Knocked Up Barbie!

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Nicole can't go through with drugging Brady, he promises to keep her secret and EJ professes love for Nicole.

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At Cheatin’ Heart, Nicole thinks back to drugging Brady’s drink and when Brady arrives with her aspirin, she tells him she’ll need a whole bottle of aspirin after she tells EJ the truth. She urges him to drink up, but a phone call from his cell interrupts. He takes off to plan a meeting with Marlena for tomorrow morning. Nicole tells herself this is Brady’s own fault, but when he returns, she can’t go through with it and smashes his drink, running off.

Chloe ends a phone call with her parents, in the park, and rants to Lucas how her parents don’t want her to have the bone marrow transplant operation.


Daniel sits with Kate in her room and tells her he’ll be with her every step of the way. A nurse calls him away and outside the room, he frowns as he reads Chloe’s pre-op file. “That’s not right. It can’t be…”


Back at the park, Lucas asks if she has second thoughts but she doesn’t. She explains that her parents always overreact. Lucas is sure they’re concerned for her and tells her this means a lot to him. When Daniel calls, he explains he checked her white blood cell count and there’s a problem. She needs to come by the hospital. She explains this to Lucas, who panics. Chloe assumes it’s nothing, but reminds him she’s the only choice and there is no changing her mind.

In his room, the killer does pushups when a call comes in. He tells the person on the other line that if this is going to take him to Sami, he’ll be there.


As Roman listens, EJ calls Sami to say goodbye. He hates to do this on the phone but explains that he hopes to have a long future with Nicole. Sami asks, “The rest of your lives?” EJ agrees and when Sami asks if he’s in love with her, EJ doesn’t answer. “I do…have feelings for Nicole.” She asks again and he says he loves Nicole and he’s calling because Stefano thinks he’s having issues connecting with Nicole and his child because of her. Sami talks about how she thinks Nicole trapped EJ and when he disagrees, she tells him that he can go back to his trashy girlfriend and tell her he got the green light. She thinks he has just ruined his life. She admits she cares and doesn’t want him living the rest of his life with Nicole or want her to raise her son. EJ says Nicole has changed and reminds Sami she had a tough life. “Nicole brings out the best in me. We’re very compatible…” he goes on and when Sami continues to call Nicole names, EJ reminds her that she played games with him and ran hot and cold. He’s not going to spend the rest of his life wondering why it didn’t work out with her. He’s moving on, but they’ll still be connected because of Johnny. Sami rants about Nicole some more but EJ doesn’t want to hear it and sadly tells her good luck and hangs up. EJ tells Roman he tried to do the right thing, but Roman knows it. After she hangs up, Sami throws the phone, busting it. She screams that EJ’s playing house with knocked up Barbie. She calls all men scum. “I assumed he was going to start using this head and realize what a skank Nicole is,” she yells. Rafe asks her to let them live their lives, but Sami screeches that they won’t live happily ever after. She’s going to make sure it doesn’t happen. Rafe says, “You’ve really got it bad for this guy.” Sami denies it, but Rafe doesn’t believe her. He wonders then why she cares if EJ moves on with Nicole. Sami realizes she has to find a way to get home. Rafe wonders if she means before the baby’s born or after?! Later, Rafe tells Sami he’s got her back. She admits she feels safe with him.


Brady finds Nicole at the pier. She tells him that she was about to drug him and shows him the vial of cocaine. Brady yells, "Why would you do that?” Nicole calls herself selfish and a sociopath and couldn’t handle it if she told EJ the truth. Brady grabs the vial and throws it in the river then asks if she knows how hard it is for him to stay clean. He shouts that one little hit could ruin everything for him. Nicole cries out, “I stopped it!” She realizes she wasn’t thinking straight. Brady reminds her that she’s doing the same thing to EJ that she did to him all those years ago. "I’m not going to have any part of it,” he says. Nicole pleads for understanding. She has lost so much already. She can’t lose him too! She admits she loves EJ and though he hasn’t said it, knows he loves her as well. Love is about trust and honesty, says Brady. Nicole responds that she knows this, and finally found somebody who loves her for herself. She asks, “Don’t I deserve that?” Brady doesn’t think so. “Not if this is the way you’re going to get it,” he says, softly. He thinks she should tell the truth and if she doesn’t, deception will lead to more deception. Nicole cries that she can’t lose EJ. Nothing will compare to the grief that consumes her for losing her baby. She breaks down and Brady says he just realized how important this is to her. He promises, reluctantly, to stay out of her decision. He won’t tell EJ or anyone else. Nicole cries in his arms.


Chloe and Lucas arrive at the hospital and Daniel plays down the issue with Chloe’s white blood cell count and asks Lucas to see Kate while he examines Chloe.

Lucas visits Kate and while she sleeps, he tells her that tomorrow’s the big day. He says Chloe’s giving them all a second chance.


Daniel takes Chloe’s blood pressure and wants to discuss the risks but Chloe isn’t interested. She has been sick herself and thinks she’s tougher than some. She calls it “Paying it forward”. Daniel checks her lymph nodes and during the examination, they make an eye connection and gaze into each other’s eyes, but Chloe breaks the connection and looks away. Awkwardly, Daniel finishes the exam and leaves. Lucas comes upon him and wonders what’s wrong, while Chloe dresses and flashes back to Daniel’s touch and gaze. Daniel leaves when Chloe comes out of the exam room. When Lucas notes that she looks nervous. She denies anything is wrong.


Nicole arrives home and stares at the alcohol in the great room, longingly. She is set to take a drink when EJ comes upon her. She lies that she was looking for the grenadine to make a Kiddy Cosmo. She tells him she went to visit Chloe to wish her luck. EJ tells Nicole they need to talk. He relays that he and Stefano discussed his future and agreed that Sami was preventing him from moving on with his life. Nicole’s first instinct is to run and assume the worst, and EJ tries to talk to her, but she walks out on him and goes upstairs to pack while EJ follows her and pounds on the door, all the while, smiling. Nicole assumes he’s going to tell her how madly in love with Sami he is. He grins while he asks her to let him in. She opens the door and calls for Pookie, so EJ waltzes in. Grinning from ear to ear, he tells her that Roman organized things so that he could speak with Samantha and say goodbye to her. Nicole is relieved and grins. He tells her Sami made him realize something he has been feeling for a while. “What’s that?” asks Nicole. “That I love you,” he says, and grinning, they touch heads, and share a kiss.


Roman tells somebody on the phone that the killer isn’t going to hurt his daughter. He’ll make sure of that.


The killer meets a man who shows him a photo of Rafe and guarantees that the killer can get to Sami through Rafe.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Chloe yells to Daniel, "I don't want any special treatment. I'll wait for a nurse, okay?" Lucas walks in and asks if everything is alright.

Melanie tells Stephanie, "Let me get one little itty bitty thing straight. I don't take orders from you!"

Kate tells Daniel, "You literally gave me life. Thank you for making it so worth living!"

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