It's a Sleepover!

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Lucas makes Sami an offer, Philip admits his love, and Kate prepares for her biopsy!

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At the DiMera Mansion, Nicole enters and throws her purse down on the sofa. John wanders in. "I take it things didn't go too well." Nicole flips out saying EJ will never love her or her baby. "Damn Sami to Hell!" She wants to leave, but John tells her she's upset and bound to run into a tree, so she'd better stay. John asks how EJ took the news about the baby. Nicole admits that she didn't have time to tell him. Lucas called about Sami and he went running! John wonders why she didn't stop EJ from leaving by 'playing the baby card'? She admits she is normally manipulative, but not when it comes to this. She marvels about how they said it was impossible, but now there's a little person inside of her. John asks if she's prepared to raise this child on her own. She starts to come unglued. "Yes. No. I don't know!" She tells John she isn't stupid enough to think he'll marry her, but at least he'll take care of her and the baby. John warns her about Stefano being very protective of his grandchildren. She says she'll deal with Stefano when the time comes, but right now she wants to enjoy what is probably her only shot at this! John convinces her to go with him for dinner and some non-alcoholic champagne.


EJ arrives at the hospital and asks Sami what happened. She tells him that she fainted but it's not a big deal. She tells him that she just needs to drink the juice and get her energy back. EJ continues to press her about what is wrong. She asks where he was and he admits that he was having dinner with Nicole. Sami becomes belligerent telling him to just get out! They begin to argue about Nicole, and he tells her this situation is all her doing. "Do you really think I'd be having dinner with anyone but you if you weren't so fickle!" She screams that it's his fault too, for panting (mimics a dog panting) over every woman he sees! He tells her she's not making any sense. Sami hisses, "I would like to be alone, please!" EJ takes a deep breath and asks what the doctor said was wrong with her. She lies that she just has low blood sugar because she didn't eat enough that day, then asks him to leave her alone. This time he gets up and leaves.


Lucas arrives at Kate's bedside in the hospital. She tells him and Philip, who is also there, that there was an abnormality on her lung x-ray. She informs them it could be lung cancer, but says Daniel will know better after he does the biopsy. Philip explodes. "I don't want Daniel Jonas anywhere near you!" Philip starts hollering for 'Dr. Jonas', but Kate tells him to stop. She asks why he's so upset, and he explains that he shouldn't have told her she had cancer when he wasn't sure! "You don't do that!" Kate tells Lucas and Philip that she loves them and it's okay to be scared - but she's going to fight this with all she has. "I have so much to live for." Philip jokes that they need her to tell them when they're screwing up. She laughs, then somberly says she may need the roles to reverse - she may need them now. They vow to be there for her.


Daniel comes into Kate's room to prep her for surgery and Philip gets in his face. "Why are you involved here?" Daniel says he cares, but Philip insists he needs someone unbiased. He tells Daniel to keep away from his mother! Dr. Jonas informs Philip that that is Kate's decision. Lucas tells Philip to calm down, but he continues to spout off about how Daniel ruined Kate's relationship with Chelsea. Kate steps in then, and tells Philip that he is acting like she is a child - and her medical care is her business. "I want Daniel to oversee my case, because I know he's the best and will do everything he can to get me better!" Kate apologizes to Daniel for Philip's behavior, and Philip also gets humble. Daniel goes out, and Kate tells her boys it's time for them to leave too. The doctor comes in to put her under, and Daniel comes to her bedside. She tells him that she is glad he's there.


EJ arrives home to find Stefano sitting in the living room. As EJ starts slamming ice cubes into a glass, Stefano says, "Oh dear! What has Samantha done now?" They discuss how infuriating Sami is, and EJ says it's hard to find one redeeming quality about her besides her beauty. Stefano muses, "So that is why you are hopelessly in love with her." EJ laughs. "Infatuated, maybe." He continues to rant, and Stefano tells him he is talking out of anger. He tells him he needs to remember that Samantha is the mother of his son - there is nothing more powerful than sharing a child. "That's why she will always have a hold on you. You will never be free of her!" Stefano says it's very obvious that he and Samantha are meant to be together. He advises EJ that he can love her or go on fighting her. "Which will it be, Elvis?"


Nicole and John sit in Chez Rouge. She says she's having quite a good time without drinking. She says he seems like a pretty decent person right now - his heart's in the right place. He notes that not everyone sees it that way. As she marvels at how he wound up being the first person she told about the baby, John starts to have some kind of episode. Nicole is alarmed. "John?" As he lays with his face on the table, Nicole shouts for someone to call an ambulance. He protests, and manages to get his head back upright. He turns the conversation away from his little episode and asks for advice on how to get his wife back. She laughs at the idea of him asking her for relationship advice. When he pushes, she advises him to tell her that he loves her. John says that won't work - she wants a divorce. Nicole says she'll help him, if he'll help her convince EJ that she can make him happy! John agrees and they toast their new alliance.


Philip comes into the Brady Pub and encounters Chloe. He sits down and tells her he is worried about his mother. Chloe says she has news. She tells him that the Midwest Opera hired her and she's leaving! Philip smiles. "That's incredible!" She then tells him she actually came to the pub to see Lucas. Philip notes that he was at the hospital with a friend or something. Chloe says, "A friend, right." She tells him it's time for her to go, and they say goodbye, ending up in a passionate kiss! Suddenly, Philip opens his eyes and spots Morgan standing there watching. Chloe thanks him again for making the call to the opera on her behalf and leaves. Philip fills Morgan in on where Chloe is off to, and she accuses him of still being in love with her. Philip sighs and says he can't deny it! Morgan informs him that she's taking an internship in Chicago. He wishes her the best. She says she has to get going and they share an embrace.


Lucas and Sami arrive at his place, arguing about him calling EJ. She tells him that EJ was on a date with Nicole! "He only came because he thought I was dying, and then he left." Lucas points out that she kicked him out. Sami admits it, then goes off about how EJ is probably back with Nicole right now. Lucas urges her to tell EJ about the baby. She says she needs to think, and Lucas invites her to stay there with him if she likes! Sami says she can't stay with him, but he asks what she's afraid of. She notes that they're not together, and he says he got that memo. She asks what Chloe would think, and he informs her that Chloe is on a plane right now! He says that even if she were here, she'd have to understand that they have a history, and a child together. Lucas says he's just offering a place to stay that's all, and she accepts.


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