Nicole's Call...

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Nicole tells the truth, Chloe takes a pregnancy test and EJ vows to learn what Tony was trying to communicate to him.

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Lucas arrives at Sami’s townhouse and is surprised Will was right. Sami did adopt a baby. He thinks it’s bull, and wants to know whose baby this really is. Sami tells him her made up story about how she fell in love with Grace during witness protection. Lucas doesn’t buy it. He asks her to give him the name of the agency that would give her a baby, when she’s in witness protection! He thinks it’s her baby with EJ! Sami denies it, but Lucas notices she can’t look him in the eye when she tells him. Sami says it’s sad, but Lucas knows she’s lying and promises not to tell a soul. Sami says it’s hard enough being home, without her mom there, and she’s stressed. She knows she can count on him and knew the whole time she was gone that Lucas would take care of Allie. Lucas asks where she’s going with this. Sami didn’t want to have EJ’s baby, but the longer she was pregnant, the more she wanted the baby. She was heartbroken, letting her go. She has love to give a child, and only Rafe seems to understand this. Lucas asks why Rafe’s hanging around still and wonders why he thinks he’s qualified to lecture Will. Sami realizes that’s why he’s there. Lucas tells her that she fell for her protector and she has Stockholm Syndrome, and he wants to know what’s going on! Sami says they’ve all bonded. Lucas holds the baby and says she doesn’t look like Sami or EJ. He believes her! Sami knows she has been hard on Chloe, and she promises to try to see the good in her. Lucas is thankful. Sami says he deserves happiness. Later, Sami reads to Allie and Johnny and tells them she’s home and never going away again.


Chloe arrives at the cabin and hopes to God she’s not pregnant but if she is, she hopes it’s Lucas’ baby. Kate arrives and wonders if Chloe will accept her into her home. Chloe says she’s welcome there and Kate knows she rained on her parade in Vegas. Chloe tells her what happened in Vegas should stay there. Kate has a proposition, she says, and hugs Chloe. She doesn’t think Chloe will be happy with just being a wife, so she plans to make her a star. Chloe grins and Kate hugs her again. To herself, Kate says she’ll make a rapid descent… Chloe wonders what this is about. Kate wants her to be the star of Hearth and Home Talk Show. Chloe will be the host who discusses their products. Chloe chuckles, "Okay, it’s April Fools Day. You got me!" Kate’s serious. Chloe’s a delight and she’ll just have to be herself. Chloe’s not so sure and says she’s not feeling well. Can they discuss this later? Kate accidentally finds Chloe’s pregnancy test and yells, "For God sake, please tell me you’re not pregnant!" Chloe’s not sure. It could be that or the cancer could be returning. Chloe has to talk to Lucas, first. Kate says, "Then Daniel?" Chloe’s face goes white. "What?" Kate says, "Oh, sorry baby, I forgot he wasn’t your doctor anymore." Chloe says she and Lucas want a baby. Kate thinks to herself she’d have to postpone her plans for Chloe, if she’s pregnant!


At the hospital, Stefano is horrified that Tony’s dead and Philip tells him how sorry he is. "It was an accident," he tells Stefano. EJ takes Stefano to see Tony, while Hope tells Nicole to stop stalling. "I just need to be sure," Nicole says, and Hope wonders what type of deal she struck with Philip. Hope calls it obstruction of justice and when Brady arrives, he asks Nicole what she did! Nicole tells them both that Tony and Philip got into a fight. Brady knows Philip would never hurt Tony intentionally, but Hope disagrees. She asks if it was an accident or not. EJ comes out of Tony’s room and tells everyone his brother’s dead. Nicole rushes to his arms and Brady urges Nicole to tell EJ that it was an accident. Nicole wants to know if Tony said something. EJ denies this but Tony left him a message. Hope asks what he said and EJ says Tony left him a note.

In Tony’s room, Stefano says this never should have happened and nobody should outlive their children. "I would have given my life for yours," Stefano says. People have called him arrogant, making him laugh, but now he calls himself arrogant. "I toyed with you, with my own son," he says. Stefano thought he could teach Tony a lesson and then bring him back to him, when he chose. Stefano realizes he’ll never hear Tony call him ‘Father’, again. Stefano will feel guilt for this forever and he’ll vindicate Tony’s death or die trying, he promises. He weeps, as he calls Tony’s name.

Back out in the waiting room, EJ says he wants Philip arrested and charged with murder. Brady knows this isn’t his call. EJ agrees. It’s Nicole’s call! Hope tells her she’d better come clean, and be honest, or Hope will charge her with perjury.

Nearby, Phillip wants a do over. Victor knows it was an accident. Philip says it wasn’t an accident that Tony was there or that they fought. Philip will have to deal with this for the rest of his life. Victor doesn’t understand how Philip has this introspective streak, considering Kate’s his mother and he’s his father! He’s proud of his son and asks if he and Nicole are on good speaking terms. Nicole will determine whether he goes home or to jail.

Nearby, Nicole says that Tony’s death was an accident. Philip had nothing to do with it. Stefano returns from Tony’s room and tells her that this was the wrong answer. Nicole says this is the truth. Stefano calls it an accident that was planned and solved a lot of problems, for Philip, who he calls sniveling. Philip jumps at Stefano but Hope tells Stefano she’s sorry for his loss. Stefano knows what needs to be done, he says, and won’t forget Nicole’s lies. Brady asks why Nicole was there, but Philip has no idea. Victor goes to talk to the doctor, while EJ rants to Nicole that he enjoyed the fact that Father put him ahead of Tony. He will have to live with that forever. EJ looks at Philip and blames him, though Nicole says she told the truth. It was an accident. EJ says not to worry. Stefano’s lashing out, but EJ’s not angry with her for telling the truth. "It’s lies that kill," he says. Brady watches Nicole from across the room. Hope tells Victor that forensics and Dr. Jonas think the death could have been accidental and she is doubtful Philip will be prosecuted.

Brady goes to Nicole and reminds her she went to the pier to make sure Tony didn’t tell anything about Sydney. Nicole says it wasn’t like that. Hope asks if there’s something she should know. Brady denies this. Hope thinks it’s interesting timing that Nicole was there during Tony’s fall. Nicole goes to talk to Philip, who thanks her for telling the truth. Hope watches as they talk, and Philip asks what Nicole wants. She’d like him to stop blackmailing her and Brady. Philip realizes he was wrong about her. Stefano is upset to find Nicole talking to Philip. Nicole says Philip was apologizing, and this leaves Stefano disgusted with her.

Inside Tony’s room, EJ reads the note and promises Tony that somehow, he’ll find out the truth.


Lucas arrives home and finds Kate there. Kate says Chloe wants her there for moral support. "She’s taking a pregnancy test," Kate blurts out. Lucas wants her to leave and worries it’s cancer. Lucas tells her not to think that way and hopes she’s pregnant. Chloe comes into the room and Kate asks if she’s pregnant or not.


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Lucas tells Kate, "It doesn't become you hanging out where you're not wanted."

Stephanie says, "You don't have to feel like that. You won't." Philip says, "Maybe I already am?"

Melanie tells Max, "It's done. We're done. We have nothing!"

Stefano yells to EJ, "This is what I need. For Nicole to finally tell the truth!"

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