The Staff is Buzzing...

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Brady confronts Dr. Baker and Nicole, Philip catches Melanie and EJ together and Chelsea opens up to Max.

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From backstage at the theatre production she’s dancing in, Mia calls Nicole to talk about her baby. Nicole flashes back to the baby switch.


Bo bumps into Hope at the hospital and asks why she hasn’t returned his calls. She can’t deal with what happened and what both of them did or didn’t do. She can’t discuss it now and isn’t sure she’ll ever be able to. They rehash what happened and Hope says she loves being a cop, but doesn’t think she’ll have a job after today. Bo promises to take care of it but Hope doesn’t think they mean much when promises aren’t kept. Abe and Roman interrupt. Things are uncomfortable.


Kayla tries to get out of her hospital bed in order to testify at Hope’s court hearing. Steve tells her to lay back down.


Philip confronts Melanie at the pub about stealing the blueprints. Melanie reminds them they were hers to begin with and she’s not interested in sitting around after having been fired.

In Nicole’s room, EJ takes a call and is thrilled to find out that Melanie’s formula works! Mary walks in on him after he hangs up and congratulates him on his wedding plans. “The staff is buzzing,” she says, causing EJ to break out into a big grin. He asks her to move all his things back into Nicole’s room. It's time his family was together.


Brady threatens to break Dr. Baker’s neck if he goes near Nicole again. Dr. Baker agrees to it in his fear and says he didn’t realize Brady was still so involved or knew the whole truth. Some of which he didn’t even want a part of. Brady knows about Mia, he confesses. Dr. Baker tells Brady he too should take his own advice and stay away from Nicole.


Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole continues her call with Mia. She tells her that Sydney’s not her baby anymore and doesn’t think these calls are healthy for her. She orders her never to call again, just as EJ comes in the room. She hangs up the phone and claims a telemarketer called. EJ has to go out for a bit and promises to be back soon to discuss the wedding. After he leaves, Mia calls again and notices how Nicole’s sometimes nice, while other times she’s nasty and feels as though there’s something off. She wants to return home to get her baby! Nicole wants her to think about her dancing career, but it’s not going very well. Nicole urges her to give it time and asks her to stop calling. She hangs up and goes to the door, where a curious Brady is standing. He wants to know what really went down with Dr. Baker and her. Brady goes into the great room and tells Nicole about his threat to Dr. Baker. Nicole wanted to keep Brady out of this and says things were working perfectly. Brady knows something else is going on and asks Nicole to come clean, but she calls Dr. Baker a liar. She manipulates him into believing in her, over Dr. Baker. Brady calls her special to him and hopes they’ll always be friends, but if she’s keeping something, she should know she doesn’t need to shut him out. Later, Nicole calls Baker and tells him to back off from Brady. Dr. Baker asks, “Why didn’t you tell me about this other guy you’re sleeping with?” Nicole explains they’re friends and Dr. Baker wonders why she hasn’t told Brady about the baby switch. Nicole becomes frustrated and hangs up.


Back at the pub, Philip thinks Melanie did something behind his back. He yells at her and moves on her, causing Stephanie to jump up and intervene. EJ calls Melanie to tell her the good news, and, to keep Philip off the trail, she acts as though Max is calling. She hangs up and goes to meet EJ, while Chelsea and Max enter the pub. When Philip finds out Max wasn’t on the phone with Melanie, Philip chases after her! Stephanie explains to Max and Chelsea that Philip’s stressed out about Melanie. When Max goes off to get drinks, Stephanie explains how cold and cruel Philip has been with Melanie. Max returns and the girls stop talking. He offers to leave, but Stephanie goes to make a call. Max assumes she’s blaming Melanie for Philip screwing up her life. Stephanie returns and isn’t happy to hear Max trashing her new beau. Stephanie leaves and Max realizes he shouldn’t have run his mouth off. Chelsea wonders if his feelings for Stephanie are the cause of his concern for her dating Philip, but Max assures her it’s not. Chelsea accuses Max of not caring about what she feels, thinking he is in his own world, worrying about Melanie, Stephanie and Philip. Max feels as though he’s on trial and apologizes. His anger about Stephanie and Philip has to do with his sister, not himself. Chelsea asks Max to define their relationship, and he stumbles over his words. She wants more than friendship, but is angry that she had to spell it out.


Melanie meets EJ at the pier. He gives her an envelope full of money and asks for the rest of the formula. She refuses to give him the rest of the formula until she has something in writing. When he asks why she left Titan, she says it doesn’t matter. She ignores it when he asks about Philip. EJ tells her he cares very much for loyalty. Melanie asks for things to be kept quiet, but as they’re talking, Philip shows up and wants to know what’s going on. He calls it industrial espionage, so EJ tells him he’d better call the police. When Philip doesn’t move, EJ claims he needs to go see his daughter and offers Melanie a lift. She refuses and after EJ leaves, Philip snatches Melanie’s purse and finds the money! He assumes she spoke with him about the Alternative Fuel Project and asks how she did it. Melanie laughs in his face, but tells him nothing. She toys with him and says, “It doesn’t have to be this way.” She asks for a gesture of good faith. He ponders her question.


The hearing begins and facts are given. Roman gives his side of things and when Bo describes the situation, he has a hard time answering whether or not Hope went by the rules. Painfully, he tells the truth. The ranking officer is supposed to give notice to discharge a weapon and he didn’t give her notice. Kayla arrives with Steve, to testify, just as the board is wrapping things up. Kayla explains she’ll make a full recovery and that the man who died was a hired killer. It is noted that she’s the sister-in-law of Officer Brady. The hearing ends and Bo thanks Roman and Kayla. Everyone leaves Bo alone with Hope and she sadly gives him her badge and leaves.


Nicole goes to her room and changes into a robe while she talks to Sydney about her problems. EJ enters the room and she goes to him with a kiss and asks him to make love to her. He reminds her they can’t. She just had a baby!


Next on Days of our Lives:

Philip says to Melanie, "As if I'd give up Stephanie for you." Melanie says, "Then your loss is EJ DiMera's gain."

Chelsea tells Max, "I have feelings for you and why wouldn't I? I'm a normal person with normal needs!"

Nicole yells to EJ, "I can't wait for Samantha to come back to Salem and ruin my life. Hey! I'll throw her a freaking party!"

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