Lexi says he’s too close to this case. She reminds Daniel that Lucas should be here, so frantically, Daniel asks her to have somebody call him, then sits at Chloe’s side. They hold hands and she tells him how glad she is that he’s there.


Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Kate tells Lucas that he should be home with his wife, but before he can leave, Lexi calls to explain that Chloe’s in the hospital. He tells her he’ll be right there and lets Kate know what’s happening. Kate acts intrigued and pretends she cares, and agrees to go along with him to be with Chloe.


Bo arrives at the pub and Max says he loves Chelsea and wants to make her happy – always. There was a time when Bo didn’t approve of them being together, Max says. He wants Bo’s blessing, now. Bo laughs and says he won’t give his blessing! That’s meaningless. Max doesn’t need his blessing! He needs Chelsea’s blessing. Bo says if Max decides to take his relationship with Chelsea to the next level, they can fly over and celebrate here, or the family can go overseas. Melanie overhears this as she comes into the pub and yells, "You’re going to marry her?" Max says if he and Chelsea get married, it’s not going to happen in the coming months or year, but Melanie has to know that he’s serious about Chelsea. Melanie cries as she worries Chelsea will change him. Max assures her this isn’t going to happen and they’ll be able to talk all the time with internet chat. Melanie knows how selfish she’s being, but she loves him so much. They hug. Max looks at Nathan seething, and says he’s paying her an awful lot of attention! Melanie laughs and Caroline tells them Max’s taxi is here to take him to the airport. Max hugs Bo and agrees to take care of Chelsea for him. Melanie tells him if he doesn’t answer every email from her, she’ll fly to London and strangle him! They hug and Caroline holds his hands, saying that it’s okay that he’s leaving, as long as he’s happy. He reminds the family that this is only a temporary goodbye. Caroline thinks Shawn is looking down on him and is very proud. Max is thankful and leaves the pub. He waves once more, before heading to his taxi.

Nearby, Bo tells Nathan that Ciara has a big crush on him, then is about to warn him off of Melanie, but Nathan has heard that before, so Bo leaves it alone.


At the hospital, Maggie is with Lexi when she tells Lucas and Kate that Chloe collapsed. Lucas jumps to conclusions but Lexi tries to calm him. Kate looks at Chloe’s room and hopes that it’ll be too late by the time they figure out what’s wrong. Daniel comes out of Chloe’s room and tells Kate he thinks Chloe has been poisoned.

Lucas visits Chloe, who tells him she’s feeling a lot better.

Outside Chloe’s room, Kate tells Daniel he must have been afraid. Daniel yells that of course he was. He’s her doctor. Nearby, Maggie watches the exchange. Kate goes into Chloe’s room and jokingly accuses her of stealing the spotlight. She tells Kate she wants another doctor, but Kate doesn’t approve. She thinks to herself that next time will be much worse!

Outside Chloe’s room, Maggie isn’t sure if Daniel should continue being Chloe’s doctor. Daniel tells her to stay out of it and when he gets the blood work back, he says, "This can’t be possible." He tells Lexi that Chloe’s got symptoms of poisoning but all she had was an apple. Maggie goes to Daniel and apologizes. She didn’t mean to be a busybody. Daniel apologizes for not listening. He’s getting Chloe another doctor.


Rafe meets Arianna at the pier and she tells him the good news about managing the pub. Talk turns to Sami and she assumes Sami will keep digging until she finds out the truth about Emily. Rafe asks Arianna to give Sami a little credit. They agreed to leave things in the past, he shares, but Arianna still doesn’t believe that Sami will stay out of it! "Ten to one right now, she’s at home, doing an internet search," says Arianna. Rafe says they trust each other and sometimes he feels as though he should tell Sami about Emily. Ari doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Rafe says it’s all about trust and he knows everything about Sami. Arianna asks him to leave it alone, for her. "Yeah, for now," he says. He’d never do anything to hurt her. Arianna relaxes a little and knows he’s just trying to protect Sami. Rafe loved Emily too, he says and Rafe grabs the Chinese food and leaves.


Meanwhile, Sami struggles not to try to find out more about Emily. She finally caves and goes online to look up Emily’s name! She does a search for Rafe, when nothing comes up about Emily. Sami learns that Rafe was set to marry Emily on the same day that she died.


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