Are You Out Of Your Mind?

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Victor and Brady butt heads, Sami and Nicole have a run in and Chelsea leaves for London.

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Victor storms into the hospital, yelling for the guard to double security. He goes to Philip, who says he feels stronger, and also wants answers. Victor says the nurse was an assassin. Philip wants them to pay. Brady arrives and asks what they’re discussing, "Which Dimera you’re going to kill first?" Philip’s out in a few days, he says, and considers himself bulletproof! Brady asks when this is all going to end. His anger causes Victor to tell him to spare him from this sanctimonious crap. Brady says he has another for him. "How about, have you ever heard that saying, ‘Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves?'" Victor retorts, "Are you on drugs again?" Philip explains that Victor’s worried about him and asks them not to argue. Victor apologizes and Brady says his loyalties lie with them, but revenge isn’t the answer. Victor invites him to tell him what the answer is, once he figures it out. Brady doesn’t like this at all, so Victor tells him to leave. Brady says he adheres to 12 steps each day and asks if Victor has ever done this. Victor makes light of Brady’s words so Brady asks Philip to rise above. He leaves.


Nicole sits at Java Café and remembers her conversation with Dr. Baker. She sighs when she finds he has left his keys at the café. Rafe and Sami arrive at Java and they agree that while she likes to talk, he likes to drive her crazy. They kiss and Sami thanks him for agreeing to spend the day with her and her kids. They hug and kiss, but are interrupted by Nicole, who slings a few insults. Rafe tells her to take a hike and Sami agrees, but Nicole rants about how she interrupted her wedding. Sami wonders why Nicole’s in such a bad mood, since she just got married. She wonders if EJ clued into her schemes. Nicole says EJ reminds her all the time that he’s lucky not to be involved with a shallow air-head such as Sami. Rafe and Sami have had enough and move away, but Nicole follows Rafe. "I’m not through with you, yet." She wonders if he found what he was looking for when he was on his tour of the manse. "Yeah, I sure did," he says, smiling wide.

Sami waits for Rafe and sees Sydney. She asks Marco if she can talk to her and he agrees. Sami takes her out of her stroller and holds her.

Nicole asks why Sami asked him to break into her home, but he says he was spying of his own accord. Nicole sees Sami holding Sydney, but she doesn’t want her holding her. Nicole rants to Marco that he shouldn’t be allowing people to hold her kid. She tells Sami to stay away from Sydney and out of her life.

Outside the café, Dr. Baker arrives and Nicole panics. She starts yelling, "I forgot my keys!" Sami shakes her head and tells Nicole to stop yelling. They’ll find them. Dr. Baker gets the hint and leaves and Nicole says she must have left them at home. She leaves and Sami asks Rafe how her life got so caught up with Nicole’s. Rafe understands now, why she doesn’t want her kid around her.

Outside the café, Nicole bumps into Dr. Baker and gives Baker his keys and tells him that was a close call. Too close. Baker says, "If you act as though something’s wrong, people will pick up on it." Nicole thinks him staying in Salem raises suspicions, but he’s not going anywhere. If they keep their mouths shut, they’ve nothing to worry about, says Dr. Baker, but Nicole doubts that. She reminds him of Stefano’s investigation and Dr. Baker tells her it’s her job to stop the investigation. He calls himself one of the good guys and they go around and around about this until Dr. Baker tells her to relax and leaves. Nicole cries to Sydney that the truth will come out and when it does, she’ll never let anyone take her away from her. She’ll have to take care of this herself.

Back inside the café, Sami and the kids watch Rafe do magic tricks and Arianna arrives, and isn’t happy to see Sami or to be introduced to her, but she tries to be nice by saying Sami looks like a good mother. She asks to talk to Rafe alone, and once they’re alone, Arianna tells him, "You can’t be with that woman. Are you out of your mind?" She leaves and Rafe invites Sami on a date.


Chelsea and Max wait at the airport for Bo, who finally rushes in, bag in hand. They hug, and Max leaves while Chelsea lets Bo know there is no spinal cord damage, and they’ve stopped the bleeding. She’ll be able to walk again. Bo calls her a fighter and thinks Chelsea’s doing the right thing. She knows, but finds it difficult to leave loved ones. Bo thinks she should focus on the fact that she’ll be back. He’s proud of her, and hugs her and says Ciara is determined that they visit her this weekend. He laughs and says they’ll let her settle in, first. It feels like he just found her, he admits, and Chelsea says a few years ago, he may have wanted to send her away. He says it was difficult and they’ve gotten closer. Chelsea is thankful that he loved her, even though she gave him every reason not to. "My daughter, you’re a part of me. A part of my heart and you always will be. I love you," he says, and Chelsea tells him she loves him. They hug.

Bo leaves and Max returns and gives Chelsea a bag of magazines and tissues. She tells him about her goodbye with her dad. They’ll visit this summer. Max thinks Billie will be fine, and then, he wonders what’ll happen. Chelsea says she isn’t going to be returning for a very long time. Sadly, she says they need to accept that. "I can’t," says Max. He doesn’t want to let her go. He apologizes, knowing she has to go. "I thought I could handle it," he admits. She promises to call when the plane lands and they kiss. He promises to be waiting for her when she returns and they hug and kiss again and a crying Chelsea boards her plane.


Bo meets Brady at the pier. Brady tells him of the conversation he had with his grandfather and Philip. Brady’s not surprised that they’re going to take things into their own hands. Brady’s worried for Philip’s life. Bo will take care of this, he says, and leaves.


Back at the hospital, Victor takes a call and tells Philip everything’s going according to plan! Bo arrives and says he came to talk sense into these two. He urges them to stop their vendetta. Victor acts innocent and Philip reminds Bo he’s a marked man. Victor wonders if it were Chelsea who was marked, would he be saying the same thing. Bo refuses to answer and says, "You go out on your own and I can’t protect you." Victor never asked for it. He takes a call outside and Bo asks Philip to listen to reason. "It’s hard to reason from underneath a pillow," says Philip. He’s trying to protect himself. Bo tells Philip that when it comes to police measures, he’s the police commissioner, not his brother.

Brady finds Victor yelling at somebody on the phone. Brady says he just closed a deal. Victor wants to know how his chat went with the police commissioner.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Will asks Mia, "She said you went to rehab for drugs. I want the truth. Is that really why you left Salem West?"

Rafe tells Sami, "You're the only person I have ever brought up here, or ever want to."

Victor tells Philip their plan is complete!

Dr. Baker tells EJ he had nothing to do with Stefano’s disappearance, but he thinks he knows someone who might!

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