Mystery Solved!

Friday, October 17th, 2008

There's a shooting, lovemaking, someone slaps a lover and somebody confesses!

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Lucas walks in on a crying Sami at the Brookville clinic, assuming incorrectly that she has had an abortion. Sami says she'd never have an abortion. Lucas panicked, he admits, but Sami says she only came to this clinic because everyone at University Hospital knows her. She has made a decision today and asks Lucas to keep quiet.

Chloe dashes into the Brookville Clinic and lies that her friend Sami sent her a 911 text message. She asks to see her. The doctor refuses her, so she finds Sami's room herself. She hides out and waits.

Back inside Sami's room at Brookville, Sami promises she'll tell EJ the truth. She just needs time - until the end of the day. There' someone else she needs to talk to beforehand. She opens the door and hugs Lucas and thanks him for understanding. Once they leave the room, Chloe comes out of hiding. She reads Sami's file and looks shocked, then when she's caught, she introduces herself as Kelly, a Pharmaceutical rep, to see Dr. Sanders. The nurse leaves her alone.


Max and Stephanie meet with Caroline, at the pub. They tell her she's no longer a prime suspect, and that Trent's wallet ended up in Stephanie's purse. Since the prints on the wallet were theirs alone, they're new suspects. Caroline is astounded and asks who planted the wallet in Stephanie's purse. Melanie arrives and Caroline leaves to the kitchen. They ask her how Trent's wallet showed up in Stephanie's purse and Melanie accuses Stephanie of killing Trent. Max and Stephanie accuse her of planting the wallet. Melanie calls Max whipped and feigns bowing down to Princess Stephanie. She lies about touching the wallet. "Pretty gutsy move, don't you think?" Max nods and Melanie asks them to give it to Salem PD to dust for prints. They let her know they already did. Her prints weren't on it. "Mystery solved," says Melanie. Stephanie grabs Melanie and throws her into a table. Max tries to hold Stephanie back, but Stephanie grabs Melanie's hair and throws her around the pub! Max tries to keep the ladies away from each other and Max asks Stephanie to leave her alone with his sister for a few minutes. Stephanie gives her a half hour. "And then you'd better tell me everything," she demands, before she stomps off. Melanie tells Max that the last time she was in a physical fight was with their father. When Max asks if she did it, she admits that she put the wallet into Stephanie's purse - for Caroline! Max knows better. She did it for herself. Melanie wonders if Max hates her. She's been nothing but a self-centered brat and tells him he's always so nice. She says she's not sure he can handle the truth. She can't handle it herself! He wants to know if she killed their father and she says, "Maybe I did!"


Nicole and Stefano are getting chummy on the DiMera sofa when EJ walks in with Lexi. EJ takes Nicole out into the hall, while Stefano tells Lexi the news about Nicole's pregnancy. Lexi says if EJ want this, she's happy for him, but she doesn't look thrilled. She has something to say. She tells Stefano about Lacey and how she was working for the Mayor and tried to destroy Abe's reputation. She says the mayor stated that they were unfit parents and brought up her past indiscretions. She says they decided to fight the mayor and thinks Abe's the best man to give the mayor a one-way ticket out of office. She asks that he end his association with Marino or Theo will have nothing to do with him again. She leaves. Stefano grimaces. "That stupid bastard!"

EJ shows Nicole the baby's room that's next to hers. He says if the baby's a girl, they'll paint it pink. Nicole's very thankful and EJ says there is nothing he wouldn't do for the child and says he thought for a moment that she was trying to ingratiate herself into his father's company. Nicole is confused. He tells her she did something wrong when she tried to bond with Stefano. He asks her to keep her distance from him. He's obsessed with the idea of having an heir, EJ says and knows Stefano's manipulative in order to get into their child's life. He says he has been through this with Sami before, and is one reason why their relationship didn't work. Nicole is angry that Sami's name is brought up. Nicole wants to do right by the baby and EJ tells her that he takes around guilt with him because he and his mother are never meant to be. Nicole knows it but it doesn't have to be that way this time. "You're absolutely right," EJ says, with a grin and a kiss. Nicole wonders if this is for good and stomps off.


Sami finds Caroline and Johnny at the park. Allie naps in the carriage while Sami asks about the Trent Robbins case. Caroline calls it a big mess. She goes off to get a balloon for Johnny and Sami asks her son if he's ready to have another brother or sister. She's not. She's afraid of Stefano, she whispers. She tells her kids how much Stefano scares her and worries that she can't protect them. "I have to do the right thing," she says and hopes her child can forgive her and understand.


Lexi walks in on a conversation that Mayor Marino is having with one of his cronies. He tells the man that thanks to Lacey Hanson, the Carver campaign is going down! They drink to that, but are interrupted by Lexi, who tells him he's far from the truth. She tells him she knows that Stefano DiMera's one of his biggest campaign contributors. He's her father. She warns him that once his resources run dry, it'll be hard to run a campaign! Marino's friend thinks she's bluffing, so he calls Stefano. "What the hell's going on?" Stefano has been expecting his call, and they discuss Lexi. Stefano booms that he warned Marino to stay away from his family. He didn't listen. This is about family and he must sever all ties with him, effective immediately! Stefano hangs up on him in anger and Marino tells his pal that Stefano won't get away with this.


Nicole arrives to the great room, where Stefano happily tells her that as it's lunch, he has asked the cook to prepare her favorite meal, even if it's peanut butter and pickles! Nicole smiles but EJ comes up behind her and asks Stefano to leave them alone. EJ tells Nicole he's in this for the long haul. Nicole decides to put it all out there and says she doesn't mean to be pushy but is looking for honesty. She's confused. He sometimes seems as though he wants her, but then runs after Sami. EJ tells her that he too is confused. It wasn't long ago that she was pushing him away. Nicole blames Trent for that and tells EJ that he'll never be able to hurt her again. She tells him that Trent and Sami aren't in between them anymore and it's just the three of them. There's time to find out if there is more between them than just their baby. "We can take it slow," she says, and kisses him. EJ kisses her back and grins, and says, "We can try this…" He kisses her, passionately and removes her clothes.


Outside the mansion, Sami has lost her keys, so she rings the doorbell. EJ and Nicole ignore it as they're in the midst of lovemaking. Sami sees EJ's car and annoyed, she walks around, to the patio doors of the great room. She spies Nicole and EJ making love and gasps. She starts to cry, then walks back around the mansion. Mayor Marino pounds on the door, looking for Stefano. A man comes up behind him and says his name. Marino looks up and when he sees the gun, his eyes widen. He is shot, and falls to the ground. The shooter checks Marino's pulse just as Sami walks around the mansion. She sees both the shooter and Marino on the DiMera steps, and her jaw drops.


Chloe stomps into the Horton cabin, and instead of saying hello to Lucas, she slaps him hard, across the face. "I know Sami is pregnant," she spits. Lucas tries to cover up and asks if she followed him. He tells her that they have real problems if she can't trust him. Chloe yells that this is an act, but Lucas tries to explain that Sami's pregnant but not with his child. He explains that he didn't want to betray Sami's trust. Chloe guesses that the father is EJ. Lucas admits it's true and that Sami's going to tell EJ today, but they need to keep quiet about it for now.


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Bo says, "He knows he's got to do the right thing." Hope gives him a look and Bo asks, "What's with the look?" Hope says, "I'm not sure Max knows what the right thing is."

Melanie yells at Max, "It's your fault I'm in this in the first place." Max asks, "My fault?" Melanie says, "Yeah! I never would have been in Salem if it wasn't for you!"

EJ says, "Stop." Nicole retorts, "No I won't stop. Not when our baby's life is in danger."

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