She's Your Sister?

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Kate comes clean, Max lets Chelsea go, and Rafe decides to stay with Sami.

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Stephanie is frustrated with the violence on television in Philip’s room and clicks off the TV, only to find Philip has flat lined. Philip wakes Stephanie up, who has fallen asleep on his chest! She wakes with a start and asks him to promise never to leave her. He continues to comfort her and says everything’s going to be fine. Stephanie jumps. "What are you going to do?" He’d rather not say! He’s trying to make sure this comes to an end, permanently, but Stephanie knows it will only cause more retaliation. She can’t live like this. Philip says even if they moved to Greece, this whole issue will move there, too. Stephanie runs out on him and he chases her.


Kate accuses Daniel of sleeping with Chloe. He doesn’t deny it. Instead, he asks what her plan is. He tells her it’s over, and knows she’s been watching them. He knows her! Daniel reminds her Chloe risked her life for Kate, who thinks she did it to suck up. Daniel denies she did it to suck up and says she kept this from Lucas, who can’t seem to handle the truth. He can’t believe she’s taking the highroad. It’s so unlike her! Chloe’s trying to do what is right and best, but Kate yells that Chloe betrayed her son. Daniel retorts that Chloe hates herself for it and he asks her to take her revenge out on him – not her! Kate realizes he’s still in love with Chloe! Daniel reminds her that if she hurts Chloe, she’s hurting Lucas.

Kate sees Philip run after Stephanie and gets him back to bed. She wonders what happened and wants to go after Stephanie but Philip tells her not to. Daniel asks Philip to rest and takes Kate with him, out of Philip’s room.


Lucas overhears Chloe tell Father Matt that she now understands there are some secrets that should be kept from a spouse. Father Matt isn’t sure he agrees, so Lucas comes forth and asks if it’s alright for a wife to keep secrets from a husband. Chloe didn’t see him there! "That’s obvious," says Lucas and Father Matt asks the same question he asked Chloe, how he’d feel to marry in the church. Lucas likes the idea but Chloe wants to discuss it further. She’s happy with the way things are now, and kisses him.


Rafe tells Arianna nobody will ever take her place in his heart and hugs her, while Sami watches, dejected. Arianna leaves Java Cafe, and after beating around the bush, Sami confronts Rafe. She yells that she trusted him and calls him Agent Casanova. Sami saw the girl, who is gorgeous and all over him. She freaks out as Rafe tries to explain. Rafe says he told "her" all about Sami, and she blames her for him losing his job. Sami is offended and rants and raves while Rafe says that when it comes to his sister, she worries about him! Sami, stops dead. "She’s your sister?" Rafe says yes, but considering how protective she is, he’s not sure they’ll be close! Sami rants that Rafe could have told her Arianna was his sister when she sat down, but he tried. She’s surprised he never discussed it in the safe house. Rafe says they had a falling out. They were up all night talking and resolved some differences. Sami says he always seemed alone and she’s happy for him to have Arianna back. Talk turns to EJ. Rafe wants to know if Sami’s through with him. Sami doesn’t answer readily. She has kids with the guy. Rafe comments this isn’t about the kids. Sami is silent. Rafe asks if she was wishing to marry EJ. Sami tells him yes, and Rafe starts to storm out, but she asks him to stick around. She explains, she wanted to give her kids a two parent family, but hasn’t been able to. She can’t help but want a good family for her kid, but reality knocked her upside the head, before it was too late. She saw EJ for who he really was and she also realized she doesn’t want her past to ruin her future. "I don’t want to screw this up," she says, and has a great guy she’s really into. Every time she sees him her heart skips a beat. She’s talking about him! She doesn’t hate EJ and can’t. EJ tries to be a good father. "Schedules the assassinations early in the morning," Rafe says. Sami says Johnny’s part of their family and has to live there half the time. For Johnny, she has to try to see the best in EJ. Maybe Rafe would be better off without her, Sami wonders. Rafe decides he’s going nowhere! Rafe says he wants to make her forget about EJ and Sami says his chances are high. They kiss.


Max arrives at Chelsea’s place and spots her weighing her suitcase. He hugs her and Chelsea says Billie has to undergo extensive surgeries in order to recover. She’s leaving and isn’t sure when she’ll return. She worries Max is upset, but he understands she needs to be with her mom. Chelsea runs into his arms, saying leaving him is the worst thing. Max says it doesn’t have to be. "I’ll go with you!" Chelsea reminds him of medical school and that he’s got Melanie. Max knows Melanie doesn’t listen to his advice anyway and wonders if Chelsea doesn’t want him along. She’s just trying to think of their relationship. She’ll be wrapped up taking care of her mum and he’d have nothing familiar to him. They’ve broken up twice and if it didn’t work out in London, she couldn’t live with that. Max doesn’t understand at all. He goes to his car to get books and CDs and Chelsea asks him to wait there for her until she picks up her last pay. Max has to work. "So this is it, then?" Max thinks it’s her call. He leaves and returns later to wait.

Stephanie returns home to find Max and goes berserk when she finds out Chelsea’s leaving today. "What’s next, Max?" Max asks what happened before she came home and Stephanie complains Philip won’t go with her to Greece. First her mom was shot and now Philip. Max thinks she could go to Europe on her own.

Back at the hospital, Philip talks to Billie on the phone. He hands the phone back to Chelsea once he’s done talking and says she’s happy Chelsea’s coming. Chelsea wants to talk to Stephanie and asks where she is. Philip has no idea and doesn’t think she’s going to return.


Chloe and Lucas order at the pub. Arianna rolls her eyes at Chloe’s extremely low fat Greek salad when she requests it with only lettuce and olives in it. Later, Lucas brings up Sami, causing Arianna, who has returned with food, to raise her eyebrows. Chloe doesn’t want to talk about Sami, and leans in for a kiss.

Chelsea returns home to find Max has returned and says he’s not angry that she has to go alone and he’s sorry for his anger, earlier. They hug and Max says he’ll be waiting for her when she returns. Chelsea doesn’t think it’s fair for her to ask that of him. Max kisses her and says again that he’ll wait.


Stephanie returns to Philip’s room to apologize. Philip thinks it’s smarter if she stayed gone but Stephanie can’t live without him. "I love you, Philip," she says. He calls it the best thing to happen to him and Stephanie crawls into bed with him. They start kissing and the nurse kicks Stephanie out while she gives Philip a stronger antibiotic. Philip says to wait a minute. "Dr. Jonas says…" he trails off and the "nurse" says, "Goodnight, sleep prince." She holds a pillow over his head to smother him!

Outside in the waiting room, Kate tells Daniel he played a dangerous game today. As long as it’s over between Chloe and Daniel, she’ll give them a pass. She owes him for her son’s lives. She’s losing her taste for vendettas and tells him not to touch Chloe again.

Chloe finishes a call to Daniel when Kate comes upon her at the pier. Kate tells Chloe she was just talking to Daniel about all she owed him for her family. "But you, I don’t owe a damned thing," she spits out. Chloe looks blank.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Kate screams at Chloe, "Do you know your best quality is lying convincingly?"

Hope hugs Chelsea, who tells her that saying goodbye to her is the hardest thing she’s ever had to do.

EJ screams bloody murder on the phone and spits out, "You’re goddamned right, I’m angry!"

Nicole tells Dr. Baker to change his mind if he wants to live!

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