Internet Bimbo.

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Lucas lends an ear, Nick gets a DUI and Max is hauled into jail!

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Lucas returns to the Horton Cabin to Sami. She's happy to learn that he didn't tell EJ about her pregnancy. Lucas reminds her he missed out on Will's first steps and first words. Though he has forgiven her, he'll have to deal with that for the rest of his life, and doesn't think she should do this to EJ. Sami knows the future Stefano has in store for Johnny, and she can't let this happen to her new child. She can't trust Stefano. Annoyed, Lucas tells her she can do it her own way, and stomps off. When he returns, they both apologize, and Lucas says he still cares about her and if she wants to be with EJ, that's great. Sami admits to being afraid of how EJ will react to the pregnancy, because she's not certain he wants her. She then apologizes. "You don't want to hear that." Lucas thinks she needs someone else's opinion, such as her parents. They'll set her straight.


Max and Stephanie have a roll in the hay in his room above the pub. Max thanks Stephanie for all her support. She's very positive that Caroline's name will be cleared. After all, the worst is over - she made bail! Later, after they've dressed, Max and Stephanie are upset to find out that Caroline has made headline news. Stephanie wants to do some Nancy Drew type sleuthing but Max thinks it's dangerous. The killer could come after them! Stephanie is surprised that he doesn't want to help his mom. "This isn't like you," she whines. She then launches into a tirade about his sister and Max tells her he's tired of hearing it. "Use your head for a second," he spits out. "Why would I cover for Melanie only to let Ma go down for the crime?" Stephanie didn't consider this! He asks to cut Melanie a break.


At Salem PD, Bo rants to Roman that if they don't make any progress, Ma will be back behind bars. Roman says his money's on Nicole, and it wouldn't be the first time she did something like this! "Victor," says Bo, who doesn't believe it was Nicole. His money's on Melanie. They don't know much about her. Nick arrives at Salem PD, drunk. He was found drunk driving and rants that he has no girlfriend, no life, he chipped his tooth on popcorn and it's his fault that Trent Robbins is dead. He admits it is completely his fault. He starts to read his own rights, calling them Melinda rights, but Bo asks him not to get ahead of himself. Nick slurs that Trent's the reason he came to Salem in the first place, and if he hadn't heard of his prototype, he'd never have come to Salem, never have seen Max… after his rant is over, he rushes to the restroom to throw up! After he's through, Bo and Roman go into Roman's room and discuss Nick. Neither believes he's guilty, but they need to keep an open mind. Maybe he was drinking away guilt. "Explain Willow Stark," he says. Bo reminds him that was an accident. She hit her head on a rock.

Maggie shows up at the police station in shock. "Drinking and driving?" She implores him to call her when he needs a ride, when drunk. She yells that he could have killed someone else, even himself. "I know, I know," Nick yells, but Maggie rants on. She yells that she won't let him wind up like her. Once he's led away, Maggie tells Bo she's off to talk to Mickey.

Roman and Bo discuss how Bo hasn't been home early enough to tuck his little girl in bed for the past two nights. Bo is certain they'll be called in to testify. A knock at the door brings the Mayor. Roman is on edge right away but the smug Mayor admits he approves the way they're handling the Robbins case, and notices the white board with Max's name on it. He says it must be hard on them that Caroline's their number one suspect and he finds it interesting that Max is also on the list. He tells them to keep up the good work, then leaves. Bo and Roman have no idea why he showed up and Bo says they've got to get Max off the list. Roman says they need a warrant for Max's clothing, so Bo calls one in.


Melanie arrives at the cemetery and reminisces about meeting Trent the night of his murder. "Dad, why do I always have to fix your mistakes," she cries, sadly. Trent asks, "You do love me, don't you?" She does, so he asks her to bail him out of this trouble. She tells him this is wrong. He's supposed to protect her, but he points out that he gave her a cushy life. "Aren't you supposed to love me anyway," she asks and tells him she owes him nothing. She yells that his love is so conditional and that's why she is the way she is. He moves toward her and she pulls a knife [looks like the murder weapon] from her handbag and tells him to stay away. He asks her to put the knife down but she cries and refuses to. "I didn't turn you into an internet bimbo," he retorts, when she yells at him for calling her names. She asks if this will be the last time she ever has to prove her love for him again in this fashion, and he promises, but Melanie doesn't believe him. She comes out of her flashback with a worried expression. She starts to flashback again and Trent asks her to put the knife down and he'll withdraw his request. He asks her to go home with him but home is with Max, she says. Trent disrespects Max and his job choices and Melanie finds it disgusting. She felt sorry for Max, when they first met because his father gave him up, like a piece of trash, but she now thinks she's the one who should get the sympathy, for having to grow up with Trent as a father. She tries to leave and Trent grabs her arm and pulls her back. She shakes him off and tells him to let go, but they get into a scuffle. The knife falls to the ground and they both reach for it. Melanie comes out of her flashback and rakes a hand through her hair, nervously.


Maggie visits Nick behind bars and says she knows he's not an alcoholic but wants to know what got him started on this. He shares that he went for a drink at Cheatin' Heart when Daniel walked in. He wanted to punch him. Though he and Chelsea have been broken up for six months, he still has feelings for her. He thought he might still have a chance with her, when Daniel hurt her. Maggie thinks he ought to tell Chelsea how he feels but Nick can't do that. He thinks he's still into Chelsea because he hasn't had another girlfriend. Maggie pats his hand. He's probably right! She asks if he's interested in Melanie.


Roman and Bo arrive at Max's room with a search warrant. Max and Stephanie are surprised and Stephanie tells Roman this is insane. "He's your brother." Roman calls him a suspect in a murder case, and an officer finds a shirt belonging to Max, with blood all over it. Max shares that the blood came from Trent, when they had an altercation, a few nights ago. "I know this looks bad," he says. Bo is angry. "Why didn't you tell us this before?" Max denies killing Trent, but Bo has to bring him downtown.


Max and Stephanie are taken to Salem PD and Stephanie waits outside Roman's office while Roman demands Max tell them everything. The fibers on Trent's body were from Max's shirt and the blood from Trent Robbins.

Still at the cemetery, Melanie looks shaken. She wonders why she's remembering all of this now. She takes a call from Stephanie, who asks her to get to Salem PD. Max is being questioned about Trent's murder.


Once Melanie arrives at Salem PD, Stephanie gets up in her face and blames her for Max being questioned about the murder. Melanie accuses Stephanie of being jealous. She wants to be everything to Max. Stephanie denies this. She thinks Melanie is using Max. Melanie turns it around and tells her that she's possessive. "That's not true," Stephanie pouts. Melanie lets her know that guys don’t like clingy, needy and pathetic girls. Stephanie loves Max because he's such a good person and thinks Melanie's the only one who can help, by confessing to the crime, but Melanie can't confess to a crime she didn't do. Melanie calls Stephanie a witch and laughs that maybe the neediness turns her brother on.

Stephanie is called into Roman's office. Melanie listens from outside while Max tells everyone that he and Trent were fighting, about Melanie, when Nick and Chelsea showed up. They stopped the fight and that was the last time he saw Trent alive. Bo gives it to him straight. Max is now their main suspect! Outside the door, Melanie goes to her purse and takes out Trent's wallet.


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Nicole says to Philip, "So Morgan's in Chicago. Where does that leave you?" Philip replies, "Plenty of free time, baby."

Nick asks Hope, "You know, when the university finds out about this, I'll probably be suspended from the faculty. What am I supposed to do about that?"

Melanie tells Bo, "I'd stop focusing on people like me and start focusing on some of his real enemies."

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