Honesty All Around!

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Lucas asks Sami if she wants to lose EJ, Nicole accuses EJ of not caring about the baby, and Max tells Stephanie that she has to make up her mind!

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At the Brady Pub, Melanie notices that it’s too early for Nick to be drinking, and asks how he’s doing. She reminds Nick that he helped her in France and now it’s her turn to help him. Nick explains that it’s all this bad stuff happening lately that’s bothering him. Melanie blames herself for everything, but Nick tells her that it’s not her fault. Melanie asks if they’re still friends, and Nick reassures her that they are. Melanie offers friendly advice: to stay away from her. Nick refuses, saying that he’s drawn to her like 'a moth to a flame'. Melanie laughs and calls him cute. Nick admits that from the day he met her in France, he thought she was awesome and he wouldn’t take a bullet for just anyone. Melanie says he’s done way too much for her and offers to thank him again, by kissing him.

At the hospital, Kayla asks Bo what can help Caroline’s case, and Bo says chasing down other suspects is key. He eyes E.J. and Nicole in the hospital hallway and says, “There’s one now.”

EJ and Nicole are at the hospital for a check-up and paternity test. Nicole says there’s one reason to all of this: Sami Brady. Bo approaches them and suspects that considering Nicole tried to kill her other husband, blaming her for Trent’s murder wouldn’t be a stretch. Bo warns Nicole that he’ll be watching her and walks off. EJ says she’s right about Samantha. After what Sami put him through with the twins, he needs to know the truth. He apologizes for offending her and she accepts, then Nicole tells him that he needs to understand that she’s not Sami Brady. EJ says they’re a lot alike and that worries him. Nicole confesses that she was scared about EJ’s reaction to her pregnancy. Nicole admits that for the first time she’s doing the right thing and this baby is a new beginning for her. She knows that all EJ cares about is how this affects his life. Kayla walks by and asks Nicole if she’s ready for her ultrasound. EJ tells Kayla that they also need a paternity test. Nicole goes inside the room and EJ gets a phone call and excuses himself. Kayla asks Nicole if Stefano knows about the baby.


At the Horton cabin, Sami frantically tells Lucas how EJ got two women pregnant. Nicole’s pregnant too! Lucas can’t help but laugh. He says this could be good news because at least Stefano can go after Nicole’s baby and leave hers alone. An amused Lucas asks if EJ’s freaked out, but figures that Sami hasn’t told him yet. Lucas says that she has to tell him the truth because she can’t keep this secret forever. He reminds her that Allie is a sibling to the baby she’s carrying. He warns her that if she lies to EJ, she’s going to be lying to Allie too. Sami reassures him that she won’t involve her children in her schemes. Lucas asks Sami what her parents said about the situation. Sami pretends to hear Allie on the baby monitor, obviously trying to avoid the question. Sami finally tells Lucas that her parents think she should tell the truth. Lucas asks Sami why she didn’t tell them about her pregnancy. Sami repeats Marlena’s reaction to Nicole’s pregnancy, “Thank God it’s not you pregnant with EJ’s baby!” How is she supposed to tell her mom? Lucas asks Sami, “Alright, so you're not going to tell your parents. You're not gonna tell the baby's father. You want to lose EJ to Nicole?” Sami swears that she’d sacrifice anything, including her feelings, to make sure that she doesn’t raise another DiMera baby. Lucas tells Sami there’s no way she can hide her pregnancy from EJ. He sarcastically asks what she’s going to do: hide behind a couch? Sami says she’ll do what she has to. Lucas warns her that she needs to be honest for everyone’s sake. Sami begs Lucas to promise her that he won’t tell anyone she’s pregnant. Lucas finally agrees. He’ll keep her secret, but she better figure out a way to clean this mess because he’s not keeping it for long. Lucas leaves as Sami wonders if there’s another way…maybe there is!


In Max’s room, Stephanie holds Trent’s wallet and then makes a call, asking for Detective Brady, but hangs up because he isn’t there. Max walks in and sees Stephanie holding the wallet. He asks where she thinks she’s going with that. Stephanie tells Max that she’s going to the police. Max angrily says, “The hell you are.” He reminds her how she accused Melanie of being the murderer and then she accused him. He yells at Stephanie, “So which is it? Is it me? Is it my sister? You've gotta make up your mind!” Stephanie apologizes for accusing him, but she’s sure that Melanie put the wallet in her purse and tells Max that he needs to stop protecting her. Stephanie reminds him that no matter who murdered Trent, the wallet is still a piece of evidence that they have to turn in. Max says he can’t rat out his sister. Stephanie reminds him that they don’t know that Melanie killed Trent, but she did hide the wallet in Stephanie’s purse, and they must find out why. Max says he’s going to handle this by destroying the wallet. Stephanie says he can’t because this could be the only thing that clears Caroline. Max realizes she’s right, Caroline’s freedom is his first priority.


At the park, Lacey meets with Lexi who decides to fire her. Lexi explains after what happened with Theo yesterday, she has no choice. Lacey explains that all she did was turn her back for a second, but Lexi says Lacey shouldn’t have turned her back at all. Lacey pleads for another chance. Lexi says she wouldn’t have another chance if something bad happened to Theo. In tears, Lacey begs Lexi not to fire her, saying she needs the money. Abe walks in and offers Lacey her final paycheck. Lacey storms off. Lexi hopes Lacey can let it go and move on. Abe says they made the best decision for their family.

At Chez Rouge, Lexi, Abe, and Theo walk in for Abe’s campaign speech. Maggie takes Theo away for cookies. Lexi admits to Abe that every time she looks at Theo, she thinks about losing him. Abe comforts her and Lexi says she’s so proud of his campaign. Abe promises that nothing will stop him from winning this race. Abe talks with his campaign manager, as Lexi tells Maggie what happened with Lacey and Theo. Maggie offers to help out with Theo, and cheerily says that Lexi will need to find a sitter soon, since the Carver household will be busy once Abe is elected as mayor.

Outside the Brady pub, a distraught Lacey sees a campaign poster for “Honest Abe,” and sarcastically mutters, “My butt, he’s honest.” She calls for Mayor Mariano’s office. Mariano shows up and Lacey tells him that she knows something about the Carver family that he’ll find very useful.


At the station, Max and Stephanie meet with Bo, and Max gives Bo Trent’s wallet. Bo asks how he got it. Stephanie says that someone planted it in her purse and she’s sure it’s Melanie. She explains the argument they got into at the station, the day before. Bo tells them to wait as he has the wallet dusted for fingerprints. He leaves and Stephanie reassures Max that they’re doing the right thing. Bo returns with the test results and tells Max and Stephanie that they may have helped Caroline’s case, but implicated themselves. The only prints on the wallet are theirs!

At Chez Rouge, Abe’s campaign manager, Evan, introduces Abe. Mayor Mariano watches the speech from his office. Abe thanks everyone for coming, while Lacey watches from the crowd. Lacey suddenly interrupts, yelling that Abe’s a man who blames innocent people for his mistakes and lets “his pushy wife walk all over him.” The press turns to Lacey and she tells everyone how she was Theo’s babysitter until she was fired. She talks about Theo’s diagnosis and how his parents were too busy to care, so Theo’s care was left up to herself. Lexi screams that it’s not true. Lacey accuses Lexi of being jealous of Abe’s sexual attraction to Lacey. Maggie angrily demands for someone to get Lacey out of there. Lacey accuses the Carvers of using autism as a way to not discipline Theo. She tells the press about what happened in the park. Lexi yells that Lacey is telling lies. An amused Mayor Mariano is still watching, and clapping in his office. Lacey asks how Abe is going to run the city if he can’t control his own son? Lacey says Salem needs a good mayor and Abe’s not that man. The press swarm around Abe who tells Evan that Mariano put Lacey up to this. Abe swears that he will fight Mariano until he wins. Lexi interrupts and says no he won’t, she can’t handle hearing lies about her son. She apologizes to Abe, takes Theo, and leaves.


At the hospital, Kayla performs the ultrasound on Nicole’s baby. Kayla says it’s too early to determine the sex of the baby, but Nicole says it doesn’t matter to her. EJ says it doesn’t matter to him either, but he needs to know if it’s his baby. Kayla leaves to prep for the test. EJ apologizes to Nicole for putting her through this. Nicole says she agreed to this test only to prove that she’s not like Sami, that he can trust the mother of his child. Kayla returns with the paternity results, gives them to Nicole and leaves. Nicole congratulates EJ. Nicole gives EJ a choice: she can do this on her own, or they can be in this together – it’s up to him.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Mayor Marino tells Stefano that he should be nervous if Abe is elected.

Kate asks Daniel if it’s good news or bad news.

Nicole asks EJ if he’s proposing!

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