Sweet Southern Squeeze

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Nick gets visitors in jail, Theo goes missing and Melanie plants evidence on Stephanie.

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At Salem PD, Stephanie says if the DA decides to press charges, Max will wind up in jail, but she believes in his innocence. Melanie glances at Stephanie's purse, while Max says he's willing to take the rap for his mother. Bo arrives and tells Max he's free to go, but things don't look good for Ma. The DA went over the evidence, and the fight Max and Trent had earlier, explains the blood on the shirt. As well, three witnesses confirm that Robbins was alive when Max left the hotel room that night. While Bo's talking, Melanie sneaks Trent's wallet into Stephanie's purse! Bo promises to find the real killer. There are plenty of other suspects, he says, while looking at Melanie, who tells him there are probably plenty that he hasn't even thought of! She glances at Stephanie's purse. While Max and Stephanie leave, Bo asks Melanie to stick around, and they step into his office. They discuss what a creep Trent was, and about what happened in Trent's hotel room, before he died. Melanie calls him a real player and says he had a list of enemies that span the globe. He was a gambler and owed a lot of money. She asks him to focus on Trent's real enemies like Claude. He asks her not to leave town. He hopes for Max's sake, she's innocent, but leaves her with a warning. "One of these days you're going to slip up in this little game you're playing, and I'll be there."


Philip joins Nicole, for lunch at Chez Rouge. She wonders where his sweet southern squeeze is and he shares that Morgan's in Chicago. Nicole asks if he's over Chloe, and noticed the way they look at each other. Philip is happy having Chloe as a friend, he says, but Nicole doesn't buy it! She sees their chemistry. Philip tells Nicole that Chloe's better off with Lucas, but Nicole disagrees. She knows for a fact, Chloe hasn't been too happy with Lucas, hanging out at the primitive island he lives on, or with motherhood. Philip listens, and finds her incredibly knowledgeable about other people. "Anyone else you want to know about," she asks, and he takes her up on her offer. "Tell me about your dead husband!" Nicole is thankful he's gone and dead, though she wished it happened before Victor found out that she was married to Trent. They discuss possible suspects and Nicole laughs that they tried to pin the murder on Caroline. Philip hedges…"She's feisty. They must have evidence. She's already been charged and arraigned." Nicole has faith in Caroline, even though Caroline hates her. And, she'd put her money on whoever has Trent's wallet. She goes off to take a call and Philip calls Bo. He may have a tip for his murder case. He'll meet him at Salem PD!


After Kate's biopsy, Kate tries to leave the hospital but Daniel stops her. When she starts to cough, she gets back into bed and allows Daniel to give her oxygen. She'd like an official diagnosis, and Daniel says they'll know, soon. According to the literature she has on lung cancer, she may not have much time, but he argues that it's not always the case. She doesn't want to spend her time in the hospital, she yells. She's launching a new line of cookware today and needs to be at work! Daniel tells her to delegate, and goes off to check on her biopsy results. After he's gone, Kate gets up to leave, but Daniel returns and catches her. She won't stay, so he asks to get her a portable oxygen mask, but she refuses and storms out. "If you find something out, call me," she says, between coughs.


Hope visits Nick in jail, as a friend, she says. Nick discusses last night. He got drunk, stupid and behind the wheel. It won't happen again. He wants to leave, but it's not that simple, she says. Hope tells him a drunk driving case doesn't just go away. She spouts off about morals and Nick laughs. He's more worried about being suspended at work. Hope yells that he ran a red light and could have gotten himself killed. He could have killed someone else. She is furious and disappointed. Nick apologizes. He wasn't thinking about Zach. Hope says that Zach's gone, because Chelsea wasn't paying attention, because she was careless. Chelsea arrives at the jail and tells him Hope's right. Tears fill her eyes as she tells him she finds what he did unforgivable. Nick knows she is right, and with tears in his eyes, he says it's almost as though it was not him. Hope leaves them to talk and Chelsea asks what happened. Nick blames himself for Trent Robbins coming to Salem. Chelsea says he had nothing to do with Trent's murder, so she wonders what else is upsetting him. She notices the bruising on his hand and confronts him about it.


Lexi and Abe take Theo to the park. He says, "Zoo." Lexi thinks this means he wants his giraffe, and when Lacey, the sitter, turns up, she gives Theo snacks then Lexi and Abe say goodbye to Theo. They've got a meeting to attend. Later, the babysitter, Lacey, gossips on the phone to her friends while little Theo wanders off.


Abe and Lexi arrive at Chez Rouge. Scott Gamson and Evan meet him there to discuss Abe becoming the mayor. "Mayor Carver," says Lexi. Mayor Mariano stops by and comments that the rumors are true! Abe admits it's true, but Mariano says, "We'll see about that." Abe tries to shake the mayor's hand for a clean fight, but all the mayor can do is tell Scott and Evan that he's surprised they're backing the wrong person! He baits Abe and Lexi by recounting their private issues, and promises to enjoy the race. Once he leaves, Evan says they'll go toe to toe, shot for shot, and Abe says he can't wait to get in there and put a stop to this. Scott says the mayor likely was baiting him to get photos of him getting angry. Abe's lucky he didn't take the bait!


Stephanie and Max return to the pub. Stephanie takes a call from Kayla and Caroline tells Max to take the day off. She can manage. She's upset that he had to go to Salem PD. He tells her he'd rather be in jail than have her go to jail. Caroline claims God's watching out for their family and the real killer will be found. They hug. Caroline goes off to talk to Mickey on the phone while Max tells Stephanie she's doing alright. He calls Stephanie amazing and says he's been meaning to thank her for trusting him. He reminds her of how crazy he was acting when Trent first showed up and thanks her for sticking with him. Later, while busting tables, Max topples over Stephanie's purse, and finds Trent's wallet inside.


Back in jail, Melanie watches Chelsea and Nick talk. Nick says he hurt his hand in the lab, but Melanie recalls Nick telling her that he hurt his hand while hitting that guy in France. Chelsea's sure her uncle Roman and her dad will make sure the real killer is found. Chelsea thinks Nick helped Max save his sister, in a sense. Nick hadn't thought of it that way. Chelsea thinks Melanie now has a shot at a better life. Melanie makes it known she's there. "See, those are my thoughts, exactly." She asks what happened, while Chelsea pouts. A cop arrives and tells the ladies visiting time is over.


Hope and Bo discuss Nick, in Roman's office. Hope says Chelsea is with him now, and Hope asks if Bo thinks he had something to do with Trent's murder. He doubts it. His money's on Melanie. Philip arrives and sees Melanie outside Roman's office. He shares that she came to him looking for help finding her father's killer, and says that's not why he's there. He wants to make a financial contribution. He's trying to update Titan's image. Bo and Hope are skeptical but find it generous. Hope will discuss this with the financial analyst at Salem PD. Philip leaves and bumps into Melanie. He asks why she has Trent's wallet. "He gave it to me." They take a walk as Philip asks for more information.


Abe and Lexi arrive at the park and Abe says he wants to become mayor more than anything, but his concerns are that it'll take time from his family. Lexi asks him to hold on. She's not going to let anything take him away from her and Theo! Abe laughs, and the mood shifts when Lacey rushes up to Abe and screams to Lexi that Theo has gone missing.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Chelsea asks Daniel, "Please do not pull this patient privacy stuff with me, okay?" Daniel says, "Just find her and get her back here!"

Roman asks, "Are you in some kind of trouble?" Sami says to he and Marlena, "Yes, I am in big trouble and I need you both to tell me what to do."

Lexi takes a piece of Theo's clothing from the officer, "Where did you find this," she demands. The officer says, "On the south side of the park, lying near the side of the road." Abe and Lexi cry in each other's arms.

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