Show Me the Money!

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Kate and Daniel have sex, Chloe and Lucas have a spat and Chelsea gives Lexi advice.

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Outside, by the pool at the Kiriakis mansion, Kate rants to her assistant on the phone, when she's surprised by a dripping and half naked Daniel, who has just come from the pool. They discuss Chelsea and how Kate thinks they're on their way to reconciliation. When Kate says she is feeling optimistic about the biopsy results, Daniel's face falls. He has no news for her yet and he'd like Kate to be prepared for whatever happens. Kate wants to seize the day, so they agree to split a bottle of wine. The lab calls and the results are inconclusive. The tissue showed no signs of malignancy, but that doesn't mean she is free of cancer. Kate tells him that having him there has helped her. She thinks it's true. When you face mortality, you appreciate things more. She trails her fingers though his chest hair as she tells him that the thought of wasting time and passing up happiness doesn't make sense. They move in and kiss, passionately, then have sex. He holds her hand and snuggles her close as he tells her to remember that he's with her every step of the way. They start kissing again.


Nicole wanders into the mansion with EJ. "Home sweet home," she says, presuming EJ will ask her to move in. It's even swankier than the Kiriakis mansion, and she says she'll be happy there! EJ accuses her of being all about money, and Nicole agrees. "Money, money, money. Show me the money," she says, then turns to leave, offended. EJ stops her and apologizes. He's frazzled by all of this. Nicole admits it's comforting to know her baby has a roof over its head, now that she doesn’t have Victor's settlement. EJ feels ambushed and asks if she planned this. She didn't, but he reminds her of her past with Victor. He doesn't want the kind of marriage that she had with Victor. Nicole is astounded. "Are you saying you want to marry me?"


Sami tries on new clothes at the Horton cabin and asks for Lucas' help in hiding her pregnancy. She hopes nobody will clue in to her condition, especially EJ. Chloe arrives and tells Sami that EJ's not blind. Lucas is happy Chloe has returned and can't wait until he gets her alone. Chloe seductively says to get rid of Sami and they can take a hot shower. Lucas is uncomfortable and tells her Sami's moving in with them for a while. Chloe is angry that Lucas didn't consult her, but Lucas says it just happened. Sami's an important part of his life. They share kids and Sami can't stay there now. Chloe thinks she could stay with her family, but Lucas asks her to give it a try. Chloe likes playing house with he and Allie sometimes but not when he's neurotic. She calls the place dirty, dark, smelly, and grabs her bags and tells him to call her when Sami's gone.


Back at the mansion, EJ says he knows what he wants and doesn't want 'if' he gets married again. Marriage is the last thing on his mind. "We haven't even had a first date yet!" Nicole knows he hates her neediness. EJ thinks her moving in would be complicated. If Stefano finds out…Nicole stops him and says it's time he knew, but EJ asks her not to tell him, so she decides to leave. After she's gone, EJ calls Sami. He tells her he's coming to the island to spend time with his son. She tries to stop him, but he hangs up.


Lexi plays with Theo at the park until Chelsea drops by. She's been looking forward to their play date, she says and he nods when she asks if his trucks are new. Lexi is thrilled Chelsea can spend time with Theo outside of work. They discuss Lacey's actions and Lexi thinks the mayor put her up to it. She wants nothing to do with Abe becoming mayor, but Chelsea convinces her not to give up. They discuss Daniel and Lexi asks if they're over. Chelsea can't get over things and Lexi asks her not to close her heart off to him. She asks if Chelsea can try to forgive him, otherwise, she won't be at peace.

At the pub, Abe and Evan are disgusted when they read the paper and what the mayor said about Abe's family. It's about to get worse, says Evan. The mayor has learned about Lexi's past indiscretions and is about to make them public.


Later, at the mansion, Mayor Mariano discusses Abe running for mayor and his concerns about it. He asks where Stefano's loyalties lie. Stefano calls Abe family. The mayor retorts, "I doubt you'll be able to buy Abe as you've bought me!" The mayor wants to know if Stefano will do everything in his power to help him beat Abe. Stefano agrees to help defeat Abe, under one condition. He can destroy Abe's reputation or career, but he has to leave Alexandra and Theodore out of it. "Is that understood?"

Chelsea goes to play with Theo on the swings, while a man with a camera comes upon Lexi. He introduces himself as Eric Lee, and asks if she'd be willing to set the record straight about her affairs with Detective T Kramer (Tek) and Brandon Walker, Abe's son. Abe arrives and explodes, but Lexi tells the man she refuses to comment about her past. She tells Eric that the election is not about their son, her infidelities or about her father. It's about Abe and his record as a civil servant and about what he'll do for the city. They refuse to stoop to the mayor's level. Chelsea and Abe smile as Lexi talks.


Nicole opens the door of her hotel room to Chloe. She's thrilled her friend has returned. Chloe spots the ultrasound of the baby and at the same time, Nicole says she has so much to tell her. She asks if it's a scam but Nicole says God blessed her with a miracle. She says they got a paternity test to prove that she's carrying Junior's jr. and tells Chloe that EJ has accused her of trying to get to the DiMera money. Chloe says it's an epidemic. She came home from a wonderful work experience to find out that Sami was living at the cabin. Nicole admits she knew, and they wonder how long she'll be there.


Sami asks Lucas to help her when EJ arrives to the cabin, but he's after Chloe, so can't. Once he leaves, EJ arrives. Sami hides her belly behind a table and tells EJ that Johnny's napping. EJ admits he really just needs a friend to talk to. Sami's confused. "Me?" EJ tells her the situation is a disaster and he is at his wits end. It's been confirmed that Nicole is indeed carrying his child. Sami congratulates him and they smile. She wonders if he's going to marry Nicole. EJ thought that maybe he and Sami would… he trails off. Sami says she's worn out and wants to lie down. EJ kisses her on the head and thanks her for the talk. He leaves. Once he's gone, Sami cries, as EJ stands outside, looking glum. Later, she talks to Johnny and tells him that to protect those they love, they need to make tough choices.


Lucas arrives at Nicole's room with an apology for Chloe, and EJ arrives right behind him. "I think I need to make an apology, too!" EJ goes inside and Nicole eventually agrees to accept EJ's apology. He admits he's pleased they're having a baby, though he was confused in the beginning. He asks if he can be a part of her life and their child's life, and asks her on that date they keep trying to go on. Nicole calls it backwards but smiles and accepts.

Lucas and Chloe leave Nicole's room and Lucas apologizes for not consulting her about Sami. Chloe says Sami can stay as long as she doesn't cause trouble. "Whenever she's around, you have a habit of being sucked into her web!" Lucas only wants Chloe, he says, kisses her and calls her his future.

Lexi shows up at the pub, later, and tells Abe that Chelsea convinced her not to give up on Abe running for mayor! Abe is thrilled and they hug, with him telling her how much he loves her.


Next on Days of our Lives:

EJ says, "I really want this to be special. It's overdue." Nicole says, "You can say that."

Stefano says, "I could not possibly have heard you correctly. John tells him, "I said game over."

Lucas spies an open phone book and says, "Brookville clinic? You've got to be kidding me. Sami, what are you doing?"

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